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  1. And On A Lighter Note
  2. And On A Lighter Note

    It wasn't mine it's a friend's. He a dirty lil somebody
  3. And On A Lighter Note

  4. What are you Streaming Now?

  5. best bbbj with cim in Colorado Springs

    Just try them all
  6. Best Strip club in Denver

    Guy the place your looking for is my living room. You better be tipping with something bigger than 2 dollar
  7. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    Make sure you turn off the ringer if you really aren't talking too someone... lol
  8. Ladies FYI regarding Cash App

    DO NOT purchase bitcoin through Cash App. The App will let you purchase bitcoin but then when you try and transfer to your wallet it will be stuck in Pending Status for awhile at this point its been 48 hours for me and their are a bunch in the same boat. You can Google the problem for yourself but until they fix the problem steer clear. You can't cancel the transaction. Their customer service is by email only and when I contacted them I got a auto response back said someone would contact me soon. It's been 2 days and nothing. If you need a work around text me and I'll give you one.
  9. Happy Birthday Lexy Skate

    Happy Bday hun
  10. Cash App Tutorial The problem has grown. I'd stay away from cash app to purchase bitcoin.
  11. Ladies FYI regarding Cash App

    I'm kidding. Thanks for the input.
  12. Ladies FYI regarding Cash App

    Notice the title said ladies
  13. Come on

    Or a "Hi"
  14. Related??

    This is almost pre covid
  15. Come on

    Sounds like somebody doesn't have a reference.
  16. Flurry of providers disappearing last month

    Maybe they are in line for the shot
  17. Happy B-Day Cherry Aka Miya

    I didn't even know this post existed until just now. But to you all thank you very much.
  18. Your absolute correct, one size does not fit all. Each situating is different. 1 OK on P411 with a throw phone won't work. 70 oks with a throw phone is a lot different.
  19. Onlyfans

  20. Onlyfans

    Yeah but you can watch this porn then go get with the porn star
  21. 2 great motivational speakers

    They both are on
  22. 2 great motivational speakers

    if anybody needed a "pep me up" here it is