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Katie-3103 Yes 19 10/17/10
Seen on 10/18/10
Time: 12+ hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Katie The Love Dove is a sweetheart who has the ability to tune into your emotions, and treat you with a wide range of touch, conversation (or quiet), and personal attention. I've been a client of Katie's for years, and have visited her quite a few times for massage only. Her hands know my body, my particular structural issues, and often she knows where it hurts, and how I want to be worked, without my saying a word. Many men, who, like me, are long past their sexual prime (thank Goodness), need what Katie offers -- a great massage, with the option for a sensual connection. Some of us have medical issues that beg for therapeutic massage but we all need the quiet intimacy in the touch of another human being -- yes, that can include the naughty bits at times, too. There is no shame in this, and few providers understand this subtle but essential service. Katie is not a wham bammer, I have no idea if she's FTF -- all you young buckaroos can find a herd of young and willing fillies to ride. Don't expect this from Katie. Expect intelligent conversation, a giving heart, a masseuse who is full of empathy for those in pain, skilled hands, palms, elbows to ease your pain, and should you desire, a subdued but satisfying ending. As always, YMMV, so bring your best manners, remember to say please and thank you, and always respect your provider's personal boundaries. This holds true for Katie, The Love Dove, and every other woman/angel who is honestly working to ease your pain, help you to release your stress, and brighten your outlook on life. For those of you who understand my message, thank you. If you do not understand me, or feel disappointed by the lack of pornographic detail in my review, then chances are likely that you will not enjoy your visit with Katie. Fortunately, Denver's Garden of Eden has many fruit trees from which to choose your favorite erotic apple.

Chase of Boulder Yes 56 9/11/10
Seen on 9/12/10
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: The Old Timer doesn't write reviews, normally. But I've met a provider who fills the need that many on this board have requested -- a skilled massage therapist who isn't hung up draping or on servicing the complete body. Consider this "review" as a public service to those of my friends who suffer pain from a bad back. The Old Timer has become the Old Prospector, and has turned up a real gem in our community. Chase provides more than a rub -- she gives a very professional therapeutic massage. I've worked with certified massage therapists for over 30 years, and 1) I know a good massage when I receive one and 2) I have learned how to talk with CMTs, and tell them where it hurts and how they can help me. (It never hurts to know a little human anatomy, especially if you are in pain.) Chase understands this talk, shows serious concern in helping to relieve your pain, and is also quite pleased to relieve stress in other, specific areas. (Is Chase a CMT? I don't know, but I do know that she has the right moves, can senses the correct pressure and applies it with steady confidence. She acts very much like a therapeutic masseuse. I'd be surprised if she wasn't certified or at least had the formal training). But that's not all there is to Chase. Chase has massaged me a few times now, less than a half-dozen times, and she knows my body already. During this most recent visit (early this week), I spoke very little -- she seemed to know exactly where to go and what to do with my neck, my shoulders, my aching lower back, and pain in my sacrum. But like a CMT, she does a complete job -- arms, legs, chest, abdomen. She knows about blood circulation, and the healthful benefits of massage. She'll advise you to drink plenty of water for 24 hours after the massage. This is not a rub and tug. Chase is also a pretty young woman, smart, funny. For our first "date" she dressed up, would grace the arm of any man. She's a looker, but doesn't have a looker's bitchy personality. She's kind and very easy going. Chase releases a man's tension in a variety of creative ways. I prefer a Parisian style, and her French is excellent. C'est Magnifique! And like all great providers, she appears to enjoy it as much as you do. I've had problems contacting Chase in the past. She now has a new phone number that she says will help her manage the overwhelming volume of voice mail that she receives daily. When I phoned for my recent appointment, I was switched to voice mail -- the mailbox was no longer full -- and as I began to leave my message, she cut right in on the line to speak with me in person. I met her within an hour. AFAIK, she's resolved that issue. Chase is a delightful companion. She is a top shelf provider, and when we last met, I recommended she try an ad on Gina's board, which is often associated and even called TOB. She had heard of it, but I believe is now considering this move, so keep an eye out for this new provider, who has been around for a while, but under the radar for many who are looking for something other than escort or full body massage. For me, Chase provides the best parts of both worlds.