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EVA-9800 Yes 4 7/7/13
Seen on 7/6/13
Time: 30 min Location: Las VegasIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: So once I got in the state of needing to see someone as it were, and after some searching, found EVA available right away. Let's get this out of the way -- she does kiss but it's not a huge amount and there's only a little tongue, she only gives oral covered, and she does, as the other review states, have a bit of a pudge in the belly. That said, she's pretty hot yet at the same time very girl-next-doorish -- no fakery here. Her boobs are nice handfuls and she has lovely soft and smooth skin. She was pretty bushy down below but she clearly still grooms it. The session I had with her was great fun. She's incredibly ubeat and freindly, and talks a lot -- something I like rather than silly fake sounding dirty talk. She also showed me a couple of interesting positions I had never considered, such as the 'lazy cowgirl'. She's also quite talented with her mouth despite being covered. She loves playing with cock and gives nice handjobs as well. So all in all, yeah she's not quite on the GFE level in the traditional sense, but she's very comfortable and just a joy to be with. (Note: At the time of this review she claimed she is leaving on tour the next day, but she lives in Vegas and seems to have no intention of quitting her job any time soon)

ashley marie-5429 Yes 21 7/22/12
Seen on 7/23/12
Time: 1 hr Location: Las VegasIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Ok, so Ashley seems the be the 'darling' of late, with many reviews here on TOB, so I decided I'd try her out. First off -- as others have said she's not thin, but she's not fat in the least either. Tall yes (taller than me) and large natural breasts, but her pics are fully accurate (if perhaps slightly old). There's no need to go into extreme detail here, because suffice it to say if you're looking for GFE you'll find it. She was tender and passionate and just loved to kiss and cuddle and rub and do whatever. There was absolutely no rush and there was no script that she seemed to follow like some providers do. Interestingly, though she has her tongue pierced it was barely noticeable in kissing (and not at all when she gave her BBBJ) -- it was actually my curiosity about that that I decided to see her now rather than later, but this hardly is a complaint. One other interesting facet was that she offered to use a female condom for intercourse, which was a different experience. She also asked if I wanted a shower at the end, and was happy to join me in it at a capper, as it were. All in all, she's a great experience and my only complaint was that she keeps her room pretty dark (which she states on her website IIRC that she likes to do). She also lives in a very nice area of town and her place is clean both on the inside and outside -- no creepy or dirty feelings here.

Allison Kane Yes 1 5/22/12
Seen on 5/23/12
Time: 15 min Location: Las VegasIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: ..and Heidi Lane Ok, so here's the lowdown. I had a driving need to see someone today, for a couple specific reasons, and saw these two had a special for the two of them. No actual time was advertised for this, but the single for Allison alone was for 125 a hh and 200 an h, so I figured it'd be a hh for the two of them. Allison had a decent review on LVFever (under the name Alison (by UNLV)), along with a no show one. Heidi had a couple good ones as well, and a couple good on TER. Here's what my research found out: Both do CBJ (prefer BBBJ but not a dealbreaker) and light kissing. Enthusiastic and worth your time. On the flip side, some tats which I'm not a fan of, but I figured for for two girls I'd live without French of the mouth or penis and still have a fun time. Unfortunately this isn't what I experienced. Setting up was pleasant, standard so-called two-call system. Took me to a pretty run down looking apartment (would not want to be there at night) near UNLV, as expected. Went inside and they pretty much just greeted me casually. Dropped the donation and they started stripping. I stripped too, they told me to lay back. I started to get a CBJ from Allison....nothing all that good but nice enough....and Heidi presented me her boob. Yes, as in singular. I won't say why out of politeness and I don't have reason to disbelieve them, but still. I asked if she liked to be licked so she sat on me and I gave her a licking for maybe 20 seconds before she got off. Meanwhile it was very short before Allison started riding me, and did that for a short bit, turned around to doggie, for what, a few seconds, then a short mish. A bit of light kissing was allowed. Here's the biggy -- all the while, Heidi didn't really do much. She let me touch her and lick her breast fine, but there was absolutely no interaction between them. She kinda sat there rubbing herself. After not all that long, Allison switched off with Heidi. They specifically mentioned how they don't share the same condom and don't 'go back' or anything. No cowgirl, but doggie for a bit, then some mish. I tried sucking Allison's tits some and she complained about it being too hard -- almost all women say they want it harder than what I usually do. They really seemed to want to get me off fast, but after maybe another five minutes -- again, Allison barely doing anything but rubbing her hands along herself -- they decided to try and finish with a hand job. I think it's pretty telling when the best part of the session was having my nipple sucked -- I did cum pretty good from that, but I think our time together was maybe 15 minutes. Most of the rest of it was really just flat out boring. The phrase 'wham bam thank you ma'am' quite applies here. You might say "well it was what did you expect" -- but here's the thing. There was so very little time when any sort of fun we had couldn't have been with one girl. I get extremely turned on watching women togther, and had hoped there'd be SOMETHING in that direction -- if I simply wanted to look at a live naked women I'd go to the Polomino or Talk of the Town and get much better eye candy. While they are fully legit, as it were (no upselling, pics are them, etc), I cannot recommend these two solo considering their attitudes, plus even though Allison had a nice face, her had a pudge tummy and way too many tatoos and piercings for my liking. Heidi had a nice body but the face is kinda....dry?...looking, and also had a number of tats. In a sense I TOFT them as a duo, and lost.