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  1. Sex Ed teacher outed as escort

    No better truck.👍
  2. Sex Ed teacher outed as escort

    This just goes to show how judgmental and gross society can be. "I would not want children to be subject to those type of people," said Lain. 🤮
  3. This One Is Going To Sting

    I can understand your thinking. However…. This is many of the ladies income to pay their increased rent, groceries, car insurance etc. There comes a point when putting ourselves out there in the fashion that we do, is just not worth it. I’d rather not participate with my heart, soul, body self worth, if it’s for peanuts A good portion of us have double the bills as well. We have two rents/mortgages, two phones, 2 xcel bills, 2 internet bills. Not too long ago, I had a month where for the number of meetings I did, $187.50 of every call went to my office rent. How much lower can we go? The main point that I’d like to make is that many ladies hourly wage reflects how busy they would like to be. With super low rates, we’ll be very busy. While that works for some, not me. All of this being said, I’m not sure what the answer is either. I just know that this is miserable, and not sub stainable.
  4. Gas War

    Filled up my Hemi for 1.72 a gallon today at QT. I was able to get right in the way 8 went, but there was a line about 30 deep.

    I thought you said it would be ok 💦💧💦🤷‍♀️😂
  6. Ladies on the Western Slope?

    I’m planning to visit this coming week.
  7. 411 Vivid Vivian

    🙀 🍿
  8. Many fun activities come with a risk. Our job and yours is to calculate how much risk we are willing to take/not take. I’ve NEVER had trouble with bad clients or LE. I’m cautious where I play and am not high volume. I ideally know “who” is coming through the door, either because they have excellent, trustworthy references, or they gave me enough information to feel comfortable. This is how I mitigate mine/your risks. I have no reason to be reckless with your information. Some ladies don’t do references. Some only accept references. I guess, see someone who doesn’t screen (yikes!🙀), but provides references, so you can get one, find someone you trust to give what information you are comfortable providing, or stay lonely. I don’t know…..

    There’s homeless everywhere now. It’s so incredibly sad. I give a little cash, but usually try to get something warm to eat, and something to keep him/her hydrated.
  10. Hot Springs & Hiking Recommendations?

    There are hot springs in Idaho Springs as well. It’s only about 45 minutes out of Denver. It’s amazing how you feel the next day. The hot springs really do heal. Enjoy your stay.
  11. What? Hmm??

    You beat me to this post. I’m not sure what is happening. I’ve literally received P411 requests at 10p for an 11p out. Maybe we’re viewed how the media portrays us. We have mortgages, dentist appts, sports practice, repair ppl coming meetings for civie job etc, just like the guys. I prefer advance planning so that I’m at my best. I think sometimes it’s just that newer folks don’t know how to open the ads to read the details of availability etc. I wish we could do a tutorial.
  12. Useless reviews

    Do you need help screening the ladies here? Guys can you help OP? I’m not so sure, any lady is going to outline your hour meeting ahead of time. That’s so uncouth, illegal and gross, in my opinion, and A LOT DEPENDS ON YOU AND YOUR ATTITUDE. What happened with Joe may not happen with Jim, as Jim didn’t wash his hiney or brush his teeth.🤷‍♀️ I’m confused. I’m not going to interview with someone for an hour booking. 🤔🙄 Either you want to visit ME or not. Geeeeeeze, it’s not that difficult. I think street walkers have MENUS though, if you’re after that.
  13. Going dark

    Have a fabulous trip, and safe travels!😘
  14. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Most don’t do check in until 3pm now. With these, you can do 12p-5p, 8a-2p… there’s different options depending on the hotel. The rate is usually a little lower than the typical overnight reservation.
  15. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    I can help you.
  16. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Plus a $100 Airbnb is now around $400 with all the dumb fees. I never use them. I would never for business…yikes.
  17. Just trying to find the happy medium

    Personally, I don’t want an hour of non stop,humping. Ugh! How is that fun? If I’m in love, or have feelings for the person, yes that could be ok. I can see why they wont want to rebook. I can’t think that a younger lady would even enjoy that. 😳😳😳 Noooooooo! I’d rather have a drink, chit chat, caress, make out, be naughty and desireable. That’s my idea of a FANTASTIC date. What’s in it for the lady? Are you returning some fun for her? No, don’t want my vag 4ubbed raw for a full hour. Nope, not fun. You may be paying…but if you’re a big ole pain in the butt, you’ll get fired. Maybe find a girlfriend.
  18. Kik

    I would only ever send a deposit to a long standing lady that has a great private and public reputation.
  19. Football season is here

    Yesssss!!!! I can’t even imagine being the one with the helmet and pads on running.🤣
  20. Our Pup Update

    Awwwwwe that’s good new Sparky! Gotta love our pups.💙
  21. Plastic surgery is it worth it?

    I’m not sure what you had “fixed”, but apparently it was not your brain, black heart 🖤, or conscious. Go back! Don’t bother us until it’s corrected! Please!
  22. Western Slope

    I’ll be heading that way soon.
  23. Kik

  24. Weird taste in ages

    Everybody has their itch to scratch. When I turned 40, the 21-30 year olds came out of the wood work. 😳😂 I still get lots of those requests. Ha! The fun thing about this board is that there is something for almost everyone. I’ve said several times, I’d have a difficult time choosing. There’s tons of sweet, intelligent hotties here!