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  1. 411 on (719)424-6078

    I think I recall a post on here that suggested that she had an attitude or something and that she was not a good choice. I was interested in her, as well, but not after that post. Sorry I couldn't be more specific.
  2. Heather from Florida

    I am cautious when I see someone advertising as long as she has but no one knows anything about her.
  3. Sexy Slim

    Very different description; 5'0" 115 vs 5'8" 146, Latina vs European (Russian), etc.
  4. 411: Audrianna Rosr

    Her pics look familiar, but I just can't remember more than that.
  5. This just in: http://www.krdo.com/news/crime/3-massage-parlors-in-pueblo-busted-for-prostitution/688244840
  6. No don't need to look any further

    Contrary to what you may believe, those are real pictures. I don't know who they are pictures of, though.
  7. Apologize

    Well, you should apologize! You obviously set the bar so damned high that these gals can't even hope for the rest of us to meet that same standard of excellence. Just let us have a crack at them before you ruin them. ;-)
  8. 411 on new provider Delilah_babe299

    Keep in mind that it's not a matter of what you charge, its what we'll pay. There are only so many suckers that are willing to support your Golden Pussy Syndrome. After a short while, you'll realize that the law of supply and demand eventually dictates the real price. I'm just calling it the way I see it.
  9. 411 on Samantha Finesse

    What specifically do you need to know that's not mentioned in her 9 reviews?
  10. Seen Alexis recently?

    Dude. She posted an ad today and has been on P411 this week.
  11. Anyone seen this gal?

    I believe this could be the same gal. https://theotherboard.com/users/111810 720-515-8874
  12. Western Lilly. 720-416-5744

    There's a review on TER. Search the phone number.
  13. Celebrities & politics

    My problem isn't with speaker biases; celebrities or the media. It's with the listeners. Most people are poor critical thinkers. Moreover, they are lazy and would rather let someone else form their opinion for them rather than doing any of their own analysis. People want to believe something and rather than try to determine if that's the right thing to believe in, they merely look for validation of their beliefs, which usually comes from high profile sources, such as celebrities or the media, because those sources have an easier time getting the soapbox. If we stopped listening to the celebrities and the media, they wouldn't be able to get a soapbox. So, this problem is of our own making. WE have the power to change it.
  14. Newbie

    There are only 2 things you need to remember about this board: 1) Take nothing personally. It really helps to have a thick skin. 2) F*** off. You smell like horse shit! Just kidding. I was only testing to see if you read #1. ;-) Welcome...
  15. From what I could tell, she's a safety girl and shares a room at a cheap hotel with another gal. Supposedly she's the girl in the pics, but so-so experience, though priced appropriately. In other words, so far she looks legit, but gives an inexperienced service. Keep in mind this is all unverified info.