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  1. To Shave or not shave?

    That is the truth gents. Started shaving the boys many years ago after reading a blog one of the ladies wrote about that. My boys have never been happier with the attention they get.
  2. Amnesty International

    Not only that but would that mean specified locations in cities with brothels, nothing like crossing the parking lot of one of those if you want to be discrete. also the ladies that advertise on this board are 150,000 x better looking than most of what I see on that cathouse show on HBO. And, when I watch that show I feel like I would be going to a factory for an assembly line experience. Not to mention the price going uo 300%. I understand what AI are trying to do, but I would prefer adopting the death penalty for human trafficing and actually carry it out. That would put a dent in to it.
  3. 411 on Bree, busty 21 year old

    couldn't agree more, breast are purrrrrrrfect exactly the way the big guy upstairs designed them, ALL shapes ALL sizes. They cannot be improved with ink.
  4. This review had me in tears....

    I think I laughed harder the second time I read this. How do we nominate this author for a Pulitzer?
  5. This review had me in tears....

    Review Of The Year candidate.
  6. GREEK: GFE or PSE?

    She saw stars? We must have dated the same girl. Damn I do miss her. Went off and got married. Ugh.
  7. Dang it ladies, there is only one of me to go around. I can't be everywhere.
  8. I have to admit that I was a bit scared to open this one, sometimes when Destiny posts and I open it, I need therapy to unsee what I have seen. I only got about 5 right, damn it. I guess I have to pay better attention to the things I eat.
  9. Should I say Hi out side of the hobby??

    All good advice. However, I ran in to one up in Denver one day, I was with my [snip} , she spotted me and ran over threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I was like..."ah, er...ah... honey this is my friend bubbles larue.." I forget what name I used for her but I about croaked on the spot. The hug was nice though.
  10. Just a matter of time before the "selfie stick" leaked clips of Hollywood babes are all over the net. But then again, how the hell would we really know if we are looking at the insides of any one particular actress.... well that won't stop the hackers.
  11. I can prove it is not urine. I refuse to swallow urine, so there you go, its not pee.
  12. Funniest/ worst reviews u have ever read/wrote

    the turd in the sock was the end all of reviews.
  13. Memories, frightening memories. In High School we had to have a physical every year before playing football, the usual local doc came to school grabbed your nuts, you coughed and you were declared fit to go bash heads. We all knew the doc because he had the sexiest, hottest nurse EVER in his office. So, there are 50 guys lined up down the hall in front of the nurses office, and rumor starts spreading though the line that the doc couldn't make it so his nurse is doing the physical, there was a mixture of joy, fear, terror, elation, just about every emotion among us boys. It took me 20 minutes to get to the head of the line, I must have had 8 hardons and 8 cold water shrinkage's going on, I honestly was scared to death and almost got out of line, about 12 guys did come up with excuses and leave. Turned out it was all bullshit and old Doc Moore was there doing the physical after all. I think had I gotten in front of that nurse I would have suffered shrinkage not hard on.
  14. This one's for Justina Carter.

    That's it. I found my new gig. I will start offering Vagina casting as gifts for boyfriends and husbands. I will put on a green smock, have an official looking office, act very doctorly, and just work on V's all damn day long. Some might be problem V's and have to be lubricated with my saliva to get the best casts, all in the name of science ladies, all in the name of science. God, life is beautiful.
  15. I have learned that escorts are the most AWESOME WOMEN EVER.
  16. When the thrill is gone...

    The thrill isn't gone, just the money. The last 6 years have been brutal on me financially. For some bizarre strange reason my incredible good looks and charms are just not enough to get laid regularly. How strange.
  17. That might mean he'd only seen one perhaps. I agree with the snowflakes analogy, and snowflakes are beautiful as are pussies.
  18. Aw shucks, is it ok if I just pretend that you were talking about me?
  19. I love them all long time. Well as long as $250 will get me.
  20. Man at door

    I would also like to see "Man at door" in a review. That would be all I would need to be sure I never ever booked that lady. It would creep me out to the max. No matter how many times I have done this in the past or hope to do in the future, but I will never be completely as ease when I knock on that door, dude answers and that may be my last time ever.
  21. Blackhawk?

    That was a serious question. It was like you were doing reverse advertising, I am wondering if it paid off.
  22. Buzz Lightyear, so that's what he meant by "Beyond"
  23. Blackhawk?

    How'd that work out?
  24. "Extra" service at a strip club?

    Its easy enough. Get a time machine and go back to 1989 and visit Pecos Junction. Fun times, fun times. There was also a place just outside the Tampa Airport, can't remember the name, but for a $10 private dance, very little was off the table. Where did all of life's little pleasures go?