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Sunny Phillips Yes 31 11/11/12
Seen on 11/9/12
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: Fort CollinsIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I was traveling through Colorado and thought I would give Sunny a call to see if she could see me that night. It has been a couple of years since I last saw her (I moved out of state)Not only did she remembered me, but she enthusiastically agreed to meet me at a fort Collins hotel. She showed up at my room wearing a very provocative Halloween costume! She explained that she was just at a pre Halloween party and it was coming to a close when I called and she came right over. I was really impressed by her accommodating me on such short notice. Sunny is so easy to talk to and you feel at ease as a friend would be. Now for the fun stuff! we both undressed and crawled into bed and laid there for a time chatting and catching up on things all the while caressing each others bodies, she leaned over and gave me a very passionate DFK.I quickly started to suck and lick on those fantastic breasts and oh so hard nipples while she grabbed my cock.Sunny moved down for some awesome UTF with plenty of suction and the most incredible slurping sounds She played plenty of attention to the boys occasionally taking a break from the UTF to give them her full attention. I swung he her around so I could enjoy Some delicious daty,from her wonderfully fresh pussy…. oh I have missed sunny and her squirting !it was so tasty and refreshing not to mention totally soaking! I didn’t last to long with her incredible UTF and Came hard in her eager mouth as she continued sucking every last drop out of my now flaccid cock……Wow! I almost passed out it was that awesome. We both took a short break and continued with some LFK and round 2 began with Sunny slipping a cover on and suggesting a reverse cowgirl move to begin with as she knows I absolutely love the sight of her tight little rear end. I then switched to doggie and grabbed a handful of those huge tits. I was really close to popping and I asked to cum in her mouth again Sunny readily complied and she slipped the cover off and I let go a load which she swallowed with aplomb. I was really in a daze… has been along time since a woman has rocked my boat this hard! Sunny and I both laid for a while catching our breath and chatting ,when she asked if she could try out some toys she had in her purse, sure why not…? she pulls out a large vibrator, a cock ring and a prostate massager!(I would like to see her overnight bag!) She suggests the cock ring which I have never used before and I wasn’t sure if I could go 3 rounds, but what the hell. Sunny deftly puts the ring on me, it feels really good, kind of trussed up sensation. She gave me the vibe for her pussy we go 69 and she gives me a another UTF with BLS. Heaven! I work the vibe and rub her clit and viola! She is a Squirtin’ ( I love that so much it is still the coolest thing to see and feel),all the while she works me with the ring on my cock and balls.It took a little longer this time, But I came hard again and she didn’t waste a drop! I think she really loves to BBJTCNQNS!What a woman. After recuperating a short time it was time for Sunny to leave, I was really sad to see her go, I know this description is a bit long, But I have missed that wonderful woman for long time and I have never, ever met anyone like her. I wish I lived closer , but that’s the way things are, but what a genuine person she is and I am fortunate to have spent a short time with her. Thank you Sunny.