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  1. Popeyes chicken sammich?

    I tried it the other day. It was good, but no ecstasy. It's a little crispier and greasier than Chick-fil-A. It runs a close second and was better than most other fast food places. Service utterly sucked, though. Now, I need to get some good gravy ..
  2. Corrections Officer arrested for pimping

    Just saw an article online that's pretty shocking. This guy sounds like a special breed of jerk.
  3. What ever happened to ....

    My understanding is that she is retired and just decided to make a clean break.
  4. I have a massage booked. It accounts for about the same amount of time and accounts for any scents. Plus, I come home nice and relaxed.
  5. Driving in the Snow

    Leave plenty of room to stop. Now, double that. If you are sliding, turn your wheels into it (which is counter-intuitive). Slow down regardless of the a-holes flying past you.
  6. Anyone ever have...

    I'd second Happymon's recommendation of Star Kitchen or Superstar. And definitely get there early or late. Both are wonderfully insanely busy. Chicken feet aren't nearly as gross as they sound, but are more trouble than they are worth, imo. But, definitely be bold and try new things. That's half the fun with dim sum.
  7. Crown tattoo

    The artist Basquiat is hot right now, especially with the post-millenials. I've seen a couple of folks I'm fairly positive are not in the hobby with tattoos of his crown motif. That's another possible explanation if the crown looks like it was drawn by a 4 year old.
  8. My Ex-Wife...

    Wedding related costs can vary widely. And it's in Boston, which is expensive. But this seems to be a little on the high side. Here's an article that might come in handy.
  9. newbie looking for help

    Go to the Ads and use the search function for the term "newbie". It should return a number of ladies who state that they are newbie friendly.