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Mile High Jezebel Yes 4 2/28/08
Seen on 2/29/08
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: This is the other Jezebel...the original one. After an absence that was way too long she has returned. Thankfully, some other things didn't work out yesterday and I was looking through the ads again when I saw hers. She has spent quite a bit of time in Texas recently and I am glad she has returned because I thought I had missed my chance to see her. She has several archived reviews here and a lot of them on TER, and they are all positive. This young lady knows her business and does it well. Jezebel is much prettier than her pictures with that reddish hair and lovely blue eyes. She has a gorgeous body that does not have a tat or piercing on it. And best of all, she has come nowhere near silicone...her breasts are natural, smooth, and soft. Whenever I hear the term "well built" from now on,I will always think of Jezzy. She is really made for fun and I got excited right away just looking at her. But enough about that hot bod...this girl is super friendly and engaging and easy to talk to. I also found out that she and I share certain musical tastes and I am not the only instrument she is capable of playing! I am not one who gets specific on details, but I can pretty much guarantee that you will have a good and satisfying time with her and leave with a smile on your face. She is not shy about asking about what works for you or what you want to do. I do aim to see her again before long and I highly recommend her.

Jenna Johnson Yes 68 1/5/08
Seen on 1/6/08
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I was delighted to find out that Jenna is going to be working again. As one door in her life closes behind her, another is opening up for her. Her incall on the south side of the metro area was very nice and comfortable. I arrived a bit frazzled after a long drive on the Interstate, but Jenna put me at ease and had me relaxed in short order. Jenna is a very attractive young woman, her gaze is direct and her smile comes easily, she is very open and friendly and easy to talk to. We cuddled for awhile and I enjoyed her sweet and gentle kisses. A bit later she directed her attentions in a southerly direction and soon had me ready for more adventure. Before long I had mounted this pretty filly and we went rocking along looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The ride was rather robust and a few times I almost slipped off the saddle, but I recovered and we continued on at a fast pace until we finally crested that pleasureable high point and went over the edge into Happy Valley and found that pot of gold. Kinda corny description I know, but it describes the event very well. Very nice ride that left me winded and with a smile on my face. As we laid there resting I got to know Jenna at a deeper level and I liked what I saw. She is very open and friendly and trusting and its like being with an old friend. I learned about "the rest of the story" and also about the project that she is deeply involved in and excited about. I hope to see her again before too long. This former jewel is quite a gem! Be good to her guys, and you will be amply rewarded.

Samantha of Denver Yes 77 10/17/07
Seen on 10/18/07
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Samantha has many glowing and positive reviews and I can see why. Directions to her condo were clear and concise. She met me dressed in jeans and a sweater and looked wonderful with her hair down and a smile on her face. As others have said she is very pretty, particularly her eyes, and her smile comes easily. Samantha is one of those people who are by nature trusting, confident, friendly, direct, and approachable, and she had me at ease very quickly. Being with her is like meeting up with an old friend after a long absence, and before long she had me relaxed and ready. Without going into details Samantha is very skilled at what she does and she left me spent and catching my breath from what was a very intense experience. She is not a clock watcher and we actually went over by a few minutes. Best of all, she likes to kiss and cuddle afterward, and we had some time to talk while my heart rate returned to normal. I would definitely recommend Samantha for an unforgettable experience and hope to see her again soon.