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    Just out of curiosity Chrissy, how do you control what a guy writes in his review of you? How do you keep him from getting explicit? After all a guy might get carried away reliving the moment while he is typing away😜
  2. False Images..

    It looks like Olivia has deleted all photos on her profile except for one. Hopefully she is taking the advice of the guys on the forum and will be posting actual pics of herself soon. Ladies please post actual current photos of yourselves on your ads/profiles. We want to see exactly what we will be seeing when we walk in the door.It is not cool to deceive!
  3. What would you do ?

    I say pass. Way too many wonderful local ladies with excellent track records to take a chance on something like that. If your gut says something feels strange then trust your gut.
  4. ID Rant

    I didn't mean to sound disrespectful to your methods, you can absolutely do what you are comfortable with. Just be careful with showing your RWI. I think the vast majority of the guys on this forum feel uncomfortable with doing what you are doing. If you are ok with it then good luck and have fun.
  5. ID Rant

    Holy shit man, this hobby shouldn't be that difficult. 400 ads and a spreadsheet? Just go out and get you some nookie for crying out loud.
  6. Selective Providing....

    Wow what a douchebag! I bet that line helps him get plenty of lovin!
  7. Selective Providing....

    While you have a valid point when it comes to refusing service, this is totally different. This just comes down to whether a lady wants to allow a particular guy to touch her or not.
  8. Waiting game

    Yogi, I say move on to another provider. Any lady who is professional in how she handles her business will get back to you in a timely manner. There are too many choices out there for you to go with. In this time when there are so many ladies complaining about the guys who are flaky and NCNS I would be willing to bet you won' t have a problem finding someone who would be glad to see you. Her loss will be someone else's gain. Good luck!
  9. My Ex-Wife...

    Fish, this seems extremely excessive for just a rehearsal dinner. I would definitely need to see the bill before I forked over that kind of money.
  10. ID Rant

    Getting all philosophical , geez.No feelings one way or another on my end. It's all in good fun here 😇.
  11. ID Rant

    Ok Rudolph, I'm only going to address you once because I know you really don't care what I'm saying.How can you be so blind to how her posts come across. Just go back and read them and maybe you might get it but I'm not holding out hope. 90 % of your posts are posts that come to her defense whenever somebody hurts her feelings otherwise it's crickets. You don't need to bother responding to this post as I know you disagree wholeheartedly with what I and everyone else thinks about the Kitten. Like an alcoholic, they never believe they have a problem because they don't want to admit it. I put Lucy in this category and you for enabling her.
  12. ID Rant

    I usually agree with pretty much everything you post gr8owl but must definitely disagree with you on this one. It's not that Lucy Kitten has differing opinions on a lot of subjects that come up on this board, it's how she tries to shove those opinions down everybody else's throats that differ from her. There is a respectful manner in which to present those opinions and she shows absolutely no respect to others. At some point people get tired of her shit and strike back. Should we be the bigger person and just keep quiet? Probably, but not in my nature to let things go like that. Call it a personality flaw or whatever, I am very comfortable with how I personally deal with issues. When someone needs to be called out and am perfectly ok with being one who does that. What I will agree with you on is that it is probably time to close this thread since I'm not sure anything else constructive can be added to the original Op.
  13. "Felt like the Maids have been Watching us"

    I'd worry more about front desk workers than the maids. I don't think the maids want to draw any LE attention to the hotels since a lot of them may be illegals.
  14. ID Rant

    I must admit Kitten, you are nothing if not entertaining. You are, however, the scariest individual posting on these forums. I don't think I've ever in all my life found anyone with the anger issues you possess. It would be scary to know you in person.
  15. USHER has Herpes?¡?

    This wins the award for smartest post on this thread. Thank you Melissa for stating it so simply using a great deal of common sense which is lacking these days in a lot of people!