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  1. The Art of Foreplay

    Much is written on the subject...how to do it better, how to improve. A survey website said for the average girl, it's 18 minutes before proceeding to the next
  2. Do you remember?

    Oh, why didn't I keep it..my first and only HOT car. 64 chevy 2 door hardtop 327--4 barrel 3 on the column and overdrive handle, dual exhaust and glass packs. So I generally drove it as a 5 speed like a 2 speed axle on a truck and shifted to 5th at about 65mph. Then I bought a hurst conversion kit for the stick on the floor. Oh, the college days!
  3. More Funnies

    Kinda sad---I heard about this guy who swerved to miss a kid and feel of the couch and broke his arm
  4. Vaccines are sexy!

    What channel/news do you watch? Do you not believe Dr. Fauci? We've got to work together as ONE--get this covid behind us. I've had both shots and survived without any symptoms. Even if you feel something, (after the shots) which would you rather bet your life on? Stomp this out ASAP!
  5. Corona humor

    It seems the time for conservatism. Thinking of starting a class entitled "only one square at a time". This would include a lab portion with every class. The class size: one adult (female)
  6. ATFs

    ATF evolves (but sometimes instant) over a few times. My experience: MUTUAL sensual intimacy in mind and body. Generally learning to know each other's RW with real names, real work (past and present) family, kids names, past histories---our struggles in life, the ups and downs. Wrap this all together and it's called TRUST with each other. Conversations with each other (generally text) off the clock as just friends = true friendship = ATFs
  7. For your health and everyone's safety...it's good to masturbate while on the road. When getting drowsy and on the interstate (ya know, eastern Co) you have 100 miles to go before real civilization again. Stay awake and do what makes the most sense. Go tantra and make it last. Now you stayed awake and the time flew. The end result: that stretch of road was sure fun to drive...didn't notice the bumpy stretch either...where was that?
  8. RW vs HW

    Have a puzzled look, maybe a little cross eyed as I say Du (pronounced duh)
  9. How do you take your coffee?

    Oh, just black at home...is my basic comfort drink all day long. Isn't the latest data saying it's healthy? lol At restaurants, I doctor it up...turbinado sugar and creamer. Love it when french vanilla is available. Then less sugar is required. Oh, wow, the New Orleans coffee with chicory. love it! Let's see...where's the Tums?
  10. International day of happiness

    Happiness: Getting a smile or lol from a special friend after sending a unique pic of the animals or mountains with a special caption that catches the eye. And just living in Colorado is a smile in itself--I haven't always been here.
  11. PAIN

    Was touch and go for awhile for saving my leg. Was 47 days in the hospital from a motorcycle accident--all 3 bones broken. (the other guys fault) I"m put together with some steel and screws. Anyone worried about being mended with steel, it works...50 years later now and going strong!!
  12. Most Romantic place to stay in Springs

    The Cliff House is great! I've lost track how many times there. Dining is great too in the main restaurant, the bar at the opposite end of the building, or out on the huge front porch.
  13. What would your ad say fellahs?

    TOP TEN, WHY YOU MIGHT WANT TO SEE ME 10. Naturally not GFE but my handle is very close to that 9. no belly fat--just fit--then transfers to libido where it makes a difference 8. proper brain dopamine--a good balance--can rise to the occasion 7. Most have said I look considerably younger than my age--and just get better with age--like a good wine. Hair on my head is still all there, over the years seems to have changed in color but hey--still an earth tone 6. never a dull moment--can keep up with the best of them--called stamina 5. I try to have a sense of humor at all times for a good balance that makes everything flow 4. google: size matters--but maybe not for everyone--then why have they been saying--I want to mold it--want to take it home with me--well--you describe your dimensions 3. I feel fulfilled when I'm told--I wish I could give you 3 OKs or you are more than OK 2. I want to make sure you have a good time 1. I may be just plain fun!
  14. What's your pump up theme song?

    Living up in the mountains and overlooking the front range--made and appointment and have my trusty diesel pickup: The song:::::Jerry Reed's East bound and down----Oh, change a few words: loaded up for hmm, (ucking) We're going to do what they say can't be done. Got a long way to go and a short time to get there---------- oh, ya, then the smokey too, it fits
  15. What's your pump up theme song?

    Change a few words and: Oh, the weather outside is getting a little frightful and you are always so insightful, so a yes would be so delightful, but if there's no place to go, well--then--let it snow, let it snow My suspense doesn't show signs of stopping, yes, there's multiple ways of popping, but let's turn the lights way down low, touching slow, oh, oh, oh, letting go When we finally kiss good-bye, How I hate going back out in the cold, just wishing you'd continue to hold me tight, so all the way home I'd still feel warm The fire is slowly dying, But in my mind I'm still recycling, well, as long as you think of me too, might just end up being with you (again, again)