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Valorie Zamora Yes 31 12/26/08
Seen on 12/27/08
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: My fantasy with Valorie: The rate includes a special holiday discount. I saw her ad posted on EB and decided to try her after another ASP canceled due to illness. Setup was easy, she returned my call as I was leaving her a message on voice mail. Her accent is sometimes a bit difficult to understand, but she doesn't mind saying things a second time and I was always able to understand her the second time around. I met her at a hotel in a city that has a reputation regarding LE activity. This made me a bit nervous but I felt confident because of TOB and her great reviews. I was met by a beautiful smiling woman wearing leopard-spotted bra and panties - and a light sweater against the cold. She asked if I minded if she removed my clothing (of course not), and she proceeded to do that during our "get to know ya" chat. She is very straight forward with questions, yet in a pleasant and fun way. For example, she asked if I was married, how long I had been hobbying, etc. Things progressed quickly, heavy petting and foreplay for a few minutes on the couch before proceeding to the bed. Valorie is one of the most responsive women to DATY I have encountered in my life (one of top two). We spent a longer than normal time at this, and she O'd several times. She is very vocal. It was difficult to hang on sometimes - a bit like riding a bull (not that I have, but you get the idea). Very enjoyable. I felt UTF was too brief, we proceeded almost imm to CG, K9, Mish. But then she finished me with UTF. As has been said in other reviews, her UTF is amazing (toe-curling), and she has some special tricks I have not experienced with other providers that I enjoyed a great deal, but may put other guys off. She cleaned me up while I recovered with a warm washcloth. Valorie is fun to be with, but be aware she has a naughty streak and is a bit aggressive. If that appeals to you, I highly recommend her!

Tabatha S Grey Yes 54 11/18/08
Seen on 11/19/08
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Here's what I dream about: You simply can't go wrong with this talented and beautiful young lady! She made me king of the world for an hour! I had been hanging out at the EB all day, and had called 3 other independent providers, left messages, but not heard back from any of them- ugg. But it was meant to be. At about 3:15 PM, DT posted some specials - right as I was about to give up for the day! I had been wanting to see Shaun or Bella, so I called right away and 15 minutes later was walking into her incall for the day. Obviously, setup was very easy. The lady on the phone was very professional - I just had to tell her when I wanted to see Shaun and my P411 info, and we were all set. She did'nt play games - she told me the special donation with no prompting - putting my mind at ease that I wouldn't have to talk/haggle/explain when I got there. The incall was the only "non-great" part of the experience. It was at one of those month-to-month or week-to-week studio rental places. The bummer was that it was only a couple doors down from the managment office, on the same level, and the live-in managers were hanging around out front in lawn chairs, watching people come and go! I was told to just go on in to the room with out knocking to make it less suspicious... The cleanliness was fine however. OK, now the good part! A stunning beauty in black lingerie and high heels greeted me as I barged into her room. She ran over for a hug and kiss. I quickly freshened up, then she proceeded to rock my world. She was eager to please and the experience was closer to PSE than GFE for the action part of the session. She occasionally talked dirty, which was a real turn on. She knows what the guys like to see and does it willingly: she told me to stand for the start of UTF, and eye contact with a smile was prevalent for the whole session, including DATY, (very clean BTW). Pyhsically, the favorite feature for me was her wonderful nipples - they stand out what seemed like half and inch from her beautiful small breasts. She said they are sensitive, and I thouroughly enjoyed them. I loved the DFK. This was only my 2nd ASP experience, and the first one I was not able to hit the goal (Anxiety, stress, etc). No problem here, and I think a big part of it was the DFK - I was able to feel more "involved" with it, and she picked right up on the fact I liked it and kept coming back to it. After one SOG, we cuddled for a while - she said she really likes to do that, and I loved it. Then she asked if I wanted a massage. She seems to have some training, and it was wonderful to just lay there and relax for a while afterwards. She threw-in just enough surprise moves and bites to keep my interest and focus! Wonderful, wonderful.... She smells wonderful - I can still smell her perfume, and it makes me close my eyes and go "Ahhhhhhh :)" MSOG was available, she was very willing. however, I had not had anything to eat and drink all day, and a headache popped up after my first pop. Plus, I was having a great time chatting with her - she is a joy to converse with!. Please treat this Treasure well - thank you Shaun, I will return!

Samantha of Denver Yes 77 11/12/08
Seen on 11/13/08
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: My first ASP experience~ wow what a jumble of emotions! Did a lot of reading of reviews before-hand, both TOB and others. I chose Samantha due to her consistently excellent reviews, and a couple of reviews from newbies that highly recommended her. Rate above includes P411 discount. I would generally recommend phone for initial communication with her. She only checks her email one per day weekdays, and I got the impression she does not check some mornings? But her voicemail message has information about her schedule, and she responds quickly to messages left there. I'll start with appearance. Like other reviews have stated,she is MUCH better looking than the pictures on her website. I think to me there is too much eye makeup on in the pictures. She was perfectly proportioned and a joy to touch... wonderful skin. Perfect breasts and derrier! She met me with a wonderful short white nighty and a hug and peck. Incall was clean, and a glass of ice water was waiting for me. We chatted for a few minutes, wonderful conversationalist, she was good and making me less nervous. She wsa very enthusiastic during the session, lots of energy, very flexible. Nice sounds and eye contact. Incredible muscle control. Awesome UTF AND TF skills! Felt almost as good TF as UTF. First time I have received DT. Amazing all around. She was very clean for DATY. MSOG was available if time would have permitted. The view in all positions was breathtaking, hard to pick a favorite! I should have probably done more than one hour. I was shocked to find out the hour had gone by (plus some)! Regardless, she offered a shower. I ended up leaving about 15 minutes late, again with hugs and kisses. I think I will have to visit her again shortly.... I rated very good for the session, not for Samantha. Meaning, the session was not "Fantastic" due to me. There was so much going on - so quickly. I am still sorting out all my feelings. I am sure next time will be Fantastic! Thank you Samantha... I will see you again.