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  1. To whom it may concern, you know who you are Not that I knew a lot of you on this board. This is more of a Thank you, for all the ladies that I have had the pleasure of talking to, getting to know on more than a physical level. I came to a stark realization this morning. I can no longer take the stress of leading two lives, and everything that that entails. ironically it all clicked after a great session with two great ladies. ( No review). One even came back on her own later to "Talk". Reading a little before bed and came across this link Something about the words, made me reflect on what I had been doing for a very long time. I've gotten rid of the burner phone, deleted the fetlife account. Deleted my emails. Said my goodbyes to those who meant the most to me over the years. Sent texts to all others. Many thanks and love to all of the Ladies here and elsewhere who have blessed me with their friendship. Turn out the lights........ party is over!!!!!!! Mondonico
  2. The best Italian food!!

    Sounds like a great place. Was in NYC last December and went to this Italian Restaurant with name that stared with "M" the best I've ever had. I hope Armando is just as good Thanks for the tip?
  3. All about me, or please and be pleased

    Pleasure or pleaser. I get pleasure in pleasing the one I'm with. It excites me to no end having a women orgasm from what I'm doing to them. Weather faked of not (some great actresses out there) it fires my rocket.
  4. So I'm out doing errands, and come across several ladies riding their bikes. Not a bad one in the bunch. Physically fit, nice butts. Got me thinking of a comment another rider made to me during a ride as we were following a very fit women rider. He says to me "Kind of reminds you of two bear cubs in a burlap bag? Since cycling and being a hobbyist are two of my favorite past times. Any one interested in going for a ride (bike), then maybe a ride of an other kind? PM replies only Mondonico
  5. Has this ever happened to you?

    Drinking so early in the day? Just kidding. I could have phrased the question as "Has something similar happened to you"
  6. I must have no shame, because I can't think of a single spot.
  7. Orgy Dome?

    My Mistress is there now. Maybe someday I can go with her.
  8. Several weeks ago, I see a lady for the first time. As with most of us we getting to know each other a little better. She starts talking about her child. What they are doing, etc. etc. I reference my child did the same thing. Cutting to the chase, her kid and mine went to same high school, played sports together, went to the same college too. It was kind of scary at first. We didn't really know each other during our kids time in HS. But we did notice each other. She said she thought she recognized me. Has this happened to anyone? What did you do? Mondonico
  9. Are you curious???

    Blowjob while doing the laundry!
  10. Can't Believe I Missed It!

    I always go braless. My nipples are a direct link to places south...
  11. Fantasy unfulfilled

    I've always had this fantasy of fucking the maid who comes straightens the room each morning. I answer her knock naked and we just stare at each other. She walks past me. Disrobing as she grabs my ... Ironically I'm in Denver off Colorado Blvd. I'll be up all night if you want to assist me in my fantasy I have references
  12. Couples friendly ... reply PM only

    Looking for a couples friendly escort, with a submissive BDSM flavor. My girlfriend and I play in the BDSM lifestyle. Nothing to heavy, no blood or scat. Bondage, some light flogging etc. We are looking for someone to play with, who can be both dominate and submissive. We are both fit, me 6'3 215, her 5'6 125 , nice looking, she is very bi-sexual. please reply via PM if interested
  13. Role play - PM replies

    Good morning All, Anyone out there experience or interested in role play? Mommy/stepson, daddy/stepdaughter scenarios Please PM replies Thanks Mondonico
  14. In search of... PM replies only

    Well it's getting close to my birthday again. I'm in search of a three some as a present to myself. Thoughts, suggestions, as to who you would choose. I've done the search function. Looking for girls, women who work well together. Enjoy an older (56) experienced gentleman with a wildside PM only please Thanks Mondonico