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  1. rochester NY providers?

    In upstate NY, you need to be much more careful than in Colorado, and for fuck's sake do not respond to any backpage ads or a girl flagging you down on the street. From what I've been hearing, stings, busts, and ripoffs (as in actual robbery, not take the money and run) are about as common as legitimate providers. In some upstate NY cities, you check the "adult" section of backpage and it is completely empty . . . and when a girl from out of town does post an ad, Vice busts her within a few hours. Rochester, in particular, has a very bad reputation for violent crime, abusive cops, and psychotic judges. Good luck.
  2. FYI: Greeley Sting & Shooting

    It would not surprise me to learn that he was faced with several UCs in street clothes rather than "uniformed officers" as the article states. I've seen video of dozens of stings, and they usually involve UC officers. Often cars are used that are not recognizable as unmarked police vehicles and the UCs are bearded longhairs dressed like dirtbags. If the Greeley PD is claiming the deceased pointed a weapon at uniformed officers I hope they have the video evidence to back that up.
  3. More Stings

    From the videos, it appears that Vice is working these stings in plain clothes. Just walking into the hotel room with their scruffy lookin' friends claiming to be po-lice. I could see that ending very badly. The wrong guy might not even think he's getting busted, he'll think, "who the fuck are these clowns having a hotel key? I must be getting robbed." He pulls his gun, they pull theirs, and then it's out on the AP wire coast to coast about the Denver Vice sting that went horribly wrong.
  4. I went to the old Shotgun . . . once. They do not like bikers. Not just the typical "no colors" policy, but "no motorcycle apparel." Fortunately, I was not riding the bike that day and was not dressed like a "biker." I sit at the bar, order a beer and some food. Had a thick wad of cash in my pocket to spend. The manager takes a seat next to me and asks about the tattoo on my arm, which is MC related. Got the cold shoulder for the next hour and left. They're listed on several local websites as "biker unfriendly." Fuck this place, won't be back.
  5. Walmart - who knew?

    Sometimes, a situation like that ends up with you getting mugged in the parking lot when you follow her outside. Fairly common setup in some nightclubs. Sounds like she was too broke to pay the cover that night.
  6. I'm such a dumb ...

    Thank you for supporting out troops.
  7. I don't believe in cheating or lying. Myself and my significant other agreed on an open relationship long before we move in together. She is a very openminded lady who is non-judgemental of sex workers. The first time I saw an escort we did it as a couple. We're not swingers and I rarely date other girls or see escorts, but if I do I know it won't be a problem because she's not the jealous possessive type.
  8. Gals -trend in 1/2 hr vs full hr appointments?

    Just pay for the hour so it isn't rushed. If an hour is "more than you can afford," maybe you should only do this once a month.
  9. The Negative review

    "Crazy" doesn't always equate with "dangerous." Realizing that someone is emotionally unstable actually makes them a bit less dangerous, because you're aware. Most crazy people are just damaged in some way. They don't want to hurt or stalk anyone, they just have boundary issues and difficulty expressing themselves which makes others uneasy. The vindictive predatory types are in a rather small minority.
  10. Mexican, Italian, or American?

    Depends on a lot of factors. If you are paying for her time at the restaurant, go wherever you want. If it is after a session or on her day off, ask her what she's in the mood for and check the reviews on Yelp. Lots of subpar restaurants in Denver. Actually, I'd recommend someplace other than Mexican or Italian. Perhaps Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, or even sushi. Ask her what she likes. A lot of people hate Mexican food.
  11. Rough Play with a Submissive

    BDSM is one of those things that it's important to learn as much as you can about before getting deeply involved. Everybody has different, and very specific, kinks and hard limits. Some girls are into fairly extreme stuff, but are totally against other things which seem minor in comparison. Others enjoy certain sensations or experiences but are totally against bondage or face slapping. You need to be careful you don't cross their lines. Always discuss what they want and don't want IN ADVANCE, then have them use a safeword if things get too intense. One disturbing thing I've heard is that there is at least one guy in Denver who claims to be a "Dom" but no-one who knows his reputation will have anything to do with him, so he's been beating up escorts and taking his donation back afterwards. I don't have access to the "blacklist" but maybe someone who does could check if there has been any reports like that lately.
  12. Doesn't sound like "narcolepsy" . . . more like something that starts with the same 5 letters but is a "forbidden topic" here. Totally unprofessional as well as crazy to do that before a session. However, being a nice guy with an EMS background, I'd probably feel obligated to make sure she was okay, because a few things could go seriously wrong if you just leave her laying there on her back, and if your contact number is in her phone you might get a call from the authorities asking what you know about the dead hooker they found in the motel room. Or, she could wake up and find her purse missing and assume you took it, in which case one of her friends might try to track you down. Of course, if you stay there for a couple extra hours, she might flip out when she wakes up and finds you there. Bad situation all around, and it shouldn't happen, and I wouldn't blame anyone for taking their money back and bailing . . . just turn her on her side first so she doesn't aspirate her vomit. As to all the guys who would keep going, it would really suck if she woke up confused and disoriented and forgot she was in the middle of a session.
  13. Pimps are bad enough, but these wannabe pimps [snip} and will result in serious additional penalties for any "John" who unknowingly patronizes them, are a bane on the sex work industry as a whole. Inexcusable heinous shit.
  14. question for the guys

    If the guy "sounds like a jerk on the phone," just tell him you're booked solid for the next week. That is a major red flag there. As others have said, even people with verifiable references can turn out to be a freak. Maybe he was nice to the last few girls, but this week he got fired from his job and is off his meds. References are only an indicator, not a guarantee. Besides, there are lots of good guys who don't have references (the few girls I've seen are either out of the business now or out of Denver with a new number). It's a judgement call. Trust your gut and don't make an exception just because you want the money. If a guy seems like a creep over the phone or has no online presence at all, just tell him you're unavailable.
  15. What happened to tiny tori??

    A lot of the best girls only do this for a few years, if that. Very high burnout rate and always a risk, so few people want to stay in the business long term. If they're smart and plan ahead, they can put aside a fairly substantial amount of cash over a few years. Never had the pleasure of meeting Tori in person, but she seemed like a genuinely good person and I wish her the best.