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  1. Bachelor party

    I got nothing. After extensive research, I emailed 2. 1 didn't reply and the other wanted $500 an hour, her normal rate. Good luck with your search.
  2. Bachelor party

    Ended up spending 3 hours at Sapphire strip club. Everyone had a great time.
  3. Yup, just because I live here, my friends expect me to know at least 10 different girls for the bachelor party. After reading various sites, it's really rare to hear good experience with girls dancing at a bachelor party. When it's a good review, it's very short as in "contact so and so" and no details whatsoever. I need your help. If you know of a good entertainer or two, let me know. Party is this saturday. Not looking for much, just 2 girls for 2 hours. Dances with each other, and having fun (no sex) with the groom. Thanks in advance.
  4. Nuru massage

  5. Nuru massage

    If you are in southern california, there is one sexy lady that does Nuru.
  6. All good, you always provided the best chicks so one slip up isn't bad in my book.
  7. Exactly. That's why it was weird that she decided to cuddle after the deed was done. I've always received a massage afterward. Barely a kiss during the time together and no bj in the shower. it's not gonna stop me from going, but like you, I may wait for reviews before going.
  8. I called to set up an appointment but found out my choice was not GFE. Instead, I opted for the new girl, Salt, at Hobbyshop. Perhaps living up to her name, she was the worst experience for me at Hobbyshop. I was out the door in half an hour even though it's almost always 1 full hour experience. By the way, the 2 new girls are named Salt and Pepper. Seriously? There are better combinations, why not Sugar and Spice.
  9. Looks mighty tempting. Looks like setup is similar to hobbyshoplv but $100 cheaper per hour. I see a lotta ads on myredbook but no reviews.
  10. Some more good info, DUI checkpoint on St Rose west of Eastern thru Saturday.
  11. Posted a review and it did not show up. Did not bother to review anymore.
  12. I asked about her a while back. One member saw her... http://www.theotherboard.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31599 I think her rate is $180 hhr/$240 hr. It may have changed.
  13. Her ad...http://lasvegas.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/mila-your-34dd-babe-ready-for-you-now-100-real-pics-no-agency-18/7623252 I saw she used the name Ashley previously but since there's no menu on her ad, I'm a little nervous. Anyone has info on her?
  14. Its me or its free LMAO

    me or free always crack me up. I've also learned to be wary of the super hot pics and prices are less than $150. Seriously, I just move on, don't even think twice about calling it. Too many scammers out there.