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  1. Good to Be Back!

    Mauh!...Ty luvs.
  2. Good to Be Back!

    Mauh!...Ty luvs.
  3. Good to Be Back!

    Hi Guys its Simonelove. Took a lil PT time and will now be returning. Look forward to seeing my Very Dear old friends and New. OXOXO
  4. Good morning everyone, I'm Hala!

    Welcome luv, ur gng to Love Colorado!
  5. Happy Birthday Geecue!

    Happy Birthday LuvBug. Don't be tooo Naught lol
  6. Happy Birthday HollyLove!

    Happy Happy Birthday!
  7. yes or no??

    Not fancy but one of the best burgers in town is at Five Guys. There is one west of I-25 and E Arapahoe in the shopping center with Sprouts.
  8. New To Denver

    Welcome Aboard pretty girl!
  9. <3 Happy Birthday Geecue2

    Happy happy birthdayyyyyy g baby!!!
  10. lol lol lol. Loved it!
  11. Scammed

    Lmao, now that was good G .actually had me going there for a minute.
  12. A new WTF moment for me

    lol, you silly B!!!
  13. Someting for our ladies

    +1 Destiny!!
  14. Newbie Here, Just Saying Hello!

    Hey'ya handsome! Have Lots of fun!!!