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JessieLynnTexasStyle Yes 32 7/27/18
Seen on 6/27/18
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: Yes

Experience Description: Set up was standard. Face-to-face was cautious, but ok. Our meeting went just as I was hoping. She's pretty and knows how to dance very good. I will definitely be seeing her again.

Age: 39 Hair Color: Brunette Tattoos: Some Piercings: Some Body Type: Slim Ethnicity: Caucasian Eyes: Hazel Grooming: Bare Smoker: Yes Breasts: Natural Measurements: 34B-23-36
Stacy Biltmore-7681 Yes 4 2/1/15
Seen on 2/1/15
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I had been looking for a local regular for a while and settled upon visiting Stacy. I tend to like the slightly trampy, thinner and younger girls so her body, etc... was right up my alley. Set up and getting to her location was easy and the usual. Upon entry she definitely has the looks of a 23-ish year old. She enjoys the 420 here in Colorado, as was evident by the odors in her room. We chatted for a few minutes during which time she proceeded getting comfortable as did I. She got out a cover and proceeded with applying it. I'm not a big fan of jumping right into the last few pages of a book, if you know what I mean, but seeing as this was my first visit with her I didn't want to exactly rock the boat and I wasn't completely certain where the encounter was going to go. She began with some TF to get mini me happy, which went on for a handful of minutes. I asked for some 69 during which time she totally was into me paying attention to her gorgeous and delicious kitty. She was literally grinding her clit into my face and was quite vocal about encouraging me to suck said clit. This went on for a few more minutes after which she hopped off and asked if I was ready. Well duh. She got on top and rode me hard and fast. A little too fast for this sometimes short fused guy, since I was quickly ready to cum. I let her know I was getting ready to blow and she slowed way down, but to no avail. She hopped off just before I was done cumming and grabbed the tip of mini me and pinched him a few times which it's fun/nice/sexy when the girl likes to tease and elicit a convulsion or two from me. A few seconds later she got off the bed (bad sign) and quickly put her panties back on. She picked up her cigarettes and asked if it was OK if she smoked. I took that as her indication she was "done" so I got up and flushed the cover. She sat back on the bed (topless) and I laid naked back down next to her so I was still able to see her slightly non-perky little breasts while we talked for about 20 more minutes. All told, the fun time probably lasted about 15 minutes, so I probably would've rather not opted for the full hour. Her body and fun sexiness are right up my alley, so I may see her again to further enjoy her company however I would've rather she take a little bit of time first to enjoy some warm up activities (kissing, caressing, massage, talking, etc..). I really appreciate it when a girl is service oriented about this hobby to the point of taking some time to enjoy the warm up phase of our interactions. This being our first visit together, I get the impression she's 3G.

Miya aka Cherry Yes 8 9/28/14
Seen on 9/26/14
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I saw Miya's add a while back and saw a few reviews for her so was ready to see her for myself. Typical 3 text set up and location details. I knocked on the door and a stunning blonde goddess answered. She was wearing a tight purple dress with well done hair and just a dab of makeup. There were incense burners here and there in the room and the room smelled pleasant despite a used ashtray on a table. After the introductions, I got comfortable and we got together on the bed. We proceeded with some light kissing and caressing after which the dress came off. Her body is on the pleasantly curvy side with a light tan. She smelled very nice. After a bit of that we laid back and my lips did more roaming, eventually leading to some enthusiastic DATY. Let me just say, she likes to moan and make all the right noises. She was nice and clean and smooth. She has nice meaty pussy lips. This subsequently led to her 1st O. I then flipped her over for a back rub and to get a look at her shapely ass. Once she relaxed I moved on down for some nice DATO which again got her engine revved. After a bit of that I flipped her over for some more wet and tasty DATY which led to her 2nd O. By then she was warmed up plenty and said she had to give her attentions to jr. She has awesome BBBJ skills and if you're not careful she'll finish you right there. I sadly had to stop her because I didn't want that just yet. She laid back for some BBmish (not my usual to go w/o a hat but damn) and her pretty little pussy was super dripping wet. OMG is all I can say. I got into position and we were both making all the right moves and sounds. Given her stunning beauty and awesome responsiveness I unfortunately lasted only a short while longer depositing my load inside (being the gentleman I asked first; she's on the pill she said). I stayed in position for a bit regaining my composure and relishing in the awesome beautiful thing beneath me. She offered me the bathroom (towels and shower) while she cleaned herself up and straightened the bed back up. She said she has moved here, so I will gladly be seeing her again and again, etc...

MJ-4750 Yes 5 5/15/14
Seen on 5/15/14
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: After researching her history and seeing MJ's ads in various places I was very interested in seeing her. Her petite little body looked very fun in the pictures (and in the flesh she does not disappoint). Anyway I decided to set up an appointment and am really glad I did. She's definitely one that I'll be seeing again in the future as a regular. For first time customers she has an understandably thorough although not difficult screening process (via text) to make sure of her safety, etc... She's likewise open to being screened. Once that was all done, the usual 2 call to get to her location. Her incall was clean, smoke free, and conventional. There were a few scented candles burning and the TV was on. Upon entry the usual pleasantries, etc.. were exchanged. She'd also requested I bring some adult beverages which I placed on the shelf. Our appointment was just was I was needing. She's fun and chill once the ice is broken. She has an awesome body and our time together was a lot of fun. As I said, I'll be seeing her again soon.

Natalie 719xxx7964 Yes 7 4/27/14
Seen on 4/26/14
Time: 1 hr Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I was looking for something outside my usual group of girls so decided to see what Colorado Springs had to offer. I came across Natalie's ad and after doing some research sent her a text (her preferred method of contact/communication) and set up a 1 hour appointment. Her pics are of a college aged cutey with a body that is right up my alley and when I walked in at her incall I was really excited to see they were spot on. Her body is indeed awesome. Tight, toned, sandy blonde hair, smallish breasts (my favorite), and a perky young little ass. Previous visitors noted pierced nips which I was looking forward to, but sometime in the past she removed them. I didn't ask her why since it was my first meeting with her. To back up a bit, there was an earlier snafu with her phone and we had to change our appointment time. Typical "call when you're close" to get basic location and "call again" when you're there to get exact location. Her incall is OK and serves it's purpose effectively, however for those with animal issues her 2 small dogs (friendly) where there as 'spectators'. When I walked in she was wearing cute little panties and an unzipped warm-up jacket thing. A quick little hug at the door and she went to lay down on the bed with her cute little breasts peeking out. Yummy. Junior was getting happy already. I set the donation on the table which she didn't touch until I was later in the shower. While I was getting undressed we chatted briefly. I then went to lay down on the bed next to her. She then took the jacket off. We started off with a very GFE-like make out session with lots of open mouth deep tongue kissing and general body caressing action. Very very fun so far. I moved down to her nice little breasts and stomach and then after she took off the little panties her smooth pussy. Her kitty is cute, just like the rest of her, and tasty too. After a good bit of DATY, which she complimented my skills in and which her moaning, wetness, squirming, etc.. told me she was enjoying, we went back to a brief bit more of DFK'ing. She politely asked if I was a multi-popper before turning her attentions to junior. She started out rubbing her lithe body against my happy little buddy in a sort of lap-dance like manner, which was both a visual as well as a tactile treat. After a few minutes of that, on went the cover and some TF. As others have noted, TF isn't always good, but she's pretty good at it so you can't tell. She moved her ass up close so I could let my hands explore her body while she continued sucking on junior. I had to shortly (sadly) stop her because I was going to pop too soon and I wanted to get some other activities in before that happened. So into missionary we went. First though, she rubbed some oil on her pretty little kitty saying she's "tight". I moved her knees up to her shoulders and got myself into position. My grateful little buddy went in smoothly and easily. I didn't notice any excessive tightness, just a warm heavenly hug gripping junior. After a short bit of action, during which time she again was making reciprocal moaning sounds, I had to pause because I was about to cum, but alas the sight of her awesome body and the feeling of her kitty hugging my little buddy was too much so I just went for it depositing my load in the cover. Keeping her legs and knees up, I again went down on her with my oral skills, adding of course some digital manipulations as well. She was again squirming and moaning. Oh she's a fun one. After a few more minutes she climaxed, tightly squeezing my head between her shaking thighs. I kissed my way back up for a finale of some LFK and nipple play. Junior was still at attention, but I'm a one-and-done guy so we just lay there talking for a few minutes enjoying the afterglow. I got up to dispose of the cover and quickly shower off, after which I lay back down on the bed beside her nakedness while we talked about life and things in general. She's intelligent and a great conversationalist. The adult activities aside, it's nice to find a girl who's fine with laying around naked afterward talking about stuff and good at it to boot. I'm not a big fan of 3G girls. Her awesome college girl body, the liberal DFK'ing and the afterward casualness of her services make her, in my mind, a great find that I will be certainly seeing again soon.

Jenna 214-xxx-5693 Yes 3 4/12/14
Seen on 4/11/14
Time: 45 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I was perusing the BP ads and came across Jenna's. I did some researching on her and although I came across additional pics I was unable to find any reviews. So I decided to pay her a visit and get that ball rolling. Called her on the morning of and set up an appoint. As per her instructions, a few minutes prior to our meeting time, when I was nearby, I called to get specific location. No answer so left a msg. Waited a few mins more and I called her again. It turns out she was running a bit late, but I was ok with waiting. When she was ready she called and met me at the door. Although cute in her pictures, she's better in person. She's also slightly more tanned appearing in person. She's also taller looking in person. Entered and started up a short bit of chit chat feeling each other out, etc... Shortly thereafter we commenced with getting comfortable where she began running her fingers and fingernails all around my little buddy and the twins. Meanwhile my hands explored her body in return. We did this for a few minutes, after which I had her lay back so my lips could explore and caress her soft young skin. I eventually moved on down to the "Y" (Note: her non-DATY is 120 & w/=140). She has a very beautiful nether region that's fresh and juicy. We went on like this for a bit. I then crawled up to do some simple caressing and light body kissing. She was ready to return the favor so on went the cover. TF isn't always the best, but she's pretty darn good at it. She was sort of sitting at my side, so happily my hands were able to do some more roaming. Again we went on like this for a bit after which we switched into some awesome missionary where I gloriously finished. I cleaned up and got dressed while we talked some more. A few additional notes: She's newish to the sport. She's apparently in the process of moving here permanently (yeah!) to work and so thankfully I'll certainly be seeing her again. Although she has a slightly tiered service she doesn't actively aggressively up-sell. Nor is the menu so limited as to always require navigating a complex gradation of services. Overall, despite the schedule delay at the beginning this was a very very very fun session with a mostly unknown newcomer. Treat her right you all. She's a keeper.

Diamond and Michelle Yes 15 4/10/14
Seen on 4/10/14
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Back in March I'd seen her ad a few times and was interested. However, I didn't see any reviews for her so thought I'd pay her a visit and get some info. I've since seen her a 2nd time (recently) and that info is included here too. If you're interested in a fun girl, then this is the one for you. Visit #1 (2-girl option @ 230 for the AM) Typical 3-call/text to set up and get location. On that morning when I was nearby I called to get closer directions, but no answer. I sent a text for same and eventually she got back with me. Sensing from the scattered-ness of the texts and brief phone call it seemed she'd just woken up. A very cute latina girl answered the door. We talked for a few minutes getting the pleasantries out of the way. I then learned that the 2nd girl although present, "became unavailable" the previous evening. Whatever that really meant I don't know. Nonetheless I stripped and Diamond got down to her bra and panties. We all lay on the bed and in the course of doing so I was able to get girl #2 to participate in some kissing with Diamond while I lay on the bed next to them watching. After a few short minutes of that I began caressing Diamond and a few more short minutes later I removed her lacy thong and began some fresh and wonderful DATY. Meanwhile my hands were exploring her youthful smooth olive colored skin as well as that of girl #2. I took off her bra and added lightly kissing the rest of her awesome body into the DATY. Meanwhile I stuck first one and then 2 fingers into her juice pussy, slowly increasing the pace and variety of oral and digital attentions. What fun having her squirming and moaning. In total I probably gave her a good 15 mins DATY, etc... It was my turn and I needed a break, so girl #2 backed off and Diamond and I 69'd. OMG she gives the best sloppy vigorous BBBJ ever!! I was in heaven with her pretty little cunt on my face and her slobbering all over my dick. She was going deep, was lightly adding teeth, etc... Her saliva was running down my nuts and onto the bed. She needs to give classes on giving head! I eventually was ready to cum at which time she popped my dick out of her mouth and gripped it with her hands until I blasted all over. When I cum I get distance/height which surprised her a little causing her to back up harder onto my face. AWESOME. Visit #2 (1-on-1 @ 150) Only a few weeks later, I was wanting to experience her oral skills again so I attempted to set up a 2nd visit, but there was an issue and we couldn't connect. The following week we were finally able to meet. I wanted only 1-on-1 with her and once again set up a morning appointment. Once more the texting to arrange and then the next AM to get exact location. This time knowing that she's a late sleeper, I'd also brought her some breakfast and Starbucks. When I arrived we chatted for a few minutes while I got undressed. She lay down on the bed in her panties and bra. I lay down next to her and started kissing her neck, shoulders, etc... and let my hand explore her body. Meanwhile her hand was saying hello to my little friend. We then began a good little bit of DFK. I took off her bra and applied some soft kisses to her fun perfect breasts and nipples. We went back to the petting and DFK for a while longer. I was getting very happy and she was too. I took off her panties and kissed my way down to the "Y" taking plenty of time to slowly explore the route along the way. As per my last visit, I spent plenty of time at the "Y" incorporating a variety of pussy licking and fingering and body kissing into making her happy. She was certainly squirming around and moaning appropriately. I had her flip over so I could lick her ass and whatnot. OMG she's fun! I did some DATO while my fingers where thrusting away at her wet pussy. I finally was wanting my fun so I laid down and had her give me some oral attentions. Again her BBBJ skills are impressive. Oh how the slobbering and sucking sounds and the teeth lightly grazing my dick and her sucking on the tip and her hands stroking my nuts and shaft are heavenly. I could've finished like this, but wanted some CG first so on went the cover. We went at it like this for a while during which time she was working up a sweat (I love it when they sweat down their back and between their breasts). I was ready to pop so we switched into a 69 so she could finish me off with her lovely lips and mouth. Dude!!! It's honestly difficult to focus on licking her pretty little pussy when she's so good at giving head. She added in some special suction and friction at the tip which seriously gets your attention in a good way. I was sufficiently ready to cum and again she popped my dick out of her mouth and tugged away until I was drained. She gets up to face me and her lips are just dripping (with saliva??) when she smiles. What a sight. I can't wait until our next meeting. If you're not ready to see her yourself, read the above again.

Heidi 480 Yes 10 3/9/14
Seen on 3/8/14
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I saw Heidi's add on BP and was interested after verifying her reviews, etc… Set up was conventional (request, verify the AM of, and then exact directions when close). Incall location (hotel) was a little run down, but I wasn't there for the architecture. Indeed, as mentioned in other reviews, her photo isn't exactly her but it's pretty darn close. She does have a few tasteful scattered tattoos. Her body is perfect, slim, and slightly darker than the pictures. Her breasts are the perfect B-cup with fun little nipples. Pubes are a neatly trimmed small triangle. I choose a 1-hour meeting and it was perfect. Quoted donation was 220, but I later tipped extra for such a great time together. I stripped while she left her bra and panties on. We chatted briefly on the bed to get acquainted. To start, I got a nice back rub. On the flip the sensual massage and teasing continued while her remaining garments started to come off slowly. Then she commenced stepping things up, so we proceeded to a tasty bit of 69 action. Her pussy is marvelous looking and very juicy. Her oral efforts are covered, but they still got my engine revved sufficiently. After a few more minutes of the 69, she slowly slid down to RCG ( the sight of her exquisite little ass is beyond words ) and rode me to covered completion, which wasn't long given the quality of the experience. Since I had my O, I felt obliged to reciprocate so I asked if she'd like a back rub and she was eager to benefit from my manual skills. Rubbing her lithe carmel skin is awesome. As my teasing commenced, I proceeded to apply said manual attention to her happy spot which by that time was quite wet as was evident by the tasty copious pussy juices all over my hand after she popped. Once we were both satisfied, we chatted some more about stuff. It turns out she's going to be setting up shop here permanently, which is great since she'll be added to my list of fun things to do on a regular basis if you know what I mean.

Anastasia Fantasia Yes 71 10/30/13
Seen on 10/30/13
Time: 12+ hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I hadn't seen a review for Anastasia here so I thought I'd post one. Set up was easy. Here location is clean in an apartment complex, albeit a little on the small side. She offers a 2hr fbsm:gfe 1hr each special which is what I opted for. The massage was ok, but not as therapeutic as some massages I've received. The gfe on the other hand was great. She's super attentive, fun, open, responsive, etc... Her body is nice. She has the right amount of curves for having fun.

Taylor 720-xxx-3823 No 24 10/21/13
Seen on 10/21/13
Time: 45 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I've been to see Taylor a few times. Overall her therapeutic and sensual massage skills are ok. However, her personality and business acumen are lacking. As some others have noted here, she isn't very warm. No hugs at the door nor at the end. No warm inviting socially interactive conversation. She speaks of being educated, but I saw no example of that. Others have commented on her "tolerance" of a little touching, but she frequently scoots away, at times stays just out of reach, and several times (at the door, before, after, on the table, etc...) her body language screams "Ugh". Also, on my last visit she failed to deliver services previously discussed. I've been to a few other providers (I'm new to the hobby) and they are much more worthy of my future business and are much more caring about the helpful services they provide. My advice for you all is to go see them.

Mia 720-xxx-6691 Yes 11 9/29/13
Seen on 9/26/13
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Super 5-star rating!!! I'm newish to the hobby. My first visit with Mia was straight forward and much better than I was expecting due to previous lackluster experiences and poor attitudes of the few other girls I've seen. I've seen Mia a few times more since. Each time is super fantastic and better than the last!!! She is working towards furthering her training so she'll be even better in the future. I see other provider adverts out there, but none of them have convinced me to risk a poor experience with them. I would much rather take my business to someone who takes it seriously and doesn't play games. Games are expected in more conventional avenues of society which is where they should stay. Treat her well and let's keep her around. Her pics on the web (Google her phone # to see her other ads) are spot on. I am patiently/impatiently counting down and strategizing to arrange our next meeting.