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Yesenia-4618 Yes 125 8/15/11
Seen on 8/16/11
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: A little bit of background--I have been single for about two years, and I have been thinking of going to see an escort for a few months now. I had a terrible bait & switch & upsell experience with Orient Delights in Boston and felt very wary about it. But I moved to Colorado for the summer and kept on doing my research. Yesenia's name kept on popping up since she offers DFK, has amazing reviews, and doesn't charge as much as others with such high ratings. Her pictures were beautiful. Her ads didn't have any misspellings and were always written in an amusing or interesting manner. (I'm a writer, so that appealed to me.) Anyway, I finally got in touch with her yesterday. My friend also wanted to book a session, so we booked two back to back hours with her. When we got to her place (a nice house in a quiet residential neighborhood), she opened the door. We could only see her painted nails because she was behind the door. When we went in, we were greeted by a tall, beautiful, Hispanic lady in lingerie. Holy shit, she was hot. It was hard not to constantly stare at her beautiful ass, but I was pretty nervous. She offered us drinks and we both chose water. Her setup is really nice--a fancy club-type living room with leather couches and a dining room/kitchenette. Upstairs she has her personal bedroom, the office (her joke) and two pit bulls who are the sweetest things ever but who I am sure are very protective of their mistress too. My friend went first, as I wasn't in the mood for sex, oral only. I sat around reading an article on eating bugs in the New Yorker. This amused Yesenia and I guess it's kind of weird when someone asks you What are you reading? and you reply with Oh just some article on eating bugs. My buddy came back smiling from ear to ear and it was my turn. Yesenia is very concerned about hygiene and I took a shower while she cleaned herself up in a different bathroom. I came out naked, she was naked too, and we got to work with some DFK. First of all, wow: what a wonderful kisser. She kisses like an old girlfriend, with not too much tongue. Her skin is incredibly soft and just touching her while she was kissing me was amazing. She was jerking me off while we were making out, and since it's been so long for me, I came almost immediately. No worries. I wanted to get some DATY in. I'd read that she likes it, I saw that she had a really beautiful pussy, and it was completely shaved. Plus, I love DATY more than anything in the world. So I was taking my sweet time around her outer lips when she told me to go straight to work on her clit. I love it when a girl takes control (esp since she had her thighs wrapped around my head, so heavenly) so I followed her directions and she eventually came. After that, a lot more DFK while jerking me off. I was soon hard again, and she started going down on me. But no amount of oral and manual exertion would do, because I wasn't coming. She was game to keep on trying, but to be honest, what I had been wanting was more the touch of a woman. You know, DFK, foreplay, etc. So I just kept on kissing her and touching that silky smooth skin. Oh, and she smelled so lovely. Her UTF technique is amazing. Lots of spit, lots of hands, lots of movement, really great. She does NOT allow CIM but that's really not a big deal for me. I think one of my favorite parts of the whole experience was how friendly and funny she was. She was flirtatious, intelligent, fun to talk to. It was like I had a really hot friend who would also let me do whatever I want to her. And honestly, I wouldn't mind hanging out with her in a non-sexual capacity. A really funny and interesting woman. At the end, my friend and I stayed and chatted with her for a while, and the conversation really flowed. I'm in Colorado for another two weeks, and I'm definitely going to try and see her again before I leave.