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lady salona aka salona sahara

(206) 427-0535


Age: 28
Weight: N/A
Height: 0'0"
Measurements: 0A-N/A-N/A


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coolhand luke No 80 1/1/13
Seen on 12/30/12
Time: 15 min Location: Fort CollinsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: she advertised on backpage. Strangers invited. (my mistake) thought it sounded ok and she was very nice on the phone and responded to my emails right away. She wanted to cook dinner but it was at a motel. I told her I would take her out instead as she likes to meet and get to know you first. she did meet me at the restaurant with a driver. She was obviously on 420. dinner conversation was wierd and when I asked her if she was staying at the motel as she had not moved here yet she freaked out and got up and walked out. We were fairly alone in the restaurant and I am sure that no one overheard our conversation. She just acted erratically throuhout the total time we spent together. I had a lot of reservations myself so I am glad that she did not find me worthy. I did try to contact her to let her explain herself but have never heard back from her by phone or email. Also she did ask me to sign a contract at dinner that I would not review her which was wierd in itself. I said no but told her that I would not review her if she asked me to. Since we did not see each other except in the restaurant I decided that it was ok to write this and let others know about my misfortunes. She is attractive but just on the 420 which made things wierd for me anyway. No more backpage for me! Burned several times. She is not really a rip off I think as we never got that far.