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Bella Joy Yes 8 6/14/11
Seen on 6/15/11
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: It had been awhile since I'd looked for a FBSM and found my ATFs had all moved on. Selected Bell from BP because she was close and I'd never tried the heated stones. Glad I did. I found her cute, confident and friendly, a perfect host. Met her at her spotlessly clean incall, a safe okay apartment in a residential neighborhood near Miss and Havanna. She had the apartment quite dim with tons of candles providing the lighting. She had some soft "zen style" music playing and towels and wash clothes laid out for me in a spotless bathroon. The massage table is to die for, exceptionally comfortable with just the correct firmness. I think she has augmented the standard pad with some "space foam". He massage is excellent, totally unrushed. She starts with your back applying her special nicely heated massage lotion with firm hands and fingers. Later she applies some hot stones wrapped in a towel to your back while she gives you an amazing foot and lower leg massage. When done with the stones she again works the back, arms, legs, etc with her hands then an amazing body slide that feels incredible, dragging her nipples all over such that you anticipate their next touch. On the flip she does your neck, arms, fingers, again your entire body followed by that amazing body slide. Did I mention how great her heated lotion feels when she applies it? I know many of you are interested in the finish. Well I'm here to tell you its all a part of the massage. Throughout the massage she has been gently massaging your boys as she works past that area, a gentle cupping at times, light strokes at times. Only a euchnic would not be at full attention on the flip. She gently kneels between your legs and ever so gently applies her heated lotion. She massages your inner thighs and boys with occasional attention to Mr. Happy. With amazingly gentle touches she gradually builds you up to near explosion and then relaxes you again and again until you want to scream for release (must be her dom side). Her hads are so soft and delicate twice I had to open my eyes and look because I thought she's taken me into her mouth. When the time is right, and she decides you need to cum she builds you and builds you, rubbing inner thigh while stroking then finally cupping and squeezing your boys while applying firm aggressive strokes. OMG, I never thought a hand job could feel so good.

Sarafima aka Serafima, Serefima, Trista, Olga, Essence, ... Yes 9 3/14/11
Seen on 3/15/11
Time: 12+ hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Sara was an absolutely top shelf fun time! Yippie Ey Oh Ki Yeah. Non-stop from start to finish and we started within 5 minutes of her arriving and lost track of time. One of those rare (in my experience) gals who truly loves the back door, insatiable, man, what fun. Other reviews are spot on. No is not in her vocabulary when she's hot and she loves all sorts of toys, even brings her own. She knows guys and where and how hard to touch. She has a great sense of humor, just the right amount of aggressive and submission and we laughed, moaned, cuddled and seriously F**ked until we both fell in the sweaty sheets. In my opion she's a "do not miss" lady.....a death bed memory for sure.

Jemma Kingston Yes 8 8/16/10
Seen on 8/17/10
Time: 12+ hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Jemma is an amazing young, articulate and classy woman. Her body is lithe and tawny&quiet sexy. Her cute smile and deep, directly gazing eyes, most captivating. Shes highly intelligent, of flawless manner and broadly educated for a woman of her young years. Her very nice incall is well appointed, extremely comfortable and spotlessly clean, very close to DTC. Initial setup is thru email either thru P411 or directly. I had the privilege of spending an early evening with her. I found her conversation engaging and really enjoyed her company. When the evening progressed to more intimate activities I was quickly taken in by the passion, athleticism and the shear exuberance only a young well conditioned woman can provide. Time with Jemma is an exceptionally enjoyable experience. Jemma is one of the few Id strongly recommend for extended dates where one desires an exciting classy companion for the performing arts and/or dinner. While her formal education is now continuing in the sciences (local University) she spent a large portion of her younger years studying the performing arts as well as being a competitive athlete. Shes , in my humble opinion, a perfect date for a very very nice evening as well as some fantastic sex.

Ashley Star-7514 No 37 4/20/10
Seen on 4/21/10
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I regret having to write this as I've previously enjoyed Ashley's company but! Ashley's fallen on tough times. She's strung out on drugs and drink. This is significantly effecting her health, looks, business and ability to provide an enjoyable experience. She has many concerns in her life she is unable to deal with which prevent her from focusing on her time with you.....but she takes your cash. I won't see her again....ever.

Melanie Smith Yes 10 10/15/09
Seen on 10/16/09
Time: 12+ hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Melanie is a gorgeous woman, low volume with a career daytime job. She is 100 % GFE , 100 % discreet&and 100 % FUN! What a delight to be with&totally. I emailed her with a proposed blind dinner date (original contact she desires email) proposal and she accepted with the modification that dinner be after&didnt want to be full for planned activities:) I met her in my hotel parking lot and escorted her up to my room. She was dressed perfectly in a business casual manner. There we prepared some appetizers together and beverages, water for her, wine for me&she doesnt drink much ...doesnt matter in the least. She is drop dead foxy in an outdoorsy MILF kind of way&..totally classy. She has a very good body (great firm butt, long legs and amazingly suck able breasts), killer eyes, an absolutely turn you on smile&and the most gorgeous very curly shoulder length strawberry blonde hair . Its fantastic for running your hands thru or gently tugging. We chatted for awhile catching the last of the Broncos game&.I massaged her feet and toes, she ran her fingers thru my hair and across the ears&.we occasionally kissed &I wasnt concerned about time and enjoyed every minute of her social erotic foreplay. After the Broncos come from behind win she excused herself and came out in the most amazing little teddy. Damn was she foxy. I just had to hug her and enjoy the feeling of her warm sexy body. One thing led to another, then another, then another&..this gal is a total tiger in bed, fully GFE, impeccably groomed, great kisser&from light to hard DFK, one hell of a Cayuse rider, amazingly tight in all the right places and breasts that melt in your mouth with the loveliest of long, when excited, nipples that can tickle the back of your throat. Her skin is oh so white, and so very very smooth, her hair kind of sticks to the side of her head when she gets glowing with enthusiasm, she loves sex in a no holds barred kind of fashion, she loves men, and it shows in every little thing she does....the way she moves...the totally feminine noises she makes. Between peaks she runs her fingers all over your body, light soft kisses, then puts that talented tongue once again to work....OMG truly GFE..raises the dead to new heights! As a final note in the physical section....this gal is a gift from the Gods to us of average size. While we always comment on tightness we rarely review on depth. Let me tell you, not only is she blessed with a firm grip&..but she made this average guy feel like John Dillinger on every stroke. The bottoming out feeling was totally incredible. We didnt stop for over 2 hours and I had to sweatily drag her to the shower to clean up for the dinner reservation. It was me that had to keep things in check in the shower&.next time&.no Broncos!!! I fully believe we had another 2 hours in us....shes that exciting in bed and has that level of desire and performance...she would have accepted dinner delivery for sure should I have proposed. Dinner was purely fantastic company. Shes intelligent, bright eyed, well versed, again..totally classy. She doesnt talk too much, just right, in fact, Id like to hear more&and she listens too. I, on the other hand... talked too much. How many times can you say that AFTER youve known the gal? Shes a keeper for sure. Ive only begun to scratch the surface of this beautiful woman. I know she has some great sixty minute reviews on TNA under Melanie Smith... I fully believe them& but I truly believe this is an extended date type of gal. It took us 10 minutes to say goodbye. She has a great personality that keeps you laughing and light hearted forever&shes classy, shes REAL, shes a total vixen in private, shell make your date truly memorable for sure. Send her an email with a proposal....believe me, you wont regret it.

Drew Magnolia Yes 28 10/3/09
Seen on 10/4/09
Time: 12+ hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Drew is a terribly exciting, sexy, articulate young woman who brings with her the effervescence, enthusiasm , physical fitness and wide eyed uninhibited exuberance only an 18 year old woman can. I had the privilege to be able to schedule an extended date flying her into Las Vegas to join me where we enjoyed some of the shows, fine dining, thrill rides, City lights and 5 star hotel hospitality Las Vegas has to offer. She was incredibly fun to be with every minute of the entire trip. Her dress was youthfully classy allowing her natural beauty and sexiness to show through and her conversational skills, manners and knowledge of a wide variety of subjects demonstrated a quality education and good upbringing. Despite our wide age variance I thoroughly enjoyed her companionship and the vitality she brings to every waking moment. Sexually Drew is everything one could imagine of a young, vibrant woman. Her athletic body is firm and tawny &..beautifully shaped in a slim athletic package. Her stamina and raw zest for life is contagious which yielded many multi-hour sessions of absolutely incredible love making. She is a giving lover who thrills in the tease and touch and squeeze and lick and whimper while also passionately enjoying what a giving guy can do for her. Drew clearly enjoys sharing herself with a man and is blessed with an exceptionally strong libido as well as a keen intellect which she employs in delightfully erotic fashion. Shes a total tigress providing me the most amazingly satisfying sex Ive had in many a year. Id lose 20 pounds if I could take her on a week long vacation. Drew was the perfect escort for my mini-vacation in every way imaginable. It was an extraordinary two days. She says shes a pretty good snowboarder and enjoys winter activities. Im saving my pennies because shed be absolutely the best for a weekend ski get-away. I am so glad, that for a brief moment, our lives touched.

Carrie Yes 7 9/1/09
Seen on 9/2/09
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Nice girl...pretty smile....nice shoulders.... Way late.....Pics are 30lbs ago.....if her at all. Her waist is wider than her hips. She has all the equipment and delivers as advertised....but....well....there are much better for the price. I was unable to connect. I only write this because it would be unfair not too for those that are enthusiastic and good at their trade. My "overall experience", below, wasn't "bad" but was below average for the price and it would be unfair to the average girls to call Carrie "average".

Donna Jo Yes 1 3/29/09
Seen on 3/30/09
Time: 12+ hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Donna Jo of Grand Junction was exceptionally enjoyable for me to be with. Setup was easy and simply required a phone call. I would classify her as voluptuous but she is approaching BBW status HOWEVER this is certainly part of her charm and it is definately not a distraction. She is much prettier than her pictures. She kisses fantastic, has amazingly gorgeous fine long red hair, a killer smile, is a great conversationalist and makes love with reckless abandon. I got the definate impression that she flat out loves a good roll in the hay (or cotton sheets as the case may be) and her enthusiasm is contagious. She truly has the biggest softest breasts (all of her skin is extremely soft) I have every encountered and they can envelope you into pure male pleasure. She has the most incredible giggle when she's "excited" and an equally incredible "female moan" on each stroke that makes you ever harder and harder. She left me with the amazing feeling of being perhaps the most "female" of the females I've ever been with. In the couple of hours we had together I was only able to scratch the surface of what this woman has to offer, my bad, the time simply slipped by way too fast for me to notice. One should always leave the table a bit hungry and I can't wait for my next time to indulge.

Taylor Rayne Yes 15 2/14/09
Seen on 2/15/09
Time: 12+ hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Simply the best evening I've had in a long time. Tiff is a very self assured small business owner, single, athletically solid and well groomed, and does this entirely for her fun and excitement of a "blind date" that hopefully goes well. Contact via email initially, exchange emails after that. You perhaps offer and she perhaps accepts a proposal of a dinner date, which I guarantee is very very enjoyable. She's a great conversationist with a keen knowledge of a broad range of subjects. She can keep you having a terribly great time just listening to her experiences and jokes or can debate and discuss most topics you might wish to discuss. She's very much interested in you too...should you care to share. She knows food, especially ethnic foods, and can order up some fantastic dishes for you.....its your job to pick the wine. I spent over two lovely and amazingly enjoyable hours with her at dinner that went by way too fast. If you're over I am...the girl will out eat and out drink you....but rest assured she burns off those calories to be sure. Dinner is a great time even if nothing else goes forward and my guess is there's no donation if it doesn't work out. That kind of amazingly honest girl. If you're "compatable" she may accompany you back to your place on an invite aka a "blind date girl friend who knows she wants you that evening". Once the door out.....a truly uninhibited pure woman who wishes to physically please and be pleased. Not old enough to be a "Couger" yet but a woman who certainly enjoys a male friend from time to time. From coconut oil mutual erotic massages to amazingly teasing oral, deep sensual kisses, to deep...penetrating... coitus in a variety of very fun and athletic positions this girl is insatiable and totally feminine. She knows how to touch and will tell you how to touch her.....not an OZ of shyness in this refreshingly lovely sexy woman. At one point, during CG...she positioned herself such that things were going correctly for her....hitting the right spot. My attempts to rub her tummy or play with her breasts were rebuffed by her grabbing and holding my hands tightly.....I was just a piece of "man meat" at that point in time and just watching her facial expressions as she rode me to nirvanna and falling over the waterfall....well its been a long time since I was able to be a witness and part of so much pleasure. Just so you know....she made sure I too received many equally "weak" and vulnerable moments of deep personal selfish satisfaction.....a woman who very much gives as much as she gets. She absolutely loves to se a man enjoy himself....especially if she's the cause and its on her tummy:). We both originlly wanted to take a hot tub bubble bath and mutual shower but to be honest....after 3 hours of athletics and "sensations" on top of the dinner date, we were just too damn tired to even open the champagne or enjoy the chocolate covered strawberries......drifted off in her arms totally drained and feeling quite manly and well laid. Around 5AM she awoke me with a gentle kiss on the cheek as she was heading out already showered and dressed....she had to go to work....real life set in. I think whatever I said was pretty incoherent...but she later emailed me to say "next time" she'd schedule to assure the "morning fun"...I told her that she's amazing for a really great night's sleep.....the night after a date with her.

Ashley Star-7514 Yes 37 1/28/09
Seen on 1/29/09
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Called Ashley about 10AM. She was at the gym praise the Lord. I didn't want to disturb that. She called back about 15 minutes later and we set an appointment for later that afternoon at her incall. Standard two call system, easy directions, asked for either P411 or two references. She opened the door and this 5 foot 11 inch smiling bubbly blonde, with legs legs legs right up to her tight tight bum greated me with a killer smile and bubbly giggle. It was GFE from the start and she'd even read my P411 profile! She is absolutely wonderful with a beautiful smile and killer eyes. She loves, as do I, a lot of eye contact while providing a terrific BBBJ. Her legs are absolutely stunning and when she wraps them around you during mish it is something to die for. Her bed had a mirror on the headboad allowing her to see you during dog and you to see her facial expressions.....a real turn on for me. Did I mention her legs and crack an egg butt? Oh My Gawd. The 60 minutes went so very very fast. She asked if I would like a shower (long after the hour had expired) but I needed to head out. She, stark naked, in her high heals escorted me to the door.....I paused....turned around....and just had to go back and reach around both sides to once again squeeze her terrific cheeks.....she giggled again as only she can. My 3 hour snowy drive home was driven with this very stupid grin on my face......she can turn your worst day around in a flash.