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  1. Nothing to see here

    You are 100% right and with some you can tell just by the up and down lettering fonts and the little MEME pages that are added in as that is a dead giveaway. But you kind of made my point for me too. When it floods over and they learn not to do the tell tale aspects it will be harder to distinguish just from photos. It will make it more difficult to determine , which will results in further issues when one party or another disagrees over something and then this can result in heat being brought down. I understand the aspect of the new law signed and how long it will exist or a end around found I do not know. But in the interim it will be a difficult adjustment on both sides of the coin as new proper providers that you would want to see will be bogged down by a flood of fake providers making it more difficult to determine the premium or real providers that deserve the attention. One the other side we as a client have so few resources at our disposal now to make a intelligent decision about who we would like to spend some quality (quality being a prominent word in this) time with but are bombarded by the flood, then we choose randomly with no info and we as the client gets scammed for lack of a better term or is vastly unhappy with service (whether true or false) with his choice. It is my hope that the ladies out there that have strive to be good at this, provide great service can stay the course and find some way set them selves above the unworthy ones to remain prosperous. I still see a lot of the same faces some I have met other not. I just now saw a boat load of new faces and hell quite a few with no face or pics and the StrANge WriTiNG style gives me headaches (lol) so I run past that ad. Hope to all the quality gals you can get this managed in a functional way (Cheap Web Site or something) For now Ill be just watching from the sidelines as none I know are available
  2. Nothing to see here

    I posted earlier on my thoughts on this "new" system TOB has introduced. Then i thought it would only be fair to test the waters in terms of contact and information through the PM system with a new provider to whom I have never had contact before. Very nice pictures, just what I tend to lean towards, so I sent a PM that was polite but requested some additional information on compensation, Do's and off limits so I could have a general understanding and determine if booking some time was an option. I did not list anything specific but rather left that to the provider so that she is comfortable and offered to give her access to my profile if necessary in order to provide screening opportunity for her. I received a response in 10 minutes stating "SO Love do ya wanna book time or Not". I responded again politely and stated i needed some further info before deciding. That was roughly 12 hrs ago and never received another response. Now this is not a determination of everyone in the provider community that I understand. But the time involved with this one test case and general response leads me to believe that this will be a downfall both for providers and clients with the potential of numerous misunderstandings. So for now I will stay the course with only those i have seen or have a vivid recollection of ads previously but could not connect with. Be Safe ladies
  3. Nothing to see here

    I am a bit taken back here. I just got back from overseas, looked at the site and said WTF. I can understand to some degree reasoning's BUT I will be hard pressed to venture past who I have already met because now it is similar to BP which I stay far away from. The key elements I looked at was the reviews, provider notations/About me thing and considerations. I would consider myself one of the good guys and have been told thus by providers I have seen but even I have run into situations with no reviews (readable) that I gave a chance to and was so gravely astounded by the pendulum that I pretty much quit unless at least something was available about the provider or I had already met her. It might be more difficult for new providers, who knows, i will probably only check now and then now and look only for the gals I already have listed under favorites. Not being rude or nasty about it and can understand perhaps some legal changes and maaaybe some safety issues but it is what it is now. Just FYI i took reviews with a grain of salt but it provided also a list of do's, don'ts, won'ts etc.. which are good to know as a client so that a intelligent decision can be made by a client, which also will reduce issues when a client a provider might meet which also include compensation which should not be discussed over phone anyway as I feel its rude, but also do not want any surprises. Very few of the lovely ladies have a counter web site to see rates so it is a unknown now. As mentioned it is what it is and I have a good reputation with anyone i have seen, kind of old school manners but I just do not want to waste time (mine or the ladies) on a continuous basis. So for those I have seen i will keep my eye out for you, other gals sorry, unless I can recall a previous ad. Not a cheapy nor a flake just cautious so i hope the providers can understand the pickle it puts us in too. On a side note PM's are fine but responses would have to be greatly increased and not sure that will happen But as i said, it is what it is at least for now. Be safe ladies
  4. Semper FI and Thanks

    I just wanted to give a belated Thanks to any and all providers that mentioned either the Marine Corps 241st Birthday last Thursday or Veterans Day last Friday. I saw a few on here (not many though) and quite a few on P411 that did and offered a slight but noteworthy discount for either or both. just so you know even if there is not discount it is always appreciated just as if/when someone says thank you at a restaurant or store. Of notable mention even though she is a distance from me and i have not seen her to date is Melissa Sterling ( We/I appreciate it Melissa). Picture is just for fun and i was 22 I think Far left as your looking Semper Fidelis Ladies
  5. Acquiring My First Review (Ladies ?)

    Here is my take.............. I thought the whip picture was great by the way but that's just me and I have a HUGE pain tolerance and rarely intimidated by much, even though BDSM its not my thing. I PM'd you about this and think that rather than post a reviewer special and then all the hagglers coming out. Leave it alone but maybe during a contact phase with the client you can mention you do it privately. It will allow you to see who is truly interested and serious while at the same time having a special that is beneficial for both parties. It is at the upper scale but not overly ridiculous considering. I have also seen and had a gal bump the time somewhat to 1.5 without posting it for a good client and reviewer. Some do military specials and so forth I think youll be fine and maybe I will be your first.
  6. Why do guys on here want me to pay them to review me?

    Seems a bit off or just rude to me, but I am pretty straightforward traditional guy. I have had some of the lovelies offer it on an ad and thats fine but most likely i would have reviewed anyway. I have also had offers of discounted rates for things such as changing times or cancellations late even a military service one here and there BUT I have never asked for one nor implied I wanted one. I review based strictly on the type of connection and actually tend not to review if the connection was so so simply because i will tell the truth , but at the same time understand that YMMV. For me to write a nasty review it would have to have a great deal of issues. I would say that if they ask for it they are a flake and simply need the feeling of being special and that their opinion matters to the world. Like i said in a earlier thread reviews should always betaken with a grain of salt.
  7. Curious If I am the Only One

    Actively Advertising and this is what brought up the whole question for me. i have met some clients that do not prefer references and i actual ask on most occasions just in case ever since I ran into that while others might relish new reviews. But this was a new or as far as i can tell a new TOB provider who i actual had intentions of calling, messaged on here got a very obscure response so i started to check it out some and all other avenues which were a no go as other "listed" reference sites and websites were inactive Except for TOB and an ad on BP of all places which was identical to the one here...... Just seemed fishy to me so i was curious. I agree that at some point one might want to limit reviews and clients. To be honest I have no clue what a UTR is HA Good response though Lucy Kitten
  8. Curious If I am the Only One

    All valid and i agree with the potential for all the points, for instance a provider who has a verifiable acct with P411, ECCIE, even a website may have enough in terms of a reputable status at least to me. i also see a very valid point of vindictive posts by less than what i would call respectable clients and personally i have only written two that were not great but not mean either they were listed as so-so because of environmental, hygienic or no show type of situation and perhaps I caught that person on a bad day you never know. But what about someone who cannot be verified through any other source even though they are listed on the ad for instance a provider has a website link but it is down, P411 and it goes to a automated error etc.. etc.. Would you not think that if they signed up for TOB they would want the reviews? Like i said and is fairly well stated in the quote you have to take the reviews with a grain of salt because many variables might exist during a appointment But like i mentioned in this scenario ( Ad + two pics but very standard pics like a magazine (i did cloud check them)+ No reviews allowed + All listed "sources" (P411 and Website) were inactive. Would that not be somewhat of a red flag? Or perhaps i am overthinking this. Either way there are a multitude of fantastic ladies out there and i was just a bit curious as it would seem that a "new provider" would be similar to a "newbie client" in terms of references and reviews alike
  9. Curious If I am the Only One

    I want to add though that even while i look at the reviews on my end I do take them with somewhat of a grain of salt for the simple reason that it may very well be a bad client trying to get "even" for a bad encounter when it might have been the client who made it bad. But they are a gauge in a sense
  10. Curious If I am the Only One

    Okay so here is a question and it can be both provider or client based. We all know that providers can be reviewed by the client and most of us understand how the "blacklist" and references work in regard to the client. So there may be multiple answers to this and I am just curious in two fronts here. As a client I do look at reviews written by other clients, for several reasons which can range from simple things like not returning calls after established appointments and screening is done to some aspects of service and friendly nature. Of course it is all subjective and the YMMV can apply but it gives a framework for whether you want to call or not to some degree. At least that is my view and I have called new gals to get a "feel" on the phone prior to reviews and in general i have been pleasantly surprised and thus wrote a review to get the ball rolling. Now I have seen some providers that do NOT allow for reviews and have no other outside source of verification on my part. Most seem to be fairly new or just pop up from time to time (three on right now). They are few to be honest but to me this seems to be a red flag especially if p411 is inactive, website is inactive and no reviews allowed. Am i wrong here? What is the reasoning behind not allowing for the client to review even if you are low volume?
  11. For a friend

    It would be difficult to expand on what you said here JHooker and i gotta give you credit as you did a excellent job in your synopsis. I also have to agree with you. Bit Banger also had a great point that while on a rare occasion you might have an immediate and shared mutual connection, like lightning hits with a person Generally the more you see someone because a small spark existed in the beginning, that small spark might turn into a flame to some varying degree. At the same time we also understand that it is a arrangement of sorts so we all keep up a wall as well. Oddly enough I tend, because of my history to "Share" more about myself and experiences with certain providers than i would family and friends. i also tend to be more open about history when i am asked by a provider about experiences such as combat tours, wounds, sleep etc . People (most) can always tell if someone is truly interested or not and that tends to form bonds or connections.Good communication and conversation is jut a big a part as the physical aspect in a lot of cases
  12. From what i gathered this a question for the guys and the answer would be a definitive "maybe" lol. I would be a little cautious if it was a new provider i was seeing as should a provider if it was a new client in the same situation. A lot really depends on where its located, the condition of the RV etc.. Tough question due to the variables associated with it. So I would say it is a very situational experience. Now with that being said I have on occasion taken a few "buddies" from gentlemen clubs out camping.....real camping in the mountains. It took a while before they were comfortable enough with me as a person, knew me in a way before that happened (lil off track here tho). To me it would be very situational but i would yes in some circumstances but in others i would just keep driving and maybe offer to get a room for her if I really wanted to meet her for the first time. Does that help???????? lol
  13. In honesty I agree with both of you. It was not so much the dress attire so much as the lethargy that coincided with the dress attire. A women can rock a flannel shirt, sweat pants, jeans.........just about anything. the only reason i mentioned it is that the sweat suit (not like the picture above lol) also represented some manner of the entirety of the appointment from lateness and forward. I always show up clean and dressed (jeans and a nice shirt, not old ratty jeans and my sleeveless Harley shirt) Curious if i showed up at a incall for a first meeting wearing dirty jeans, Harley flannel shirt with no sleeves and a skull cap how would I be viewed by the provider? First impressions are generally a indication on both sides. But i agree with both to some extent here, but in this case the clothing did in fact represent the attitude.
  14. Hello! I'm new here...

    Welcome Vera, hope you enjoy Colorado moves can be tough but exciting all at the same time........believe me I have 11 states and 7 countries under my belt right now. In terms of the Italian restaurant I agree with what Badboy said about Osteria Marco its not bad at all, Panzano's is good and a simple choice that is decent price with good food would be Maggiano;s. Welcome aboard the TOB
  15. Just thought this topic was interesting. Saw that a few gals might have a view on the guys feet as well. I have visited a good few of the lovelies here and actually tell some of them to be ready for some scars just in case they had some issue with it. I had all my toes......... Um involuntarily removed during the Gulf and Desert Storm while in the Corps as well as a large scar on my right leg. Overall (other than 1 who almost cried for some reason) most of the gals found it fascinating, as well as the VA foot prosthetic inserts i have for shoes that fit over the feet part (they actually have toes). Its not a horrendous sight and does not bother me when people ask at the beach when i go NC, just odd and they always ask if its difficult for balance. I would receive a Serious discount during a pedicure ........YUP