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  1. Brennyn

    I think I can verify her as legit. An ASP I've frequently visited mentioned her in the course of casual conversation. Apparently ASPs get together with each other a lot, maybe even to talk about hobbyists!
  2. 20 Year Old Virgin Posting

    Only ONE virgin? Nah, I'm saving up for the multi-escort 72 virgin deal.
  3. Music Preference

    I love when I walk in the door and she has music playing. I'm fine with whatever makes her comfortable.
  4. Who is on your fuckit list?

    On top of my fuckit list is an NFL cheerleader. Okay, in my dreams, but I'd settle for a reasonable facsimile among the ASPs if she could dress the part for me.
  5. Chanel in COS

    Beautiful, isn't she? Reminds me of a girl I once saw in a schoolgirl outfit dancing at PT's Showclub in the Springs. I thought she might be TGTBT so I checked Yep, the ad shows a dozen pictures stolen directly from the website of one Natalie Sparks (which has a lot more photos of this babe). Lesson: stick to TOB.
  6. 411 on Elizabeth (southern girl)

    Those pics are gorgeous and I'm sure she's a real girl (as opposed to the kind that is 3D printed). I especially love the country girl / daisy dukes look. WOW! However, and sadly, the only way you'll be able to climax while looking at that particular girl will be if you print the photos and look at the print-outs while you do self-service. Life's a bitch I know.
  7. honest question for everyone.

    Occam's Razor = The simplest and most obvious answer is usually the correct answer. So the answer is, he's an idiot. Walk away.
  8. Meet Your 2013 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

    No one has yet pointed out that Destiny's original post should also be seen as an attempt to pump up sales volume. For me personally there's almost nothing gets me in the hobbying mood like watching NFL cheerleaders. Btw, any provider who can reasonably pull off the NFL cheerleader look and costume (especially Cowboys/Niners/Texans/Chargers/Cardinals/Chiefs/Rams outfits) has an instant offer from me.
  9. Meet Your 2013 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

    The "racism" comment was a joke and a good one, because just about everything can be called racist if you have no other way to win an argument. Of course, technically he should have written "raaaaaaaacist!"
  10. Blue never looked so good...

    She's an absolute doppleganger for A.J. Cook who plays "J.J" on Criminal Minds, a lady I lust after nearly every night. Bring me a young lady with that straight blond long hair look and everything below my midsection turns to jello -- while portions of my midsection do the exact opposite. I saw the ad and immediately assumed TGTBT. Not surprised to find it's a scam.
  11. Your favorite outfit for a girl

    So many good replies to this one. My faves: --schoolgirl skirt and white blouse --tight-fitting sweater dress with high heels --NFL cheerleader outfit --country girl look: tight white tank top, daisy dukes and bare feet --college girl look: oversized yellow sweat shirt bearing her school's logo plus tight white hot pants
  12. Concealed Carry

    I noticed that no one said they were opposed to Concealed Carry in general. That pleases me; it proves I hang with the right crowd.
  13. Long Hair Or Short Hair

    I like short hair a lot sweetie, but if your hair looks anything like this it would be a crime to cut it... I guess I'm just a slave to the long, blond Marsha Brady look.
  14. Concealed Carry

    Concealed carry is fine...just not for an ASP appointment. You'll scare the shit out of her. Screen your providers better and stay away from BP without TOB reviews. If you think you need a weapon for hobbying you're doing something wrong.
  15. 411 on these TGTBT BP ladies

    I agree with the presumption of guilt once we find she's using stolen photos. But how to explain all the reviews?