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  1. NS refugees

    Nvm🤣😂😫 no listings there. Sorry
  2. NS refugees

    Omg🤗 I’m from Cali but live in Dever now, I’m exited the tob is making it to Cali! I know it’s MOST popular in Denver, but happy it’s starting to expand!!
  3. Back page orphans

    I appreciate your positive feed back, and in no way did I mean to offened members on the board, I will try to be more sensitive when posting❤️
  4. Back page orphans

    People are going to do and say what they want. That’s life. The fact you’re allowing me to get to you. Is sad. I said what I said. Talk to each other about it not me🙃🤷🏾‍♀️🤗
  5. Back page orphans

    I can post whatever I want in the forums. no one has to read it. Let alone comment. WHY IS EVERYONE BEING SO SENAITIVE😂
  6. Back page orphans

    I regret to inform you, That’s were your wrong. This is a hobby for me, NOT a way of living. I was fine before the site ever came along, I’ll be fine long after it’s gone,😘
  7. Back page orphans

    Lol girl my clients LOVE me❤️
  8. Back page orphans

    It’s not what you say but how you say it. I respect you for being able to get your point across without being rude. Same for the men. It’s not what you ask, but how. I will not respond to “how much to fuxk right now”. My clients haven’t been disrespectful when inquiring about my donation. And I won’t tolerate it now that back page is down. Simple.
  9. Back page orphans

    RUDE? your DELUSIONAL. do I have to explain why I’m upscale boo, it speaks for itself. No one asked you to comment on my post in the first place. You and I are not the same. Remove yourself, better yet make your OWN post. Ariel
  10. Back page orphans

    Whatever makes you happy. I’m an upscale provider & nothing less. Clearly You wouldn’t understand. Take care means goodbye, nice chatting, enjoy your day. take care, Ariel
  11. Back page orphans

    Let me tell you something. Your welcome to your opinion love, as I am. Frantic? No. I’m Annoyed by the LACK of respect coming from bp users. Hm only a year and I’m well established So with that being said. “I said what I said” you take care now. Ariel
  12. Back page orphans

    Ok I know Iv posted about this recently lol. But I’m back with more, a lot more back page providers are here. It’s just TERRIBLE! they are lowering the quality of the site. 60$ specials lol! It’s a mess. Bp men are soo illiterate. So it’s not hard to sniff them out. I send one generated message asking for verification, they’ll be like “what” or “how much” BLOCKK. I will not lower my standards for you back page orphans! Tob is very upscale and no place for anything less!
  13. Hmm

    Sweet I will definitely be trying that. Thanks for that(:
  14. Hmm

    I know its just terrible. I’ve removed my number now , new clients have to email me.
  15. Hmm

    Iv noticed a lot more backpage users are now on tob, due to it being shut down. Ladies I suggest extra screening. Same to guys. Screen screen screen!