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  1. Roanoke...VA

    You could shoot me a message and I'll let you know a few places. Not sure if it's allowed to post other sites.
  2. Hi all! Very new to posting on any boards at all. Just signed up for TOB this afternoon. Very much looking forward to getting to know everyone.
  3. New friendships

    I think what he's asking is this: If I see a SP and we are "friends" and I ask her for a reference to see another lady and she stops acting like my friend and goes back to "business" like when we first met have I made a mistake? At least, that is my translation of male-speak.
  4. Next Month is my Birthday

    This coming week is my birthday. I've always found people to be very sweet & generous on birthdays. Hope yours is amazing.
  5. To Greek or Not to Greek

    This is how I feel about that subject.
  6. Holiday season

    I'm going to be in Canada during Thanksgiving which will be a first as the last three I was in America and it was absolutely no fun since I'm from the UK. For Christmas I'm going to Sri Lanka - hopefully it'll be far warmer there than it is in Canada.