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  1. No towels!

    Yea sorry about your experience. Me personally, I like for my clients to have the option to shower, so face and drying towels are a must, then baby wipes, or paper towels for those who'd prefer that. Options ladies, options!
  2. More on your opinion of what photos you prefer to see(:

    I appreciate the advice! It's a lot to take in but it helped a lot ! Thank you beloved !!
  3. Hey guys, so I stumbled across a topic asking what photos a client prefers to see. I'm just a little curious myself, Iv got a few suggestions. Love dressing up, sometimes I dress down. really like when clients have an opinion on outfits. Anymore🤗 ?
  4. Hanna

    I will tell her gentlemen😘
  5. Hanna

    She's real and cute! I know her personally
  6. 60 shades of Grey

    Thank you(:
  7. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    The request doesn't seem so odd. I've heard some providers require your ID, and work information for screening. Whatever your comfortable with I suppose is the way to go(:
  8. 60 shades of Grey

    I went there last week. Wanted to tell you it was great🤗
  9. 60 shades of Grey

    California girl, checking out the beautiful Denver. I have yet to find a really good Italian restaurant, or perhaps Broadway shows?!