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  1. XOC

    Bad news for XOC. I was wondering why their site was unreachable: Four defendants charged in connection with extensive prostitution enterprise
  2. Adrianna Marie

    She no-showed on me today.
  3. I woke up to a reply to a request I sent a provider almost 3 years ago. Just wow lol
  4. Secret Companions

    I've been seeing providers from Privilege/Secret-Companions for almost 3 years now and I've had really good experiences with them. Today was the first time I got stood up. I even confirmed a couple hours beforehand, but at the meeting time, they completely ghosted me. Not a happy camper as I took off work and drove 2 hours round trip for that.
  5. Privilege

    Text or email?
  6. Privilege

    Ok glad it’s not just me. Very frustrating. They used to be really good. Not sure what’s been going on the past couple months.
  7. Privilege

    I know they have a new site, but is anyone else having problems getting them to communicate on email or text lately?
  8. Miss Penelope VIP

    Another thing that's suspicious is she recently made some slight name changes to her twitter and website recently. I'm really frustrated that she keeps on changing her schedule around. This is seriously like the 4th or 5th time she's changed her plans for Denver. I will say this - she's been excellent at communication. I've been in communication with her for quite a while now. Man, I don't know what to think. My gut is telling me she's TGTBT. I'm also curious if @Kaduk can find anything on her besides what we already know.
  9. Miss Penelope VIP

    Nope - she's rescheduled her visit to my city two times now :/
  10. Miss Penelope VIP

    Miss Penelope VIP Colorado Companion I see Miss Penelope is touring and is here in Colorado. I can't find anything on her outside of her website and twitter. If anyone has experience booking with her, please PM me.
  11. Elisabeth Shye

    Unfortunately, I don't have a membership to eroticmonkey. That site has been hit or miss.
  12. Elisabeth Shye

    Elisabeth Shye Colorado Companion I'm looking to see Elisabeth Shye (P411: P267588) . Curious if anyone has seen her?

    Her P411 is P112603 I asked her if she does MSOG. She replied that she didn't know what that meant lol.

    Jasmine Daley Colorado Companion Saw on P411 Jasmine Daley. Does anyone have any experience with her?
  15. VALENTINA FASANO Colorado Companion Saw her on P411 (P226836). She looks super-cute in her pics. Wondering if anyone has any experience with her?