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Angel or Shay No 17 3/23/14
Seen on 3/22/14
Time: Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I had been wanting to schedule with Angel for quite some time, I never had a NURU massage and she seemed like a good fit to break my nuru virginity. I contacted her via text and she responded and scheduled a time for a few days later (apparently she books up pretty quickly). Before our appointment we had some conversation over text just getting to know each other, she seems like a really nice and fun girl and I was really excited about our appointment. She asked me to text her 1 hr prior to confirm that I was still going, I sent her a text exactly 1 hour before informing her that I was still coming and that I would be in her area by at the scheduled time. Its about a 45 min drive for me so I promptly headed her way and arrived in the area and still had not received a response from my confirmation text, I sent her another one letting her know I was in the area. It was now the time that our appointment was scheduled for and she still hadn't responded, I sent her a few more texts and called a few times and received no response. I waited around for about 20 mins and attempted a few more times and still nothing so I decided to leave. After my 45min drive back I decided to try her one more time and sent her a text asking "What happened", this time she responded and told me she intentionally didn't respond because my text that I was supposed to send 1hr prior she didn't receive in time. I sent it exactly 1 hr prior and even if she didn't receive exactly 1hr prior that was no excuse not to respond to my texts/calls at our scheduled appointment time. She could have responded and said something along the lines of sorry I didn't get your confirmation text in time and we need to postpone, I would have waited around a bit if I needed to, but she completely ignored me and didn't respond until I was gone. Maybe she got busy, maybe she double booked, I don't know but she acknowledged to me over text that she ignored me and no-showed my appointment because she didn't receive my confirmation text exactly 1hr before. ***** ASP REBUTTAL 5/21/14 ***** Hi protege, Wow it does sound like you had quite the rough night attempting to come in and see us! We do book quickly and fortunately never have had an issue with keeping our schedules straight. I'm not sure what the miscommunication was during text messaging, but we have never 'intentionally ignored' our clients. I would be very upset if a service provider did this to me and I completely understand how you as a client would feel the same. Although, you do seem like a nice gentlemen I will say this...if a prospective client becomes too pushy or inquires too much about what all is included in the Nuru session (other than full nude body rub) we will cancel the appointment AND let you know that you will not be seeing us. Regards and best wishes on your search for fun! Shay ~

Katie - BP No 2 3/9/14
Seen on 3/8/14
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Had some down time at work and was looking for an excuse to take a long "lunch" break, my usual provider wasn't responding this day so I started browsing the BP ads. I came across a few girls that struck my interest and Katie was the first to respond, setting up was easy over text and arrived at her incall in Denver shortly after initial contact. I sat in the lobby of her incall for a few minutes while I waited for her to meet me, several cute girls came down and each time I thought "wow, I hope this one is Katie". Finally Katie showed up and I should have told her I changed my mind, although one could say the pictures were a fair representation I could tell they were far from her. Although Katie was cute her looks were not my type. I've never really like the overly talkative girls but I do enjoy a good conversation and this was not to be found with Katie. I think we shared 3 sentences the whole time and I got the impression that she really did not want to be doing her job. Maybe she was having an off-day but she showed no interest in me. Once in the room she told me to get comfortable and then she stripped down to her panties, she has a decent body but not like the girl in the pictures. Average breasts and decent ass but I could tell she wasn't the type to really keep up her body. She started out by rubbing my back with an excessive amount of oil, I actually wouldn't call it rubbing but more of slathering. After a few minutes she moved to my ass and legs and I hinted for some teasing but it was a no go. She rubbed my legs and back for a few more minutes and then she motioned for me to flip. Immediately she dumped what seemed like half her bottle of oil on my crotch and went with the motions. She allowed for touching but as soon as I got close to sucking her breasts she pushed me back and said she wasn't allowed to let me do that. After a few minutes of what seemed like uninterested tugging I popped, some girls express excitement when this happens, Katie just seemed completely annoyed. She grabbed a warm towel and just handed it to me and she started to put her clothes back on. Before I could even get my pants back on she said "Have a nice day" and motioned for the door. Maybe she connects better with other guys but I tried a few times to start a conversation and get to know her but she didn't show any interest in communicating with me or even any interest in providing services.

Victoria 303-xxx-7883 Yes 3 10/22/13
Seen on 10/22/13
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Decided to see Victoria based on her reviews, my experience wasn't bad just not what I expected or prefer. Although I am sure that most providers don't use their own photos I usually expect them to be a fair representation. Not in this case, not even close. Victoria has small A (maybe B) cup breasts, nothing wrong with the that but the photos portrayed differently so I was expecting differently (some days your in the mood for small and some days larger, today I was looking for a decent C cup). Although I was disappointed in this I thought she was pretty so I would stick with it. Massage wasn't really a massage just a back rub, she did rub my inner thighs but not really any teasing. On the flip she removed her panties and immediately started up-selling. Told me it was extra for mutual touch, this just about ruined the whole session (well actually it did). I hate hidden charges (who doesn't) and I always see up-selling as a hidden charge. I could understand if she was saying the extra was for something not typical of a body rub, but isn't it assumed that mutual touch/sensual touch is part of a body rub session? I was already into it the initial so I went ahead and forked over the extra so we could continue (I'm sure thats how it always plays out). I should of saved my money because being told to pay more money mid-session is a big turn off and made it difficult to enjoy the rest of the session. She did lay out the no touching locations, which bothered me since she should have pointed this out when she up-sold me. Despite all this I tried to enjoy the rest of the session and ultimately got what I came for. In the end, Victoria is a great girl, pretty and nice just not for me.

Emily 720~xxx~0558 Yes 10 3/25/13
Seen on 3/17/13
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I wanted to see Emily since I first came across her ads/reviews. I'm lucky I got an appointment, she is a busy and popular girl. That`s why you wont see her ads anymore. Shes not the type of provider that you choose to see, shes the type of provider that chooses to see you! She is a beautiful girl,very athletic and sexy body. She also a fun personality to match! YMMV but shes a girl that deserves respect. I will be seeing her again soon!