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Alexia (BP)

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Age: 28
Weight: N/A
Height: 0'0"
Measurements: 0A-N/A-N/A


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lewd5050 No 70 9/11/12
Seen on 9/11/12
Time: Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I prebooked the day before the appointment. I showed up and texted that i was at the check point she gave me. No reply. Waited 20 minutes in a terrible hood and then texted her goodbye. She texted me 20 minutes later saying she slept in because she was tired And LOL why would i show up without calling first. The lol part is what pissed me off. I said its a bummer she thinks its funny that i made an hour drive to get stoodup. She thinks its not a no show because she would have called when she got up to let me know i could come over. When i told her she never mentioned that when setting the appt, she told me its just common sense. I've been doing it wrong all this time. When i set an appt ive been showing up at the set time. I Didnt realize i was supposed to wait for the lady to call me at sometime during the day to let me know to start Driving. Not my first no show but it is the first time i was told it was my fault. My guess is that she owns an alarm clock but just Didnt give a shit if i waited around for an hour or two. She probably did me a favor, i wasnt sure about leaving my vehicle unattended in that neighborhood. Yikes! Steer clear of this one. We all make mistakes, but blaming someone else for them is a sign of really bad character. This dishonest jerk wont get A dime from me. I would just rate it a no show but she insists its not so i'll take her word for it. It wasnt fantastic, very good, or average. She didnt rip offf anything but my time. Terrible doesnt fit because the rest of my day was great. So i guess that just leaves A not good rating. There you go alexia, i didnt rate it a no show. Happy now?

Dbltap Yes 14 8/23/12
Seen on 8/24/12
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Saw Alexia about a month ago and needed to post an overdue review. She is one of the rare ones where she looks better in person than in her pics, although her most recent pics are better than the ones I looked at before deciding to see her. Her attitude was very good and it got a little better as we chatted and got into it. First thing that needs to be said is that her incall is like the first reviewer described, very seedy and rundown apartment building. I almost felt like I should have walked down the hallway like a SWAT officer checking every room before advancing further to make sure I didn't get ambushed. But in all fairness like one other reviewer mentioned she is very young and trying to make ends meet. But one warning, if you drive a nice car like I do, you may want to bring your second choice just because of the neighborhood. I don't think I'd want to book an hour for that reason alone, although with her I definitely would like a full hour session. On to the session. Alexia is very cute and although she didn't say a lot she warmed up as things got more involved. She didn't spend a lot of time with TF but I was there primarily for a lot of DATY which she was very receptive to and the full service. The DATY was very very fulfilling and she is very clean and fresh and delicious! Really couldn't get enough but had to move on. I didn't bother too much with varying positions and was satisfied with regular mish. She got her mind and body into it and it too was very fulfilling. She does like kissing which is pretty necessary for me, otherwise it feels too much like a 3G experience, so that made it a big plus. Alexia is cute, sexy and beautifully built and I will be seeing her again despite the 'hood. Hope good things come her way so she can upgrade. Maybe if more guys visit her she can.

Paul Pudenda Yes 107 8/4/12
Seen on 8/5/12
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Having seen Alexia's reviews on TOB, I finally called her after seeing her BP posts for a long time. She was able to see me on short notice. Her pics are accurate, though she has her hair short now. Alexia is absolutely engaging, and enjoys what she does. Not a clock watcher, and I went a small bit over on time - but she was very cool. Her ad says she's looking for regulars, and she's found one in me. The one caution I would give is for 3bj - definitely a YMMV on this. Still, she is a genuine pleasure provider, and her natural Ds are simply magnificent. Alexia is definitely a lady I would love to spend a fine evening with dinner - and recreation. A definite keeper for whom I'll be back.

irisheyes Yes 18 7/24/12
Seen on 7/25/12
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Alexia is cute, a lot of fun, and so far goes on the top of my ebony provider list. She has a great attitude and believe it or not, I was wearing her out, but, she was more than willing to keep pace and make sure both of us got the happy ending. At this point she not only goes on my top ebony provider list, but she also goes on my top oral list as well. She has very exotic eyes and really gets into giving oral. All in all, it was a great experience, comfortable, very responsive, and I never felt rushed. The con side, like another poster said......the living conditions. The incall is a run down apartment and it's not in the best area of town. Some hobbyists like the kind of experience they are not experienced to, but to be fair though, she is only 22, she's really a nice person, and I to hope she can elevate her living situation soon.

ExerciseJunkie Yes 52 7/11/12
Seen on 7/12/12
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Alexia also has a second backpage ad under the name of Asia with pictures that are not her and phone number 720-404-6966. Not quite sure why she feels a need to do that as she is quite hot in real life and her pictures are accurate. Anyway, overall a great performance by her but in a horrible incall. Seriously sketchy part of town and very run down apartment. If you can get past that (or do outcall) then you're in store for some very responsive DATY, some enthusiastic TF and wonderful doggy with nice views of her great phat ass. So, I would recommend the outcall or make sure she is in a nicer hotel before doing the incall. Either way, she is a lot of fun and I just hope she can elevate her living situation soon.