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  1. Looking for FBSM provider who can turn it up a notch! Please and thank you
  2. Anyone have luck with the sugar daddy sites?

    I've been off and on SA for the last six years. I found SA one night after I realized the transactional nature of this lifestyle wasn't my primary speed. I've always had good luck with SA. I guess it's my vetting process and how I go about setting up a sugar relationship. Meeting of the minds before the body has given me great results. With Sugar relationships you get a more authentic experience, most sugar babies are into older men so they tend to enjoy the physical aspect as much as the men do. I have never felt like a John spending time with a SB. Now the bad, it takes a lot of effort to vet and find a reliable relationship. Lots of flakes and toe dippers make for a lot of time wasted trying to set up a meet. Another bad thing, since COVID the site is now littered with scammers and girls trying to push online relationships and that made it extremely frustrating and near impossible to navigate efficiently so I quit and came back to this lifestyle. No headaches and minimal flakage, the only downfall for me coming back to this lifestyle is the god damn CBJ...
  3. Sofia 845-262-7260 Colorado Companion If anyone has seen this lady please share with the rest of us!!
  4. 411 on Chloe

  5. 411 on Chloe

    Chloe 214-516-6602 Colorado Companion Hola fellow board members, I was wondering if anyone has seen Chloe before?
  6. Generations

    I've read studies on this in the past on this and it stated that three primary generations exist in the world: baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y (known as millennials). Each possesses unique characteristics that affect work ethic and relationships, how change is managed, and perception of organizational hierarchy: defining events in each generation's life all occurred between the ages of 5 to 18, the developmental years. The different backgrounds and life experiences result in five areas of potential strife surrounding their differing expectations, distinct ethics, deep‐seated attitudes, opposing perspectives and diverse motivators.and the results were not supportive of the generational stereotypes that have been pervasive in current literature and the media. Specifically, few meaningful differences were found between the three generations, even when differences have been observed, these have related more to age than generation.
  7. Because outside of LA and San Fran, California is starting to become more Conservative and no one wants to be a Democrat anymore.
  8. Post Your Funnies

  9. Music makes the world better 🎷🎸

    Music allows us to peek into ones soul.
  10. Worst Movie

    The only movie I walked out of was a Martin Scorsese film, Bringing Out the Dead. Horribly paced and Nick Cave made me cringe. Considering that, my answer is Battlefield Earth.
  11. Amandalove303

    I saw her also, pictures are definitely not her.
  12. Korrajones

    Google Fansign maker - fansign app. There's a lot of them
  13. Korrajones

    There's even apps that let you spoof these type of pieces of paper with ease.
  14. Post Your Funnies

  15. YourUnicorn

    She's friends with SouthernTwist .