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  1. Athletes and Politics

    I’m not offended at all. If I were truly offended by you and your gang then I would leave the board and not subject myself to you silly folks. You are one of those that are just way too sensitive and thus easy to mess with.😉
  2. Athletes and Politics

    As far as you Rudolph, your opinion means zilch to me, that’s how insignificant you are.
  3. Athletes and Politics

    Luddy, why do you continue to spew venom? I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy on the War thread how I got called out yesterday for starting a thread that had nothing to do with a hooker board, yet today, another thread started by someone else had nothing to do with a hooker board and you chose to take part. You then jumped me for bringing this hypocrisy to light. That is hypocritical in its purest form. I’m not sure where your rage comes from since you don’t personally know me nor Do I know you. You shouldn’t take everything that is said or written so hard.You get your feeling so hurt that you say you are leaving the board but yet here you are still mad.Either calm down and join us on the board by moving on or just go away. You can believe me when I say this, you can’t hurt my feelings to the point where I will leave this board. I let things go pretty quickly.
  4. Athletes and Politics

    I took that opportunity to start jacking around with people because people that act so radical about their beliefs are so easy to mess with. I don’t take anything you guys say so seriously that my head explodes. Why can’t everyone just R-E-L-A-X. The media are the puppet masters and they have us all on a string. I choose not to believe everything I read as the gospel truth
  5. Athletes and Politics

    So many people got this whole thing twisted. I’m my original post I didn’t say anything about these guys not having the right to do what they are doing. I simply said that they shouldn’t be surprised if it is not popular with me or any other fan that might be watching the game as the majority of sports fans are looking to be entertained and don’t want to get into the politics at that moment. It was a very simple point That I was trying to make. Then we had a few question why I would even bring the subject up on a “Hooker board” even though those same individuals bring up all kinds of things that have nothing to do with a “Hooker Board” if it suits there agenda. Some others then proceeded to absolutely lose their minds over Rights and whatnot. It really wasn’t a complicated post. Some just turned it into one.
  6. Athletes and Politics

    So your not done with this thread? God you guys make this so easy
  7. Athletes and Politics

    I just set the trap for you and others like you to lose your minds. I truly don’t give a shit what these guys do. I don’t even watch football. Jokes on you and all the rest of you batshit crazy liberals! I thought the forum was getting a little stale. You’ve been especially quiet lately. Glad to see your back in form.
  8. Athletes and Politics

    Yet another mouse taking the cheese.
  9. Athletes and Politics

    I must admit, it is very entertaining to see how some of you lose your fucking minds over this political stuff. Some of you really take the cheese!
  10. Athletes and Politics

    So many folks that can’t read or interpret what they read how they want too. So sad which is one reason why we are so screwed 😔
  11. Athletes and Politics

    Nah, not going to let politics take away one of my simple pleasures. I will just start tuning into the games after all of the pre-game bullshit is over with. Newsflash Just Jos, there are all kinds of subjects that pop up on this forum that have nothing to do with the hooker biz. I usually refrain from engaging in any kind of political conversation because it is such a hot button and no one is ever going to change anybody else stance on most political subjects when folks are dug in so deep. Once again I will say my original post was not about the right to protest. I was just saying there should not be any surprise when the people attending those games show their disdain for their conduct.
  12. Athletes and Politics

    That is my understanding of the protests as well. I don’t care what color your skin is, if you don’t obey the directions of the officers, something bad might happen. There are Whites, Hispanics and Asians that are being shot by police officers as well after acting in a threatening manner. I haven’t once heard of anybody of any race being hurt or killed by authorities when they act respectful and follow directions.
  13. Athletes and Politics

    I never said they didn’t have the right to protest. I said they shouldn’t be surprised if they are booed by doing so. I would bet that the vast majority of people sitting in those venues are there to enjoy themselves and have fun. Nothing about politics and political beliefs is any fun.
  14. Athletes and Politics

    I want to start this by saying, I get it, our country is FUBAR. It is absolutely ridiculous that an athlete can’t understand why fans at a sporting venue would boo them when they protest on the field. I’m sure I’m like most fans out there when I say I don’t want to see that shit during a sporting event. I use sports as a getaway from the everyday stresses and overall bullshit in life. I want to be entertained for 3 hours and forget about all the other crap.The last thing I want to see or think about while watching a football game, basketball game or baseball game is politics! These athletes are getting paid a huge amount of money to play a sport and entertain those who attend or watch the games on TV. Once they are done with their athletic career then by all means, take up politics and make a difference in this world. I recently read where most of the owners of these sports teams are standing behind their players, but I guarantee if fans stop showing up at the these games and these owners start losing money they will change their stance in a hurry.I’m sure there are people out there that totally disagree with me on this subject, but I would say to those people that they aren’t interested in sports for what is is meant to do for a true sports fan.
  15. Changing seasons...

    My gawd, is there anything sexier than a beautiful lady in a short pair of shorts?