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  1. Lina Mesa/ Jessica Martinez

    This chick has gone from Patty Garcia to Giovanna Garcia to Jessica Martinez to now Lina Mesa? I met her during her first round in these parts when she was Patty. As some who've met her may have realized, it is quite unlikely that she's the one communicating with us. That person's English is fine but the YL's is far from it. Seems to be a handler type situation, and someone with a penchant for aggressive marketing, but I do hope there's nothing more sinister... The YL is genuine, friendly and fun so it didn't look like it.
  2. adlist24

    Aside from these two texts promoting websites, I've received at least 4 unsolicited texts in recent months advertising ladies along with what are almost certainly fake photos. Their M.O. has generally been to send out generic texts with content such as 'Hey baby, feeling lonely...' and a picture of a hot chick. My guess is that that they got my number from one of the numerous shady ads I've responded to, just looking to see if any of them could be legit. I never ended up meeting any of them as I've never got a good feeling about them via the texts. I don't know if the texts originated from the same number as I delete them as soon as I get them. I'm just thankful they got my hobby number and not my actual number that I used during my early days.
  3. adlist24

    I got the text too about the new website a day ago. I was informed about Adlist by an unsolicited text as well a few months ago.
  4. Any Questions...

    You forgot, why did the chicken cross the street? After being in this hobby for a little while now, I think I know what Victoria's Secret is. I genuinely feel many women are way better looking with their clothes on than off. I guess to sum it up, the clothes maketh the ho!
  5. Ladies reaching out...

    I read the many responses on this thread and was surprised to see that nobody seemed to be contacted (marketed to) by the "crew from Texas". I'll refrain from mentioning who they are but perhaps some of you know who I'm talking about. I've always been PM'ed on P411 by the "crew chief" lady on P411 as to her imminent arrival in Denver along with a cute message asking to setup a meeting. I didn't care too much since a message on P411 isn't very intrusive. A few months later, I started receiving heads up emails from another lady in her crew who I'd never met before! Kind of annoying that she'd share my email like that but whatever... More recently, I met yet another lady part of this crew. It was a good experience by hobby standards but not what I really like. In short it was like eating tofu. I was full but not really satisfied. And some conversation we had during the session made me rather upset regarding the way these ladies think of the hobby and how they're making dough by being ultra-high volume. I felt like it had some subtext of being brainwashed but that's a story for another day. Anyway, so a few weeks later, when some of these crew members are back in town, I receive cutesy texts and emails from the one I'd met as well as the other one who I've never met or contacted! I was pissed to say the least. I had a mental image of them having an Excel spreadsheet with our emails, numbers and cities and sending out promo messages a few days prior. Damn! I politely asked them to not contact me anymore since I'll never see anyone from that gang (or maybe from Texas) ever again. Oh yeah, mental note to try and meet Laci sometime. She sounds awesome!
  6. Seems like the return on investment for time and/or $ on these sites is minuscule...
  7. Curious myself. So many websites and apps, with an endless amount of spam and bot-like behavior such as getting a message even before completing sign-up or adding a profile pic. I'd have actually paid for a month or two just to try it out but that sort of spam has put me off and stopped me from getting anything premium. But would love to know if anyone has gotten anything significant out of such websites in recent years.
  8. Teeth

    No, I don't mean the use of teeth, I mean the appearance of them on the providers. One pet peeve of mine is that I like the woman I'm with to have good teeth, not perfect but good... at the very least all of them present and accounted for. I thought I'd start this thread to gauge everyone's take on this matter because the last 5 out of 8 ladies I've meet have had rather poor teeth. I didn't want to get too descriptive hence I use the word "poor". The problem is that these ladies have beautiful photos but none smiling too wide or open. The reason is clear now... And when I met each of them, and one in particular, it was a disaster! I guess that's an occupational hazard in this field of play, but I was wondering what other's thoughts were on this matter. Do you find it a turn-off if someone's teeth aren't great?
  9. Have you evee felt?

    I really like this thread. So much empathy and support! The pressures of modern life can be a lot to handle and if two or three things don't go as planned, it can be an awful feeling. I'm going through a bit of a phase myself and I've been telling myself that it will pass and seem inconsequential in a few years' time. In addition to all the wonderful suggestions here, I find that music helps lift my mood, or at least make me realize that everyone goes through this. One particular song that has got me through a lot is Bon Jovi's Welcome to wherever you are. Simply an amazing song. A few more that I love during such times are: Bon Jovi - Keep the faith Stars Go Dim - You are loved Pink - Perfect Stay strong!
  10. I'm always horny

    Same here. I like to say this out loud inspired by Hulk's famous line "That's my secret, baby. I'm always horny."
  11. I'm in kind of a similar situation. An lady with a new profile on here and with a P411 too. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a website so I don't think its the same one we're talking about. Similar story, seemingly old pictures (B.C. - Before Child) and services were average at best. To be fair, she provides most activities that are expected but the combination of a relatively high donation, more no's than yes's, and skirting the true nature of her services made the experience lack luster. This Russian lady has been the subject of debate before too and her old profile has mixed opinions. She's nice, friendly and likes conversation. But I have plenty of friends I can have conversations with... Perhaps some of you will know who I'm talking about. I don't care much for writing reviews anymore and anyone can just create a new profile and move on. So I haven't reviewed just yet.
  12. Teeth

    Haha! The one pic in Megan's profile photo is eerily accurate to my worst experience, one I'd met recently. And she has several good reviews too, although her style was more dancing/teasing, so maybe that is what they were looking for. It was one of my most disappointing encounters. I don't mind staining due to coffee or mildly crooked teeth (having a little myself) but a couple of ladies did look like they'd been worse for wear after drugs and neglect, which was awful to see. Beautiful photos here on TOB and they looked great in-person as well, just so long as they smiled with their lips closed. Lesson learnt for sure. I'll need to waaay more selective from now on.
  13. YesBackpage.com

    Just like skipthegames.com
  14. A link would have been nice but I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about. I'd texted Aliyah a long time ago and we had a pretty straightforward conversation and in fact she even sent me her address before we even confirmed anything, which was odd. Anyway, I never ended up meeting her for a couple of reasons and clarified the same to her as well. I have a feeling she's legit but not professional as such, probably part of a group of friends looking to "have fun". I'd been in touch with a similar fs lady who had an ad out but stated she wasn't available but two of her friends were. Strange she just posted an ad 20 minutes ago and was online too. Needless to say, I didn't take her references. I feel like many ladies recently have come in on the suggestion of their friends who've been in this. Met a handful of them in the past couple of months, some here on TOB and some completely offline and UTR and only available through direct reference. Could be a hit or miss or something in between.
  15. 411 on Lovely Lily

    IMO, either a tranny or a crack wh*re or both. I think I'd seen her ad a few months ago and was kinda interested because of the offer. But never took it forward because of the source website. Let us know or send a PM if you go ahead.
  16. I've often wondered where fake photos come from? Not the professional ones which could have been picked up from modeling websites, but the t*pless/n*de photos and selfies of cute young teens posing as GNDs and such? There seem to be so many of them and its not like they can created from scratch using software. There's got to be at least faces available if people doctor the bodies later. And the mystery deepens for Asian ones, where there are dozens of pro- and semi-pro photos of ladies in seductive attire and much more. BP was awash with them! It makes me wonder if there is some sort of stock photo industry somewhere in Asia, photographing beautiful/desperate/gullible women and using the photos for deceitful purposes across the world. Or maybe its just an handful of Asian women and we can't tell the difference (get it?!)
  17. Ultra-high-end

    Bugatti lost about $6 million per Veyron, despite its $2 million price tag, thanks to costs incurred in developing the incredible machine. But I guess that goes to show that value can't always be quantified.
  18. I've been wanting to ask this for a long time but was somewhat apprehensive since I did not want to imply anything about the wonderful ladies on here. I hope this isn't taken in the wrong spirit. What are your experiences (for the gents) or opinions (for the ladies) about providers with significantly higher donations, I mean close to a grand for the hour or even more in some cases. It peaked my interest since I noticed a bunch of them over the past week on P411. I, for one, cannot imagine that much for a single session. Has anyone opted for such an encounter? Curiosity got the better of me and I thought I'd ask this to y'all. Insights welcome.
  19. No. I haven't. Any eye-opening discoveries from there?
  20. Exclude ads/providers

    This hopefully isn't a repeat thread or question... Is there a way to exclude a provider, and hence their ads, from showing up in our ad list? Just like P411's exclude feature completely eliminates a provider from showing up on our feed. It'd be good to know if there is a way to do this on TOB. Thanks!
  21. AA Men

    Since it was mentioned, thought I'd ask... I've always been curious to know how a phone call helps in the screening process? I thought the unspoken reason for phone calls were to ascertain race based on accent and speech traits. I cannot imagine anything much can be determined based on a voice call. Maybe a video call, but I'm sure that is out of the question for most. But I've actually done this once with a BP girl I'm still friends with. Crazy when I think about it! If I'm not mistaken, the vast majority of my encounters have been purely via text. But maybe that's just me... And with the new Google AI coming in, we might not even need to speak on the phones ourselves. Imagine telling your phone "Hey Google, get me a h*". If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, here's a video...
  22. Any info/legit?

    There seems to be a trend that such fake pictures are normally super-hot blondes or similar taking blurry selfies! You said it. BP overflow here seems to have gotten ridiculous and an unfortunate side effect is that we start doubting legit good looking ladies. *sigh*
  23. 411 on Jordyn

    Goodness! I've noticed this for a long time. I can't believe how polarizing this YL is and yet there seem to be so many guys lining up to see her. Is it even the same person all the times? Or maybe multiple personality disorder? Damn!
  24. Not directly related - but I noticed a lot of "-b" profiles recently. Does it mean that the profiles and ads are fake?
  25. Great idea! Thanks for being on top of such things!