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  1. Revenge porn site operator gets 18 years

    Posting something online doesn't make it public domain. Not in the least -- unless you are using the term differently (perhaps a more proper phrasing would be "publicly accessible). But most likely what's wrong with fake pics in those ads is copyright violation. I guess misrepresentation or fraud could be argued too but eh...
  2. Brothels in Pahrump - Good? Bad?

    Indeed they are illegal in both the counties Vegas and Reno are in.
  3. Brothels in Pahrump - Good? Bad?

    I've been to a few of them of them but actually partook in only two of them, though neither were in Pahrump, but rather a little north of Vegas. In general, you will not get GFE. There is no kissing on the lips and many (most?) won't even do DATY. Prices are also pretty high, the first one wanted $250 for "a little bit of blow job and a little bit of sex". The second one was better -- that place actually had a flat rate, which I'm told is technically illegal but, was there. $200 for 40 minutes IIRC with higher tiers at cheaper per hour prices, etc. Of the five I've been to, three of them had you sit in a pretty dark room and decide what girl you want -- this is the kicker. It's dark enough that she will look better than she will when you get back to the room. One of them had some real dogs, as it were. The second one I partook of with a cute Japanese girl, but I knew going in what she was like as they were listed on the website. So in's complete legal but in no way comparable to the escort scene in what you will be able to get.
  4. Ebola & The Hobby

    Indeed, hell, just think of the death machines people are in almost every day going at 65 miles per hour next to a bunch of other death machines.
  5. Share-a-hole (my latest marketing idea)

    I have to boggle at all the homophobia in this thread. It makes me wonder if some of you don't watch porn because there's plenty of naked male there... Though personally I wouldn't want this, if simply because I'd prefer to be the focus of attention. If it's for free/small rate where it's not an actual escort situation sure, but if I'm paying a decent amount of money to see someone, I want the whole package...
  6. Relationships after Hobbying - Question for the Guys

    Of course it's not actually cheating if there's an agreement that it's not exclusive...
  7. Sex Robot version 1.0

    Note that article is from 2010. Wikipedia suggests that no one has ever actually gotten one.
  8. You know...I saw this as a single person but....why don't you guys TALK to your wives about all these issues?
  9. BBBJ and Covered Sex

    It's also quite possible that any time you get into a car or bus you'll get into a bad accident and get heavily injured or die. Now while it's true that getting to places is a pretty imoportant thing where oral sex isn't, life is all one big gamble in everything isn't it?
  10. My Opening Epilogue know a long time ago I read about how there tended to be a 10 to 1 ratio of lurkers vs posters, though this was relating to usenet. While I'm sure it in reality varies widely, especially with how easy something is to register and if one is required to register to read at all, I have to imagine that holds up. Hell, if you look here, there's currently 269 "guests" reading vs 19 "members", and a total of 5,571 "members". Now surely that that number includes many people who never actually read this place actively, but you can be sure just from those simple numbers that there's quite a large percentage of people who "only reads and profits from the reviews". Now if that 'should' be or not, I'm not going to argue because it's a futile thing that's just an opinion anyway, but one really needs to consider, ESPECIALLY on a board like this, that people have many reasons not to beyond simple leeching.
  11. Question

    First of all, while a barber couldn't advertise "no red-haired men", they ARE allowed to refuse service to anyone. A public business doesn't have to serve you just because you walk in (though I'm not sure of the specifics of if there needs to be a jusitfiable reason or not). However, the biggest difference here is that escorts are self-employed. They are choosing who they will do business with. There is NOTHING wrong with screening clients, and putting forth that a client has to be X in the first place or they will get rejected is simply making it easier on everyone, is it not?
  12. Bbbjcim

    I'd love to be enlightened on why people want the CIM part so much...
  13. Buyers market: Nevada brothels

    In essence, you're paying a premium for it being legal. Since the large majority of them won't do any 'fluid exchange' (kissing especially, DATY for many, etc) and the fact that they keep you in a dark room when you choose the ladies....well it all adds up to 'why bother?'
  14. Incall Outfits

    Hobbyshop is real. The one time I partook, the girl looked basically like her photo but of course the ones on the site are indeed doctored a little -- nothing major at least for the one I did.
  15. Swingers Clubs

    Pretty much par for the course at all swinger's clubs.