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  1. Anyone met Kate?

    bummer Kaduk...thanks for your wizardry... I did reach out and radio silence thus far...
  2. Kate Wilder 303-312-0512 Colorado Companion I did see a thread from this summer, but has anyone had an opportunity to meet Kate? TER ID: 361095 Thanks All!
  3. 4111 on Kate (Wilder?)

    Any chance either of you two gents have further 411?
  4. Veda Sensual Touch

    Pretty sure she retired..
  5. Jennifer Colorado Companion Any one met Jennifer yet? P411 member which does make me feel more comfortable for sure...P211882 Thanks all! P211882
  6. Brittney

    Brittney Love 737-471-3367 Colorado Companion Any one seen her and can verify? thanks in advance!
  7. Lana Colorado Companion Hello TOB-land! Anyone have feedback on Lana? Thanks!
  8. Sierra Raine

    Sierra Raine Colorado Companion Hello All, Thought I'd inquire if any one may have some insight on Sierra Raine? I have O concerns as far as her legitimacy, more over curious if she's as as amazing as she appears? PM's probably better! P411 : Website : Tryst: She's also on Eros but enough links right? Thanks in advance!
  9. I suppose this question is more directed to the ladies, but should other hobbyists have input feel free to interact too. Not a newbie, not sure when veteran status is achieved but this has been on my mind for some time now. a few caveats here... Clearly I understand that what may be copacetic for one may not be for all. Discretion is always the better part of valor. Respecting time and the process is a given and moreover so is discretion. As a hobbyist, who truly values and respect the process I'm curious how provider's opinions here. I'm curious here as I'm no newbie, yet I'm genuinely curious how/when/ sharing turn-ons. wardrobe requests, fantasies, etc is appropriate. I certainly understand that reviews, websites, P411 "other info" may be an indication but I'm curious how the ladies prefer that a gentleman shares those appropriately. I definitely am one who appreciates an "organic" experience vs. anything scripted and but if sharing what turns me on, potential inspirations, and what I find hot I'd love should sharing anything further be a consideration... how would one convey it appropriately?
  10. Any insight or yay's/ nays here TOB? She is on P411
  11. Milana Moon 207-200-4906 Colorado Companion Hey all, I'm curious if any one here may provide any insight on Milana...Tons of online presence on other reputable sites but hoped someone here had some recent input. She's on P411 Her site She's popping up on Eros, Slixa, Tryst, etc... She's touring from Seattle, thus the profiles on those sites. Appreciate any insight, feel free to PM if preferred.
  12. 411 on Vera Blonde

    Vera Blond 720-729-0538 Colorado Companion Anyone happen to see Vera before? I'm more curious than nervous or hesitant as she's on P411. Just hoping someone may have crossed paths before or if any local ladies may be friends. Thanks all! ParknRide
  13. travelin hobby insights.

    Hello all, curious if any one may be able to provide insight to a hobbyist traveling through Dallas and Nola. Well established here and on P411. Any further suggestions or whatnot would be graciously appreciated. PMs just fine if this isn't a forum approved discussion! Thanks!
  14. Dahlia

    I must say that the truly spectacular angels, especially with P411 accounts and in depth website are unequivocally shifty! The whole lot of them... A cabal of babes who dare to have active (and interesting) blogs and even mention Denver's a rare stop should raise more than your suspicions, or the eyebrow of doubt. Build a wall I say! Keep them in Denver! Coming in to be wonderful when they haven't before...Can't believe it, nope no way, can't be here to add to our already stacked deck of goodness and glory. I definitely suspect she even works out... Who's with me on this "Hottie retaining wall" concept? 8^) But Rick, I do thank you for the post...stay vigilant and when your comfort level returns to its normal resting bpm, smile and think about if staring roles in this post. In the straight-to-cable TOB movie your walkout song would have to be Elvis' "Suspicious Minds"... I guess when I walk out to the plate with all the funky breaks and wisdom of Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock as She's Crafty, like Ice is cold...She's Crafty, and she's just my Type!
  15. Admins

    Hey apologies if there was a better place to do this but it illustrates my issue as I tried to PM Kaduk, but needed a way to attach an example of my issue. I have issues if I try and send PMs off Provider's pages. Mostly on Chrome, but Safari too. It is only on my laptop. IOs phone too and obviously on the same network. The field for the subject is typical, but those arrows never let me compose a message or send. Is this a goof on my end? TIA!