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  1. Do AMPs offer good, relaxing regular massages for just $40 an hour?

    I agree with you. I have gotten into Asian massages lately. I have had very good massages for $45-50 from 5 different AMPs along S. Colorado north of I-25. The ladies ask how firm I want my massage: soft, medium, or hard and do accordingly. Some offer a table shower as well which is nice. I will send a PM to the op with more details of the AMPs I have visited around town.
  2. Newbie

    Welcome to the Denver and TOB! We are so much fun and always so pleasant. Just don't ask any question that has ever been asked before. 😀
  3. Asian Providers?

    Nomi's previous associate, Natalia, told me a while back that she retired, which was a shame, since I and obviously many others were fans of Nomi. I'm impressed with how short a time some of the gals are on the provider scene, even those like Nomi who seemed popular and had excellent reviews.
  4. Have we considered ...

    I agree that the ladies should review us clients. I resent that after I've performed my best (clean, shaved, punctual, fresh Benjamin's and a helluva lover:) I just get an "Okay". Being just "okay" means I was average. As an over-achiever, I want to strive for more. While your detailed set of questions is very funny, we should at least be graded similar to the TOB providers as fantastic, very good, average, etc. This would be good for the ladies in obvious ways, but in other unanticipated ways as well. I'm sure if I received only an average review I would be back visiting the provider to try for a better grade. It could give new meaning to the term "ass kisser". 😊
  5. "I have no stomash"?

    I saw the Russian YL without a "stomash" and, indeed, her English is poor but she said she is taking an English class. Her language skills reminded me of my experience with many of the Asian ladies I've seen--very broken English but enough to get through the activities without a problem. Conversation after the event is a struggle, so if it's important to you to have a conversation about movies and politics during your session, forget it. If you're there for mostly action, the language barrier isn't a problem. Thankfully, this YL does have a "stomash", just flat as in her pic.
  6. 411 Sarah Dai

    I saw her as well in late March with the usual set-up thru p411 and didn't have a problem.
  7. Backpage...

    Very clever and funny! I don't follow BP. I get it that the talent has changed on BP, but what would it mean that the menu has changed??
  8. Something that confuses me about incall/outcall donations with a couple of low-volume, local providers I have seen regularly (every 2 months for the past 2 years) and hence I care about, that I'll throw out for discussion in hope for intelligent dialogue and not one that degenerates to another nasty "rate thread", or maybe this is too much to hope for. But WTF... This low-volume, higher-end provider has usually accommodated my request to get an incall location convenient to me. Lately, I've been seeing her at her home, which is a 30-minute drive for me. Since I'm now driving an hour round-trip to see her and she no longer has a hotel charge, should I expect a reduction in her donation? Obviously, my enjoyment from the hour with her hasn't diminished, so her "value" to me hasn't diminished, but since I'm doing the drive and her "overhead" is lower, should I expect some reduction in the donation I give her? I'm happy to see her in her home and like to help her by her not having to bother with getting an incall just for me, but should I expect some reduction, maybe half the cost of an average incall? I've had the opposite occur, where another low-volume provider who I have usually seen in her home, didn't have her home available when I called for an appointment. When I saw her in the hotel, I upped the donation to help her with the incall charge. Her usual donation would not be considered high, so the incall might be half what I usually give her for the hour. This also brings up the expected charge for the couple of times I've been able to entertain the low-volume provider in my home and spared her a hotel charge. While I know the high-volume provider rightly has a higher donation for an outcall visit, presumably to cover the travel time and the time away from the incall she's already paying for, would you expect a lower donation when you're covering the incall cost for the provider who would likely have paid for a room just for the one visit? I'm sure I'm way overthinking this, but I doubt I'm the only one. Thoughts?
  9. There is just NO WAY

    Yes, I wasn't serious about doubting your ability to read or that she wasn't my type. Sorry you took me seriously.
  10. There is just NO WAY

    Can't you read?! The photos are 100% real and Yes the photos are her!! I'd see her but she's not my type. 😝
  11. Eh, nice metaphor, I just don't agree with it. To refer to periods of monogamy as the periods of "happiness" ignores the long-period of sexual boredom within the period of monogamy. And I don't agree with the time between the islands of monogamy as the "cold dark sea of disappointment". It's only disappointing if expectations are not met, such as the world of dating where the goal is to fall in love and have great sex forever with the person you love. If you don't find that special someone, you experience disappointment. In the hobby world, from my perspective as a client, I rarely experience disappointment, as the sex is almost always great and I'm only looking for this and some sense of friendship-level connection, which I usually find. While there is a time in one's life whencc monogamy feels right, over time I think for most guys who are biologically designed to inseminate "the herd", it becomes a goal unto itself that gets progressively more difficult to maintain. It's like running a marathon: you know sometime during the run your body wants you to stop but you continue on in hope of accomplishing the painful goal of finishing. Of course, doing this in a day and having it over and one with is one thing, running the "race for monogamy" over your adult life is unnaturally repressive for most males. I know I finally "hit the wall" before the race was over! I believe most long-term relationships for the more naturally promiscuous male suffer bfrom what I call the "tyranny of monogamy", the goal to finish the race with your monogamy remaining intact. This becomes a defining goal unto itself and we revel in our success to repress. You can be successful with this progressively difficult goal, but in whose interest is it when you finish your life having accomplished this goal? You have demonstrated your great self-control and if that brings great satisfaction, all is fine. For the majority of guys, and I suspect a fair number of women, exploring your sexual nature is liberating and is a laudable goal, just not laudable in our sexually repressive society.
  12. Junk Food Initmacy

    Great thread! You can get a BJ and a sandwich and enjoy it for what it is. When it comes to sex, unlike food, there has long been what has been called the "fallacy of discrimination". That is, we're only supposed to strive to have sex with our true love because sex in any other context is second-rate and therefore avoided. The food analogy would be that you can't enjoy a burger once you tasted filet mignon. That, of course, is ridiculous. We can enjoy both filet mignon and the burger for what they are and they can each be very satisfying. This reality is certainly reflected and made fun of in the signature quote I've used for a while.
  13. This would make an interesting poll as to how many guys started in the hobby because sex had dried up at home or wanted "strange". There is a third group, no doubt, of those where sex hadn't totally dried up at home but became less frequent and this was enough to make the guy search for more. For me, sex became less frequent and I wanted something different. As I said before, I was in a "same sex marriage": after 35 years of monogamy you can bet sex was always the same!
  14. The "more often" with this pill ain't a whole lot: the report I heard on the "pink pill" is that the women who took it had sex one more time a month than the women in the control group who took a placebo. The reason this pill hasn't been previously approved is for the simple reason that there isn't much "bang for this buck", especially recognizing some women will get adverse side effects from taking it.
  15. Expensive gifts or nothing?

    I'll tell you what, I'm just glad there is this ONE place where we can talk about this shit. That's why TOB is so valuable. You really can't talk about this hobby with ANYONE else, at least I can't. ^^Yes^^
  16. Recommendation to TOFFT

    Yes I have done it a couple of times. I was thinking: Pussy, pussy, pussy... What the fuck else??
  17. Why Would Anyone Use Viagra?

    No, I heard it a different way: Why did the 90 year-old take Viagra? So he wouldn't fall out of bed!
  18. Expensive gifts or nothing?

    Gifts are for women who like you back. Women who like you back don't have to be compensated to spend time with you. My, my, you are a cynic. The two are not mutually exclusive. They can take your money and still like you. I believe the successful providers are those who do connect with a variety of people and enjoy spending time with clients and providing them with a variety of pleasures, physical and beyond.
  19. Expensive gifts or nothing?

    I have given a variety of gifts, but commonly bring a bottle of wine if the provider mentions her favorite in her p411 profile. Once you get to know someone little things come up in conversation that give a clue as to some of the things they like, even their favorite drink from Starbucks. I'm seeing a provider Friday night and we share a favorite Indian restaurant. While I can't take her there, I will have dinner for two from there at my place. The generic gifts of candy and flowers show you care enough to do something sweet and thoughtful, but it seems that a gift specific to the provider's taste, however small, is most appreciated. It does seem you are hearing a consensus from both providers and clients, a truly rare TOB occurrence, that small gifts are very much appreciated.
  20. Do you change your donation depending on the incall?

    My thought about rate wasn't just about me saving a few bucks, as the money I'm talking about is not itself much of an issue to me, but just bringing up what seems "right", recognizing the wide bandwidth of what constitutes "right". I did mention in my OP that I voluntarily increase my donation when I see one provider occasionally in a hotel rather than her usual home incall to help defray her extra cost. Obviously, I don't have to do this,but I do because I care about this provider. Clearly the right thing for me to do is give extra when the situation seems to call for this but don't expect a reduction from a working gal if her costs go down. I got it. I just wondered whether other hobbyists ponder this question and whether other providers adjust their donation request depending on the "overhead" for that visit, especially for a long-term client. For the most part, for these ladies I see with some regularity, I usually pay for future visits what I paid originally, assuming my first visit wasn't some special discount, like a reviewer's special. I don't have time or interest to check the various possible sites for what may be today's donation request. Maybe that means sometimes I'm paying more than I might have to, while other times I'm paying less. I've never had a complaint from the providers or have had difficulty rescheduling.
  21. Do you change your donation depending on the incall?

    Thanks for this reply. It is a nice reality check that I'm way overthinking something that has little cost impact to me. Heading out for that potted plant. I do count my blessings that I've connected with wonderful ladies.
  22. House sitting, outcalls

  23. Is she freshly showered?

    Lol! Not sure it is the big question, but now playing back in my mind the video of the occurrence I'm pretty sure it was back to front. I don't mean way in the back to the front, she just reached down from her front side and swiped the snatch starting from the back of the snatch. Have we have covered this well enough now?😁
  24. Is she freshly showered?

    But only a minority of ladies bother to read your profile. I agree with Pfunk that if the lady is that stinky don't book with her again. I'll bet if you put it her review she won't likely do it again, but that will only benefit the next guy as she is not likely going see the guy who put that in her review. I saw a YL recently who finished with me, answered her phone for the next client who was 10 minutes away, picked up a baby wipe and wiped her snatch and got dressed. I was grossed out for the next guy, until I thought maybe that was how she got ready for our meeting. 😬
  25. Hello everyone...

    Welcome to lots of fun! This board always needs more provider input. More importantly, will you be coming to Denver?