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Ahlani London Yes 1 8/1/13
Seen on 8/1/13
Time: 45 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: The pics don't lie. She IS that beautiful: model face, soft unblemished skin and eyes to get lost in. She made me feel at ease very quickly with a quick kiss and some chit-chat. Then some slow undressing while I worshiped her breasts. She made some soft cooing noises and I was ready to go almost before she touched me. Then on came the protection and she amazed me with her deep throat capabilities. We moved to missionary where I was able to take my time and admire her beauty. Her vocals were a real turn-on and we both finished about the same time and collapsed next to each other. Afterwards we just chatted about Denver. I plan to see her every time she visits. Highly recommend!

Paris 832-xxx-6627 Yes 1 6/28/09
Seen on 6/29/09
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: First, I don't know if I got the height and weight right. Been years since I posted. But I had just a really great time and figured one must re-start somewhere. Great pictures, almost in the "too good to be true" category. But her incall of I70 and Quebec indicated she's not from around here. I called a bit late to get the "til 5pm" special but she agreed to give me the special deal anyway. That was just one of a series of good vibes I got from her over the phone. Decided to TOFTT and try the special. Standard two-call setup but they were fixing her a/c when I called so I did 10 minutes of shopping to kill time. She called me and when she heard I was in a store she asked me to pick up a pack of smokes for her. I mention this just because she actually did try to pay me back for them. On to her room. Wow. Great yellow tank top with two little friends just trying to dance through the fabric to say hello. We chatted a bit. She is very easy to get to know. I would describe her as possessing a fantastic, vivacious, bubbly, out-going personality. I gave her a short back massage and then she pushed me onto my back and started on me. Despite her excellent translated french, I was slow to start and began to worry about performance. She calmed me down and a few minutes later sat down on top of me, eliciting satisfied sighs from both of us. I told her I wanted missionary and she quickly rolled onto her back. I wanted to pleasure her and asked her about this. She responds primarily to tongue so I spent myself after just a few minutes and moved on down there. She tasted good and came hard within a few minutes. We cleaned up and left but said our good-byes out front at the smoking benches. There I met a friend she is traveling with, who also looks as good as her pictures. I plan to see her tonight.