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  1. Is it so hard?

    Hi Lucy, I won't pretend to speak for everyone, just myself. I'm older now and the fantasy is more important to me than ever. Without the fantasy my um.... enjoyment is lacking. So when the young lady opens the door the fantasy begins. If I have to spend some time explaining what I'm interested in, it detracts in a major way. A couple of my favorites have retired and I KNOW that to create that fantasy again will require a couple of sessions with a provider to get to know each other, and then maybe we can pick up the fantasy at the door. I know that... I really do... but I don't have the patience or desire to go through that process. Occasionally I find a provider who seems to read me and get it from the word "go" or from my profile. None of them have been in Denver, but rather in cities where I often visit. I've probably gone way off course here, but the ability to communicate what I want in a session before I get there is really important to me. And the inability to communicate that before I arrive takes away the excitement. Hope I didn't bore you to death..... Vic
  2. Is it so hard?

    I certainly agree that no one is a mind reader, but when conventional wisdom says that you don' t discuss details in advance that leaves you going to the session and then trying to tell the provider what you want, even though she might not be totally prepared for it. "I want you to tie me down and spit in my face" says the man. "Wow, if only i'd known. I didn't bring any rope with me" says the provider. I had a terse discourse with a screener for a provider last fall when I asked the question, "has the provider looked at my P411 profile to know what I like?" Wow, you had thought I had described specific indecent, improper, and immoral acts with that statement. So I agree with you that specifics are important, but they are also frowned upon..... Vic
  3. A word from Jez UaBriain.

    Best wishes and prayers for you..... Vic
  4. P411 ad board

    Sorry to hear that it has been removed. I also used it since I prefer P411 providers. Or is that statement redundant.... Vic
  5. What would you do ?

    There are a lot of sweet treats out there, so I generally don't wait for someone to come visit my city. But if someone interesting happens to be coming through, that's a different story entirely. I guess my answer then is much more C than anything else. Vic
  6. How reliable/safe are advertisers on EB?

    That's a great reply, Justina. and just what most of us wonder about when it comes to EB. Thanks for posting. Vic
  7. Old members you miss the most

    Ah... Sabrina Black. I'd forgotten about her, but really enjoyed every minute with her. Vic
  8. My Fetish Dilemma

    My guess is that it will come down to your (and their) definition of "rough". I have had several "sensual dom" sessions that ended very happily, but that might not fit your definition of "rough". Frankly, I'm always looking for someone who can make the "sensual dom" thing work the way it works in my head. I would suspect that within a day or so you'll get a few PM's from providers wanting your definition of "rough" to see if they can meet your needs. In the meantime you might look up CSGeisha and see if she fits the bill. Vic
  9. Mother Nature is a *C* blocker...

    Mother nature is definitely an issue. Where I live, going anyplace in bad weather is a challenge. But that's not an excuse for a NC/NS. It only takes a minute on the phone or through text to cancel and do it right. Here's hoping for some better weather over the next week. Vic
  10. A Questions for the Guy's

    I'm probably in a minority, but I don't mind screening. A buddy of mine was just getting started in the hobby and asked me about screening. It made me sit down and think (in more detail) about how and why the girls screen. The more thought I put into it the more I realized how important it is for the ladies. I'm not about to give you my SSN, and I use P411 to ease the process. Vic
  11. Five Times In 5 Days??? SERIOUSLY?

    Sounds like a bad run. We've all had bad runs, but 5 is a lot. Here's hoping things get better for you. Vic
  12. Is it ok to want to speak to a provider first?

    By cracky, I remember back in the old days when a phone call was just about the only way to hook up with a fine lady. I liked it then and I like it now. I'm not interested in a 45 minute discussion but I've been on the phone more than once with someone who was drunk or high, or just an angry person. Now days a phone call is a lot less likely. And I personally think it's a shame. As for it wasting the gals time, I've had more girls waste my time than vice versa. They want to tell me their life story, about their bad boyfriend, where they went to dinner last night, etc. My .02 and worth most of that..... Vic
  13. When the thrill is gone...

    Why do I think the ladies are cringing as they read this post?
  14. Have a date with Katherine Heigl!!!

    Boy... times are tough all over. I heard that she was hard to work with on the set, but to think she can't find any other work.... Better see her while you can! And get an autograph while you're at it.
  15. When the thrill is gone...

    What fork said.... I have a lot less interest (and ability) to pound away at some sweet young thing. These days it is much more about intimacy for me. And yes, I know it's not real but that's ok. I have spent more time recently with massage and level 2 endings because that's what I enjoy. I've also paid full GFE price for massage with a GFE experience (i.e mutual touching and kissing) and a level 2 ending. I've also added a little more kink to my sessions. Although with the change in P411 it's harder to tell who is up for that. FWIW. Vic