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  1. How old are you guys?

    I love it! One of my fave gents will be 80 this year and he doesn't plan on ever quitting before his heart does :). If you still got it USE IT :).
  2. Greek.... I don't get it.

  3. Wyoming?

    Where is the action needed? There's so many spots to go to like Gillette, Cheyenne, Casper, Jackson/Jackson Hole, Sheridan etc.
  4. Nebraska?

    I've had a Denver gent or 2 drive to me when i've visited Omaha :).
  5. If she has a mailing list .... i'd suggest signing up to it also.
  6. why this board...

    It's a midwest oriented board for the most part but nice to see you posting here :).
  7. Freaky Friday and Funday Sunday in advance! lol
  8. Hello right back *don't get on here as much as I should*!
  9. Where To Shop?

    First time seeing one I was in Omaha, Nebraska lol.
  10. Where To Shop?

    Kum & Go is a really gas stop/convenience store hybrid chain lol. I wouldn't have believe something let alone a chain was really called that if I hadn't seen one in person lol.
  11. Simply ask the general area and/or if the hotel is a hotel or budget hotel or mid-range hotel or luxury hotel (i'm personally a teesny weensy bit of a hotel snob so you won't find me in anything less than what i'd be considered a "mid-range/moderate class" hotel). If the lady works a residential type of incall I don't think it'd hurt to ask the neighborhood or side of town it's in.
  12. Showing Faces in Ads

    I do a medium enough to hide my face to an extent but you can make out just enough i'm not a gargoyle. First 8 months of being an escort I showed my face with no blur. I stopped after incidents 2 people from my civvie life recognized me and once where a hotel staff member once (without kicking me out or calling the fuzz. IF showing my face blurred has affected me negatively well I haven't noticed and do just fine.
  13. Question about time and minutes

    1. 10 minute heads up isn't too bad ... anything more than that seems too much. 2. This will vary on the lady but I personally tend to give a 5 minute grace period for the shower before the "clock" starts. Most of my friends generally come freshly showered or don't need a long shower if they do take one at my incall (where they spot check the pits, dong, nuts and ass with soap & water once or twice)...:).
  14. I have a lot of fetish gear sites bookmarked (might update this post later or tomorrow) but is another good option.
  15. Congrats . I would upvote but I reached my max for the day lol. I'm curious though how new is this upvote/downvote thing though? I've been a member since Spring 2011 but I don't come on here as much as I should.
  16. Too sensitive

    Both could be true for her (physical and mental thing) .... lot more nerves down there than guys. I've met guys who cannot handle their balls being touched in anyway (let alone licked or sucked) so not the craziest idea some ladies might not be able to physically handle daty for a long time or at all.
  17. How did you find this site?

    Probably heard about it from someone else....honestly can't even remember. I got reconnected with this site trying to go to escortphotos and it brought me to here.
  18. In my personal life I strictly follow "you don't eat you don't beat (beat meaning fuck)". BUT inside of the hobby well if you don't want to go down it might disappoint me but I wouldn't show it and will respect your time fulfilling whatever else you want to do. Your time your coin.
  19. Am I the only one?

    I'm text only anyhow so don't really worry about phone calls. I've used GV for .... forever without issue.
  20. Love them...on other people :).
  21. US Senate against

    ^^^^ This. I literally scoffed at the article thinking the same thing.
  22. What's a 10?

    As a lady who is also a lady lover most VS models do little nothing for me. Most of them would not get a 9 or 10 from me overall....maybe in the face.
  23. I'd rather not do an appt where it ends shorter than the time I took to get ready for it. More of a mental thing for me but guess it's a teensy tiny bit of a money thing too. When I offered them up until like 2.5yrs ago I also got very, very, very few requests for hh' to a point that well there was no point for me to even offer them or advertise them anymore.
  24. When is old too old?

    What is "too old" to me and for me is dead! lol