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  1. No Love for AA?

    what do you call forcing someone to do something they don't wanna do?
  2. No Love for AA?

    you know Laci...... thank you. You are absolutely right
  3. No Love for AA?

    no offense taken, your welcome to be as big of an asshole as you want just like I can book who I want
  4. No Love for AA?

    lol and if you wanna make a cake for gays go ahead Idc
  5. No Love for AA?

    It may be flawed but one thing I don't do is tell anybody how to run their bizz and wont let anybody dictate mine. strange though you wont JC book for you but yet your trying to influence how others book theirs. And since you ask, we are in the century where we should mind our own fu&*^%$ business
  6. No Love for AA?

    wasn't meant for you Jos, but if anybody here thinks imma change what I do cause YOU thinks its the right thing to do ….aint happening. its called freedom of choice. now can one of you tell me when another provider has come at you and decided for you who you will see or not see ?Exactly!!! so if you can jump up on this forum and spout your opinion of who you think other providers should or should not see then put your money where your mouth is and let me book your appts for you the next month????? AND NO TAKE BACKS HERE EITHER!!!
  7. No Love for AA?

    like stated earlier we"ve beat this to death. and to be blunt ill see who I wanna see and really that's nobody's business and id watch those slanted remarks missy
  8. When providers retaliate

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the option for a rebuttal on a negative review was removed from this site??
  9. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Well your welcome to come find out but be sure to bring your insurance card.
  10. I'm all for the ladies staying safe, but...

    Leave it up to Average 1 to be living with 4 ladies!!!!
  11. new vetting process?

    Remember you have a choice as a client and I have a choice as a provider. Only I have to wait for you to show up at the door to find out you look like someone forgot to show you how to take care of your grooming and hygiene? Unless you have refs and a profile with reviews I just might wanna see a pic. Now it would be your choice to send it or not, be my choice to see you or not.
  12. Reviews and Reviewers

    I think once a provider and the client to has a comfort level then things work out better.
  13. Reviews and Reviewers

    How true Camper
  14. Cail

    Man you guys are very hospitable. Badboy..... change your name...Goodboy
  15. Reviews and Reviewers

    What I might do for 1 does not apply to all.
  16. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Lol well I'm not a med school student but I did take a CPR class cause I've had a couple close calls.
  17. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Bring your oxygen tank and insurance card.
  18. Cherry aka Miya - What happened to her?

    Hi guys, coming back very soon. ❤❤❤ Cherry
  19. FoCo!

    Lol i don't think that opening line went over so well.
  20. CMT recommendations

    You can do a search for that
  21. Taking suggestions?

    So I'm thinking of creating a website. Any suggestions for my WWW. Name?
  22. Taking suggestions?

    Yes formerly Miya but i don't think there will be any confusion. Most of the guys know me. I actually own 3 domain names now. I Just wanted to see what their lil " creative" minds could come up with. I think if i had to pick a winner id go with fishndudes
  23. Taking suggestions?

    Did that come off the Dong i mean Gong Show Yorick?
  24. Looking for providers in Aurora

    I find it very freaking odd