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  1. Avoiding Entrapment

    😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😉😉😉 you're the best! made my heart light with glee this morning, haha! Fucking Awesome! Bravo!
  2. Avoiding Entrapment

    This has always been my biggest fear in the hobby with that being said I have in my travels met women who seemed to have their ways of discovering who was real vs fake! With all that being said you go about meeting a woman, and then she gives you some odd request like show me your chest, or touch my hand, I feel like this somewhat eases tensions that the person you are dealing with is not in anyway affiliated with LE, but do you ever truly know for sure? At what point can you be like "okay, guard is officially down"? The faster you get past the formalities, the faster you can get to the good stuff.
  3. Reason not to repeat

    Bro, I sympathize with some of your concerns. I feel like it can be very easy to get burned out in the hobby, possibly, even moreso when you allow the superficiality of the relationships your engaging in to jade your perception of what is actually transpiring. Bottom line maybe you got your feet wet, and have determined it's not for you, maybe you have found newer ways to spend your "bread", whatever the reason step away, and if you ever feel ready to approach the game again, step back into the ring with a better mindset. That's all. If ever I do not repeat it's because I'm feel like an ADHD adult in a candy store, the unfortunate part is I'm super cautious and will only see girls I've seen hanging around for a while. So I go long periods of time between visits. Wish I could find a provider to make the encounter seem more personal, but for the time being I'm content with momentary meetings. Whatever the case bro, "it's your thang... do what you wanna do!"
  4. Can Anyone Help Out This Little Lady?

    Hatin', that is not nice at all
  5. Southern Gal: Greetings TOB

  6. How far down...

    No, I frequently will use different sites, and I review listing s for the past couple of days. Sometimes, I will search keywords as to what I'm looking for. It all just depends. The ads at the top of the list basically say she is ready right now, but that doesn't necessarily mean other women are not currently available as well.
  7. The boys club

    I would absolutely love to watch that, imjs!
  8. The boys club

    😂😂 bro has zero chill!
  9. GENTLEMEN: What do you consider Curvy, PlusSize & BBW?

    I'm not quite sure if this makes sense, but I believe somehow most guys equate the "labels" of +size, bbw, or curvy to relate to tummy size, and thighs (possibly). I think it is actually very normal in the age of waist trainers and other such things to see a woman with a tiny waist and huge books or thighs and butt. Therefore, you would not deem a woman with this stature BBW, or +size. I think those labels are reserved for women who are disproportionate in one area moreso than another. I'm not sure that is right, but I believe that is what goes through most men's heads when they read that. Thick=means evenly proportionate, BBW= chubby, bigger proportions, plus size means (possibly the same size as BBW, but more than likely larger). Personally speaking, I don't care. If she is sexy, confident, and has curves a man could lose his "brakes" on, I'm with it. If I think I might break her in the midst of the act, I can't enjoy it. Gotta have a lil something to bounce off of.
  10. How has the summer been for the hobby?

    I went looking for some old favorites, as I've not been into the scene as much lately, and some ladies have disappeared. WTF!??!
  11. Heading to Vegas

    How do you make sure you aren't pickin up vice vs a lady? I know where I stayed at Excalibur they were checking for room keys on the way to the elevators. Are they also looking for ladies known to be "working"?
  12. Heading to Vegas

    It's funny I never really had anything like that occur while there. Maybe one time that I can think of, but not sure. I'm pretty oblivious to subtlety. Never been very good with the tricks, or mind reading games. A lady would damn near have to walk around with a sign blatantly stating her intentions for me to get the gist. Lol, soo bad!
  13. Heading to Vegas

    While on the subject is was informed recently by a young lady that there was a particular way to meet women in the casino. Can anyone explain, and or detail that better?
  14. Heading to Vegas

    Bro, check out Fat Choys if in the area. Inkredible asian cuisine for the locals who dare to venture beyond the strip, and beaten path. I hate going places and feeling like a tourist. This place was phenomenal. Don't be dissuaded by the appearance of the casino it's inside. You'll see what I mean.
  15. Help Making a Personal Website

    Or firefox
  16. Are you curious???

    Sorry to seem so shallow, but can you guess what happiness is to me?!? LfeM3L2.mp4
  17. How has the summer been for the hobby?

    I've never met this lady. Just finally decided to make the move. Went looking and could not locate her, but, also noticed some other ladies that were frequently seen were gone as well just in the last couple months.
  18. How has the summer been for the hobby?

    Pfunk, I hear what you are saying. One lady I was looking for in particular had been the subject of my secret admiration for a couple years. She I believe is a true veteran. It would truly sadden me to find that I had miss an opportunity. But, I will do my due diligence, and continue to search her out. She has had a few name changes over the years.
  19. Totally makes her a porn star bro!!! (SsSSshhh!! Don't kill the dream)
  20. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    I would've done it twice... lol j/k
  21. What is considered too big?

    Prefer them thicker than a snicker... 😂😂😎😎😍🤗🤗
  22. Webcam anyone?

    Ive got to thank you for introducing me to this... ive been perusing the site regularly lately, and its quite amazing.ive thoroughly enjoyed myself since. Thanks for the share!
  23. Webcam anyone?

    I wanna say a long time ago, before I ever got the guys enough to "pull the trigger" on actually going to see a woman, I would utilize the cam sites, ifriends was a fav of mine, but you spend a lot of money that way. Better off seeing a lady live
  24. Yea or nay ... rings ... not that kind!

    Lol, "All I want for my birthday....!!!!"
  25. Yea or nay ... rings ... not that kind!

    Lol, smaller Kaduk! Much smaller