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  1. Fort Collins 411 Katie

    Personally I would call or text the 720-538-3675 and see what happens (and ask about the 970-601-0069 number) With the 970-601-0069 number I would have a hard time ignoring this post: http://colorado.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/warning-fake/23737054 Might be just a disgruntled client or it might be someone that decided to use her ad (and change the number) to scam people...
  2. Soooo...this is why I don't text!

    Smart phones can be a problem too.... if auto-correct is on, you can get some truly mangled messages from them.. I do agree that speaking is preferable to text. The added benefit to speaking is; hearing a sexy women's voice in your ear (even on the phone) is a little extra foreplay...
  3. 411 on Redd, COS?

    I am also curious about this ASP, if anyone has seen her .. could you let us know by either a reply or pm Thanks .....
  4. Her ad is 100% honest and accurate... Nice person, nice looks, nice place....
  5. Well... there are a ton of ads from all over with those pics (some even with the same name) From yesterday http://britishcolumbia.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/new-hot-blondegeorgous-body/10393377 From today http://lasvegas.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/your-new-favorite-blonde-cutie-_c_a_t_c_h-me-w_h_i_l_e-u-c_a_n/20941897 like the last ad says ... c_a_t_c_h-me-w_h_i_l_e-u-c_a_n I personally would pass on this one....
  6. scam Busty Ashley

    Here is another of her sites: http://bigboobsashley.com/index.html Her payment method on this site is just as scary... BUT........... Not as Scary as this review of her: https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=296724 Here is the client review: " I walked into the room and two guys were there. She asks you to bring a visa cash card to use as a donation. What choice do you have when two guys are in the room . Are going to call the police ? You have been warned. This is a scam. " RUN Forest RUN....
  7. help with any info

    A quick look turned up this: http://liveescortreviews.com/ad/denver/208-215-2573/1/279247 some of the numbers match this post on TOB:
  8. 411 on this Asian hottie

    besides using tineye (which is not my favorite tool)... you can go to google.com then click the images thing in the right hand corner.... in the search window you should see a small camera looking thing... click it .... then you can paste the url (web address) of the picture and search for it... or you can save the picture to your desktop and then click the upload image and search for it that way...
  9. What size do providers prefer?

    I'm not a provider but most good hearted people can find ways to overcome the size of physical things... its usually the ugliness of ones character that is the turn off... also lack of personal hygiene ...
  10. Tips for tracing email?

    You could possibly contact the admins here and ask if they could check if the email address matches a user here... and if you have the IP it was sent from and they keep IP logs here they might be able to track it that way. Its a long shot but might be doable..
  11. try putting this in a google search site:backpage.com 2 hours 500$ "penny"
  12. 411 on Celeste COS

    I can make a few suggestions on how to search things on the web... you don't have to just search the names, phone numbers, etc... test the wording... notice in the add the words ... I have a PhD in Pleasing put that in a search and you can find http://sandiego.backpage.com/BodyRubs/masters-in-teasing-phd-in-pleasing-its-in-my-nature-mature-latina/11038437 so we can see that the wording isn't exactly original .. but its a cute ad .,.. so not a big flag.... so lets see her other ad .... http://coloradosprings.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/a-hot-sexy-kitty-gives-a-purr-fect-sensual-and-erotic-session/22651471 lets take a line that should be unique to only her ... I'm a Brunette, Brn hair/ hazel eyes. 42DD, Mature and Busty! and we find http://www.bodyrubhistory.com/303-882-3739/?phone=3038823739&id=17511047 Is it the same girl? looks like it could be... notice the phone number on that ad... 303-882-3739 Matches this https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=258291 plug that number in tob and you get https://theotherboard.com/users/92343 I could search more but at least its a place to start
  13. Rebuttal review

    Maybe the board should remove the number ratings from disputed posts so that it doesn't reflex on her overall average rating. Most clients are still going to read all the posted reviews. This way the client gets to vent his frustration and warn others and the provider doesn't get stung so hard... After a certain percentage of reviews comes up disputed then the provider could be flagged in the same fashion that a self-reviewer would be flagged. In the instance above, the provider and reviewer are respected and have good reputations.... I think changing the Looks: 0 Service: 0 to Looks: - Service: - would be a compromise that both parties could live with....