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  1. Stripper costume/Adult stores in the area

    Ill check them out
  2. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    This is such n informative thread that I wish I had seen before arriving here. The area can be so broad when booking a hotel and I have had the experience of booking a 3-5 night stay at a hotel that ended up being super inconvenient, nice but in a bad area, not easily accessible, horrible parking, what have you.
  3. Ladies.... picture or no picture?

    You guys must do things very different here. In OKc guys NEVER post there face pics on our board (ECCIE) and I have only ever seen one gent do it on P411, his reason being he said a couple of providers refused to see him when they saw his ethnicity so he decided to put a pic so the ladies knew upfront. In a perfect wold we would all have face and full body pics up, but I understand why its not doable for most people.
  4. Stripper costume/Adult stores in the area

    I like to pick up new sexy things when I travel to other cities. Id like to get one new things while Im here. Can any of you ladies or gents tell me if their are any good stripper/ exotic dancewear stores in the area? I've google and found the adult stores, but as we all know, they often have shitty selections and extreme prices.
  5. Tulsa?

    I am here visiting from OKC and ECCIE (or P411) is absolutely the way to go. I wouldn't recommend using BP for the Tulsa area. I don't know your preference in lady, but I could send you some names that are popular in Tulsa
  6. Aloooooooha Colorado!!!!

    Thank you so much everyone!! I have heard that the altitude can be an issue for some people. [Snip}
  7. Aloooooooha Colorado!!!!

    I hear that there is always something fun going on in Colorado. I am FINALLY visiting Denver and Colorado Springs and want to maximize my recreation while I am there. Is there anything awesome going on during early next month or can anyone point me in the direction of a site with events in the area for that time? I'm literally X'ing of the days until I arrive. This little island girl is so ready for Colorado!!!
  8. Tongue piercing...

    I had a cute little clitoral hood ring that I recently . It looked really cute, but you never know how crazy a romp can get BCD so I often removed it and have since just left it out. I loved it for visual, but it added no increased sensation and just made noise when I used my vibrator. For now I'll just leave the piercings to my ears.
  9. Tongue piercing...

    Some people still have them. I had one during the initial tongue-ring craze and most would agree they while enticing visually, they don't really add much to feeling of a BJ.
  10. Thinking of visiting from OKC

    I am getting more solid on the time frame I will be visiting. This site is a little odd for me to navigate. I appreciate your pacience and I am excited to visit soon.
  11. Thinking of visiting from OKC

    Hello there Colorado, I am planning to visit Denver in the near future. I was introduced to this board from a gent that was visiting OKC. I primarily use ECCIE and P411. I would like to get active on TOB and I am slowly learning how to use site (bare with me!) I look forward to being a part of your community and having a chance to become your ATF!