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Drew Magnolia Yes 28 11/18/09
Seen on 11/19/09
Time: 12+ hrs Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Well, it's been awhile since I submitted a review on my ATF but since she has undergone a name change, etc. I thought I would do another. Besides the fact that she asked me to review her under her current name. Drew is the absolute best. But then I'm very biased. It's not that we have seen each all that often but our time together is always better than any other provider I have ever been with. Her body is enticing, her attitude is exactly what you would want in a total GFE, her passion is not equaled. I have seen Drew in two-girl sessions before as well and they have been more than fun. I would love to keep Drew all to myself. But I guess I have to share. I cannot tell you how much fun she is and how accommodating she is in the sack. You will never be disappointed with her. Like I said, my ATF by far!!

Sadie Rose Yes 3 11/18/09
Seen on 11/19/09
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I saw Sadie with the friend she advertises two-girl shows with this week here in Colorado Springs. I was Sadie's first client so it was arranged by the friend in order for her first to be with someone who would treat her right. Sadie is going to be a great addition to the escort community in Denver. She is a petite little spinner who has just an incredible body. She says B cup but I am more inclined to a good C. Her breasts and booty are perfect. Firm and squeezable all around. Of course whe was a bit nervous being her first time but she soon warmed up to the activities and was a lot of fun to be with. She can use the kitty to squeeze you while you are inside of her so she is very good. She is very willing and accommodating to please and has a great attitude in and out of bed. She may look very young and innocent but underneath lurks a little tigress who will put a smile on your face to last the day. I highly recommend Sadie. Oh, you should also know (although I didn't partake) but travel to the Greek Isles is on the menu if you looking for that sort of an experience. Her backside is very nice. If you make the trip it should be wonderful!! Be nice to this young lady because she will return the favor in more ways than you can count. See this girl and you won't be disappointed.

Mya Mylanna-1541 Yes 38 9/20/09
Seen on 9/21/09
Time: 1 hr Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I guess the first review I wrote after seeing Mya didn't pass muster with the board monitors. So, I'll try again. I had been seeing Mya's ads for months now and was very interested in seeing her. However, making the trip to Denver was something I planned on doing at a later date. Then I saw that Mya was coming to the Springs and I jumped at the chance to see her. Due to a recent personal tragedy I was very much in need of female companionship and Mya was just what the doctor ordered. I know sometimes the high profile, "legendary" providers in the area can seem intimidating to see. Well, don't let that keep you from experiencing this delightful young woman. She is down to earth, very pretty, gawd awful sexy, and just plain fun to spend time with. Mya has a great body that she loves to show off and share. Her attitude is sexy, friendly, and very open. Her skills are at the top of her profession. Mya's photos protray a serious and sultry vixen. While I am sure she can be all of that and more I found her to be playful, fun, interesting, sexy and very enjoyable to be with. After our time together she sent me a text to inquire as to my state of mind and to tell me how much fun she had and that she wanted to see me again. My response was a rousing "hell yes". I am hopeful that Mya will be traveling this way again very soon as I will burn the road up to get to her as fast as I can.

Hailey Marie Yes 13 7/31/09
Seen on 8/1/09
Time: 1 hr Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I had certainly missed Hailey (aka Nakita) since she left Denver Dream Angels. She is a great girl and is a lot of fun to spend time with. Once I saw her new ad on EB I called right away to set a date with her. I met her in her north-central Colorado Springs in-call. She was just as I remembered her: tall, slender, very clean, very cute, and very sexy. Hailey is a great kisser and will thrill you with her soft, sensuous lips. All activities on the menu are provided with enthusiasm and sensuality (great DT UTF!!!!). Her attitude is extremely accommodating and time with her is like being with a very hot girlfriend you haven't seen in awhile. She only works a few days per week so I await eagerly to see her ad so I can see her. Hailey is a true sweetheart and deserves your best behavior and attitude. I will see her as often as I can.

Nola Crush Yes 9 7/15/09
Seen on 7/16/09
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: This review is really for Gia and Abby together. I have been a good client of Lonnie/Maverick's for the few months now, having seen most of her girls during that time. I had seen Abby when she was in Colorado Springs (see review) and had a wonderful time with her. However, right after I saw her she moved to Denver to open the agency there and I didn't get another chance to see her, much to my regret. However, since the entire agency has now moved to Denver I have to make the trek north to enjoy the lovely ladies of Denver Dream Angels. I had set up the date the week before and lo and behold during the week my job was eliminated. I debated whether to spend the money now that I was unemployed but I thought I deserved the luxury and pampering, especially due to my recent circumstance. I arrived at a very nice hotel in the Iliff/225 area and had the standard two call system to get the room number. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Gia with lovely Abby lurking in the background. Both girls were dressed in very nice lingerie and both gave me a hug and kiss. Gia is a very tiny girl (advertised at 4'8" and that seems about right). She is quite lovely. Abby is a taller blonde hottie with a body to die for. This was my second two-girl experience and I had a great time. All activities were enjoyed with great enthusiasm by all involved. Abby loves to DFK and is a very good kisser (this is a real plus with me). I especially enjoyed watching and joining in as they paid attention to each other. These two are good friends and it shows. We spent the majority of the hour playing and so once was all that I had energy or time for. We spent the remaining 15 minutes laying naked in bed and talking. When I got up to leave I wasn't sure my legs would function right. I could feel the burn for two days afterwards. It was a very memorable morning that will bring a smile to my face when I am old and in a home somewhere. Lonnie/Maverick had explained to the girls about my job situation and they both had agreed to further discount my hour. However, Lonnie didn't tell me this. As I was leaving a very satisfied man I was rebated from the usual fee by the girls. I was blown away by their compassion and sweetness. I wrote Lonnie an email to thank her and the girls and explained that I would undoubtedly return the plus much more in future business because of the great experiences I have with Denver Dream Girls every time. You just can't go wrong here guys.

Selene Yes 2 5/24/09
Seen on 5/25/09
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: This the first time I have ventured away from a previously reviewed ASP to make a date with a girl who advertised on Backpage.com. I was leary that the girl wouldn't be the same one in the photos, home invasions, etc., etc. However, it was a great time and I couldn't have had more fun. Apparently Selene had advertised before under different names like Willow and Annette Adams, so I didn't know her by this name and hadn't seen her under her prior names. She wanted me to post a review under this name since she didn't have one and wants to keep this one for the forseeable future. Did a 90-minute out-call at my home (which is a first time for me). She was a bit late but when she arrived I didn't care how late she was. She is very good looking and has a great body (she says she has put on a couple of pounds recently but it's all very nice anyway). She is part Native American and has beautiful bronze skin, gorgeous brown eyes, and full kissable lips. I hit the jackpot here guys!!! We were both a little nervous at first but a bottle of wine helped us get over that. After some get-to-know-you chat we retired to the bedroom where the clothes disappeared and the hands and mouths started feeling and tasting everything. All menu items were enjoyed tremendously. She can grip like a vise between her legs!!!! After the first shot we jumped in the shower and lathered each other up. We got back in bed and finished the wine while we talked some more. Selene has been a provider for a while now and has done 15 porn movies (she loves girls too!). However, she is down-to-earth and just plain hot. We really had a lot of fun. She said she usually doesn't get off with her clients but that she had with me. I think I want to run away with this delicious young girl! I told her I would be very interested in a regular, long-term relationship with her and she was very eager to make that happen. We warmed up for round two and had a great, erotic, sexy romp again. I can't wait to see this girl again and again and again. I have to wait a couple of weeks now, which will be very hard to do. I'd love to keep her all to myself, but I can't recommend her highly enough. Wow!!!

Hailey Of Denver No 74 5/22/09
Seen on 5/23/09
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I'm not one to write negative reviews because I always figure it takes two to tango. In fact, I have only written three other reviews prior to this one. However, after reflecting on my experience with Hailey on the drive back to Colorado Springs, I decided I needed to take her up on her "dare" to do just that. I had booked a 2-hour date with her (at her suggestion over the phone). I am one who does his research before seeing a girl and Hailey looked like a terrific provider who I was very eager to see. When I arrived I was very pleased with the way things were apparently going. She is a very sexy woman and could be a real fun time to be with. However, I did not get that side of her. In reflecting I decided that this was not just a lack of a connection between us (which I thought we had....what a dumbass I am). This was her being mean and disagreeable because she "was having a bad day" and was "PMSing". I now think her greatest fear in life is that there is no such thing as PMS and she's just really like that. Hailey insisted that I write this review and that she just didn't care. So, here goes. Hailey is very sexy and I was very much looking forward to getting into bed with her. I had brought some food she asked me to bring her and a nice bottle of wine from my collection. We enjoyed the wine as she discovered Thai food for the first time. We chatted and flirted and rubbed on each other. I got up to take a quick shower after the drive and when I came out she invited me to get in bed. We kissed and played around with some very nice things going on between us. However, she didn't seem really comfortable in every respect for some reason. I tried to accommodate her in the exact way she wanted me to make love with her and she appeared to climax twice during our first time. Afterward we lay in bed and chatted. It became abundantly clear within a few minutes that I was irritating her by my presence. She started telling me how we didn't have any connection and she was just having a bad day and was PMSing. I tried to keep things lighthearted but everything became a matter of her challenging me on anything that came out of my mouth with the excuse of the bad day the PMS. She then, out of the blue, says "go ahead and write a bad review about this. I don't care. I deserve it so you should just do it. Just write what a bitch I was, what a f**king c**t I was." She just kept saying that over and over. Obviously she feels that her looks can be an excuse for bad behavior. I felt like she was going to start yelling at me if I didn't get out of there. She offered to give some of my donation back because she had acted the way she did, which I accepted. I was very disappointed that Hailey chose to act that way and treat me poorly. Her website says the things that she dislikes are drama, disrespectful behavior, and immaturity. It doesn't appear she is willing to extend the same courtesies to some of her clients under the guise of a bad day and PMS. If I wanted to be with a soul-crushing bitch I could have stayed at home and gotten that from my wife for free. I really am sorry to have to write this, but it was truly one of the more bizarre experiences I have had. If Hailey were to recognize her behavior for what it was and apologize, I would love to give her a second chance. Like I said, for a while there I thought it was going to be one of my all time favorites.

Drew Magnolia Yes 28 4/10/09
Seen on 4/11/09
Time: 1 hr Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I had tried to make an appointment with Misty for the night before. However, Lonnie couldn't get her to answer her phone to confirm with her. I set up an appointment for the next day with with either Alice or Leah. To my everlasting good fortune the appointment turned out to be with Alice. Alice is much sexier and prettier in person that her photos on the Baby Doll website. She has gorgeous bedroom eyes and a wonderful, tight body. Her breasts are smallish but very nicely shaped with very hot little nipples that respond very well. Alice is a great time. She is very friendly and easy to talk with. She is smart and funny and very sexy. Alice and I had a time I won't soon forget. She is very energetic and willing. She knows how to play and the oral pleasures for both of us were outstanding (I had never had a BBBJ with a tongue stud before!!!!). She said she was going to tell Lonnie I had forgotten something so that I would come back later that night to visit her again. I really wish I could have. As many of you hobbyists no doubt know, the attitude is everything and Alice has a great attitude. It is obvious that she enjoys what she does (if you can show her a good time as well). I can't wait to see her again!