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Kandi Apple and Ana Yes 24 3/20/16
Seen on 3/14/16, 2 Girl Show
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: Yes
Additional Website Link:

Experience Description: The finest two ladies in Denver are Kandi & Ana. "To each his own" I think the saying goes. Yet one should always check first the available data and achieve your maximum desires. For me the choice was easy with these two; I knew with this pair I was in for a wild time. Arrived at their place; anyone mention how easy the parking was? Inside wearing lingerie as I requested were a pair of hot babes who were on a mission. Seems they were determined that I would need an hour after their time with me just regain consciousness. First opening salvo on this mission came from Kandi kisses. While Kandi locked my lips I felt my pants being torn off by Ana. Soon it was kissing on both ends. Then without a word yet with a reading of my mind Kandi knelt along side Ana. Lipstick was everywhere. It was almost as they were battling to see who could do me the best. The real winner of their contest of course was me! Next Kandi is demanding cowgirl and Ana jumped on my face. Has anyone mentioned how wet she is? I was getting juiced by Ana. Someone slipped a cover on me and next thing I recall was Kandi moaning how good it felt to ride me. Ana moved just enough to give me a sight in the mirror I only have seen in porn videos. While working my tongue on her Kandi kept bouncing and moaning. When Ana dismounted I looked up to see Kandi's prime boobies jutting out like twin peaks. I knew I had to ascend them too. She oiled them up and around me they went stroking me with those delightful things. How Ana managed to get her tongue in there is something I have yet to figure out. But soon the soft warm peaks of Kandi gave way to both of them now slobbering all over me again.. I was soon delirious from their attention. Their mission was accomplished again and again. It was simply marvelous :) So from here I could go on and on about the specifics of an uber sexy time we three had; but I will leave it for now to the imagination. Kandi & Ana are divine and the rating scale should maximize at not a number but at their names: 1 to a KA: = "Kandi & Ana" the new rating for both looks and sexual experience. Hugs & Kisses for all!

Age: 32 Hair Color: Brown w/Blonde Highlights Tattoos: Some Piercings: Some Body Type: Athletic Ethnicity: Caucasian Eyes: Blue Grooming: Bare Smoker: No Breasts: Enhanced Measurements: 34D-N/A-N/A
Kandi Apple and Ana Yes 24 10/31/15
Seen on 10/30/15, 2 Girl Show
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Not that I could tell Pictures Accurate: Yes
Additional Website Link:

Experience Description: Kandi & Ana should change their name to the Dynamic Duo. They are super-girls not from our world. Individually outstanding with many separate reviews each. Together their incredible powers have the ability to transport you to another realm. Upon finding their cozy hide-away I entered to be greeted by Kandi in sexy bra + panties and not more than 5 feet inside the door I was covered in her hot kisses. Clothing melted off us from the heat of her touch. Then shortly later (was it 5 minutes? I had lost track of time) Ana entered wearing some slinky dress that was painted on her. Soon that dress of her's vanished and she joined us. Or should I say she and Kandi transformed. The Tantalizing Tandem took control; kissing & groping I found myself the center of both their attention. I could go on and on with a descriptive graphic account yet think I leave that to the reader's imagination for now :) Afterwards found myself wondering if I was still on Earth or had been transported to the world of Wanton Sexy Women. Best summary is what I am hours later still feeling; drained and smiling wondering if I am back on Earth. It was an hour of bliss not to be missed with Denver's Dynamic Duo. Kisses & Hugs for the ladies, you two made me swoon.

Kandi Apple and Ana Yes 24 10/14/13
Seen on 10/15/13, 2 Girl Show
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Lately I have seen a number of her reviews as part of a great duo but feel that does not manage to entail the great experience one can have with just her alone. Call it more "personal" & do not get me wrong I have done the duo. Yet this review is long overdue regarding her on her own. Sugar & Spice yes she is everything that is naughty and nice. More than anything Ana is pure woman. If you are looking for an experience with a "girl" look elsewhere. If you want a true woman you are at the right place. Sugar: I had been having a rough week and needed to seek the solace found with her. I arrived worn, even a bit tired and stressed. Visiting with her was akin to visiting a trusted girlfriend. She was tender and sweet. Deep kisses and hugs greeted me at the door of her Incall. Lights set low & candles aflame and gentle music fill the room. She was truly an elegant dream from many perspectives as she filled out her lace under things like a centerfold. Ana quickly recognized my worn condition and during my visit administered a strong yet supple massage. Straddling my back this visit alone was priceless for I was tense from the real world more than I did realize until her hands worked out the kinks. Also I found the sweet sugar of her concern of my world in itself sexy too. We discussed our families our friends our lives beyond while she massaged me. So if the slam and bam thank-you mam all business encounters what you want look elsewhere. She is intelligent gentle and sincere. I find her a delight to discuss things with and top it all off with that precious European accent it is like I had come home. It's no wonder I call her Sugarbuns. She is to me a lady, a girlfriend and confidant. Spice: Ok gents I know a ton of you also are drooling for the graphics and other seemingly standard details. She is anything but "standard" and will not disappoint; she is your GFE with some edgy additions. Relaxing and talking I can see a wicked twinkle in her eyes as the last bit of my clothing hit the floor. Powerful almost to controlling; her hunger is lustful and very sexual. Waytoosexy omg she is that indeed. Grabs at my ass pulling me forward as she kneels before me whispering something about how hungry she is and guess who is serving breakfast? Close to a strong CIM with precision she stops pushes me back on the bed. Deftly the cover goes on and soon CG time. Yet with a twist as she clearly stated in a recent forum post "you are not leaving until I cum!" Grinding away while straddling me with her hands pawing and writhing. She applies a vibrator to herself. She is using me like a sex toy for her pleasure. Ok well our pleasure. Her face overcome with a contorted look & the milking clutches of her hot wet pussy. I feel her womanhood convulsing. What choice does a man have? She came hard on me then I came hard deep and blissful. Yet we are not done and this mortal man was with a deity. She is Venus the Roman goddess of sex and I was her mortal plaything. With her sensuous supernatural powers she primes, pumps and licks me back to a finale that can only be described as porn movie A+++ quality. Between my legs as I lay back relishing the moment she is licking, sucking and cooing how she "needs" my cum. I think I left this reality for a bit when I looked over in the strategically placed mirror. The sight was exactly what one would expect in a video. We make eye contact again and I loved her reaction as I came in her wanton mouth. The goddess had gotten her mouthful tribute. Sugar & Spice I cannot find a better pair of words to describe her this day. Kisses & Hugs babe see you again soon =)

Kandi Apple and Ana Yes 24 12/10/12
Seen on 12/7/12, 2 Girl Show
Time: 1 hr Location: BoulderIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Ana & Kandi Apple; Part Two of Denver's premier fantasy Duo. As the title indicates these two have to be one of the best duo’s rockin’ the scene I have had the fortune to be with them again. Rather than a total recount of what, when, where I will leave it to the reader to “fill in the details” with precision. Yet let’s just say I will be accurate in the recall. In through the door walk a matching set of short black dresses that looked like they were spray painted on each fabulous babe. Kandi's dress looked like those grand boobies were ready to pounce on me and Ana if that dress were any shorter it would require an X-rating. They were matching not only dress but also matching finger-nail polish, 5” heels and most importantly matching mindsets. Symbiotic and synergistic might sum them up. Some small talk and welcome DFK from each then it was upstairs for playtime. First was some communal kissing and groping and that led to the girls on the bed with Kandi taking lead on making Ana wet. Well what an opportunity for me to get some firsthand lessons on how to apply tongue in a manner to make Ana squeal & moan with delight. Ana is very Bi and it shows but heck what a chance for me now to have Kandi instruct me on the technique – how to lick it the way she wants & loves. After her lashing Ana was soon between my legs as I was being motor-boated by Kandi. I took my “beating” like a man though. Kandi's 36DD pounding me between nipple tastes. Soon Ana, who is notorious with me for insisting on her morning meal, her mouthful, was doing some exceptional tongue work on me. How could a gentleman refuse? I submitted and Ana was fed her desires that left me with curled toes. Yet the was only the start of some kinky times I still am grinning over. Confess always a bit nervous about the idea but time for some trust in the dynamic duo. I let the pair tie me up a bit with the scarves they conveniently had brought along - heck I thought it was a fashion statement and never suspected part of their entertainment plans. Then soon got down to some serious French lessons on me straight from the movies. That set the stage for the next act. It was alternating orals as they rotated from down south then up to my face. Each of them having a turn either astride my tongue or providing oral attention to me. While exchanging kisses in a three-way warm-up to having the cover on and Ana going RCG while Kandi lost control on my face. I mean it this was wet-work at its finest. First some Kandi boobies and then kitty lick time. She must have loved it since she was squirting on my face, coming and squealing herself. This had her bouncing hard to force as much tongue up her as possible. That bouncing was translating into deeper thrusting into Ana who was riding me locked wet and hard around me. I strongly suspect Kandi was being extra energetic to use her bouncing on my face to force me deeper into Ana with each thrust. 10 minutes of that and Ana was moaning & panting. Kandi was making a mess with her juice on my face too. Then Ana wanted yet another mouthful from me. She goes downtown and is serving me my second shot on goal with some of the finest CIM I have had. Definitely she was inspired and I was delirious. Two sweet hard booty’s wiggling around, two steaming kitties, two mouths, two incredible tongues + four fine boobies = blast o' rama time! I was getting all the numbers this day. Plus a bunch of acronyms of acts not mentioned with a few I think still to be named. I drew to a pair of wildcard ladies with this hand – I was royally flushed, drained and smiling even now just writing about it. The only caveat here is the standard YMMV. Yet what a great fantasy pair these two are. Overall rating 11 out of 10 aka off the charts. See again? HELL YES!

Kandi Apple and Ana Yes 24 3/23/12
Seen on 3/24/12, 2 Girl Show
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Ana & Kandi Apple: Activities; Full Service, MSOG, UTF, LFK, DFK, Russian, HJ, CG, RCG, a GFE/PSE time. BTW Gentlemen add YMMV. Hmmmm where to start? This was my first multiple escort experience. Typically I am guessing these things are supposed to read like a porno movie script; boy meets girl & girlfriend and joins in. Guess you might say that happened. /wink Kandi does not do outcalls so we all met at her incall in DTC area. Easy enough to find even for an old dog like me.I am understandably nervous taking the game to a new level. I decided though to still take the gentlemans approach  suit jacket, dress shirt and dress pants, etc. Arriving at the incall and a bit apprehensive I knocked on the door after being guided in by the classic 2 call system. I just wish I had more room to detail this incredible event. OMG!!, might be a good summary alone. At the door I was met by Ana; looking hot like always in her little black dress and high-heels, shly hiding behind her is Kandi in some lace lingerie. Once inside I finally had those cutie-pie pictures of Kandi revealed to me in the flesh and I was not disappointed. Her the pics are accurate. I guess they had plans for me. My jacket was off in a blur of motion and the next thing I know it was dueling LFKs then DFKs, lipstick stains I noticed all over my face in the mirror when I had excused myself to the bathroom to leave the cards behind. Returning to the bedroom it was the attack of the wanton women. They stripped their clothes off fast. Ravenous sex-cats, they pounced again with more repeated groping and pawing at Mr. Beeg  I dont think he realized he was going to be treated like catnip for two wild sex kittens. Both did some oral stimulation, as if I needed it, I was hard and ready from the start seeing them both in their lace panties rubbing each other and me. The next hour became an out of body experience under the guide of Ana. Cowboys get ready to ride became the theme of the day with her and Ms. Apple doing things that make me blush a bit just recalling them here for us to read. No in-depth details, only a tease for the reader with here. First was girl on girl - hot lesbian action. Dear Lordy I was mesmerized for the first few minutes. I always suspected that Ana was bisexual. It might be better to say "omni-sexual". Ana and Kandi were tangled up until Kandi motioned me to dive in and I went in head first. It was a sheer delight to see/hear Ana's reaction to Kandi and I double-teaming her steaming little kitty. Next it was on to some personal attention all under the direction of Ms. Ana. She had Kandi kneeling before me as I lay just on the edge of the bed. Ms. Ana ensured that her student Ms. Kandi was performing Russian on me to her specifications. All the while Ana is stroking the boys up and then down to Kandi's kitty for stroking too. More girl on girl for a minute and some swift position changes I soon learned it was Rodeo time! First rider out of the gate riding me would be that krazy cowgirl Ana. Ana is a true spinner too, just no other way to describe it. Literally going from CG to RCG and I am locked deep inside her. She never loses her grip and the entire time. She is kissing Kandi they are pawing each other, then Ana comes back to CG. That O-face of hers a delight when suddenly I hear a buzzing noise. Ana is now bucking intensely and lets out a moan. Whoa Pardner! Kandi has toys! She is diddling Ana with a big electic vibrator while Ana rides me. The facial expression of her's was priceless. Next CG up is Kandi. What a vaginal grip! The heat being in her was hot, very hot! Slick & Wet. She leans backwards and the pressure is intense then forward again. Ana was licking us both & that O-expression on Kandis face was priceless too. My head is spinning when I next realize Kandi is lying next to me kissing me all over. She is giving me a gentle HJ as I feel Anas warm wet mouth and darting tongue again; I am sliding deeper into Anas throat again. Kandi is not missing a beat is lightly stroking me, caressing me and talking so naughty; she was cheering me on to cum hard. Ok I best stop here before I go light headed again ;-) Let us just conclude this grand review with A+++ to all involved. Again the caveat YMMV. Yet I think handled with class, courtesy and luv you will not find a better booty time. Yes recommended and Yes both a delight I am already planning to enjoy again!

Ana Yes 43 9/16/11
Seen on 9/17/11
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Ana must be an acronym for Awesome Naughty Angel; outcall to my place and worth every penny and more. (Should note here that she cut her hair and has a new look from her website pics.) She is simply a darling little thing that lights up the room with her smile with every visit. Not your run of the mill outcall, indeed a true gentleman's choice. Open my door to a lovely yl dressed in a sexy black dress and pink scarf - she really is fashion savvy and this always accentuates the event. Guess I could describe the time with a tale of her skills but let me simply say they are extraordinary; in fact call them gifted. ATF would be an understatement. Repeated explosions, light kissing and seemlingly endless enjoyment for both of us; all capped by truly intelligent conversation makes her, I say again, the gentleman's choice amongst a plethora of great ladies out there. One analogy I have heard before I will repeat with confidence; guys we love our SUV's, Trucks and muscle cars yet Ana is "the Lamborghini" in the field. European built, Sleek & Powerful she handles fantastic on every curve and blazing down the straightaway. Counting the nanoseconds boo till I can drive again on the track!

Ana Yes 43 12/12/10
Seen on 12/13/10
Time: 1 hr Location: BoulderIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: hmmm what to say about Ana? Several words come to mind to describe the accolades I should bestow on her. We have known each other for an extended time now and everytime she pays utmost care to my "extension" indeed. Outcall this meeting and as always she appeared more stunning then the last. I opened the door and standing demurely before me a lovely young thing dressed in a holiday red dress, looking more like my administrative assistant then a ASP. I loved that look too it fit a fantasy of mine. She was Ms. SexyBuns coming to the office of Mr. Beeg for her quarterly performance review. Gentlemen we should all have "assistants" with luscious "assets" such as those adorning Ana. The fantasy scenario was most excellent to say the least; pre-game tension was built up and then released with vigor as her oral lashing & manual priming led to a rousing romp. Shall I dare say Ana's attention to Mr. Beeg business needs was good? No, it was exceptional! I am still smiling days later. I am awarding Ana aka Ms. SexyBuns a HappyTime Certificate of Merit for not only exemplary service but for being one hell of a hot babe too.

Ana Yes 43 7/10/10
Seen on 7/11/10
Time: 1 hr Location: BoulderIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I have known this ASP for sometime now and this is spot where I type all the graphic details for example of how talented her tongue is or the different positions we enjoyed. Here I could detail her luscious features and extoll her sexual prowess. Rather let me say simply she is a very naughty angel with a PhD in handling Mr. Big. If you are looking for an experience above the norm Ana is your lady. I look forward to seeing her again.