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Age: 28
Weight: N/A
Height: 0'0"
Measurements: 0A-N/A-N/A


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ryder29 Yes 7 12/29/10
Seen on 12/30/10
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: So, I had seen some requests for info and I had seen the reviews. Still, there was something in her photos that I wanted to see in person. I called and she was very sweet on the phone. We made an appointment for later in the day. We talked again and she directed me to her hotel. She met me at the door of her building and led me to her room. Sara had something "sexy" about her but I wouldn't call her hot. She was sweet and friendly the entire time. Once in her room we chatted briefly and got down to business. Her french is translated but decent. We tried a few different positions and I enjoyed mysel f. I enjoyed myself but this wasn't GFE. Sara is a nice girl and is fun I think with more time she will become very good. Attitude was good, the main event was a little bland but the rest was nice

rockymntns Yes 3 12/28/10
Seen on 12/29/10
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Decided to take a shot after seeing her post on BP a few times, she has a very nice attitude but a few to many rules for me. I would recommend her if you are looking for something different. However, you will get more fun out most of the local girls, so if you enjoy a GFE she might not be your girl. BTW no DATY, which is always a bummer in my book.

hung4her2010 Yes 2 12/26/10
Seen on 12/27/10
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Saw this ASP one evening after two-call setup. Met her at her in call, nice hotel, felt safe although hotels always seem a little strange to me for some reason. Met at the door with a half-hug and donation given before anything started. We proceeded to get comfortable and this is when the slight disappointment comes in. She's very beautiful with a nice body (I found her very sexy), but all activities were performed with very, very little to no enthusiasm. She claimed TF is something of her favorite activity, but apparently not the night I saw her, it only lasted a total of 45-60 seconds. Only one position was offered due to my size, uneventful mish. Not even a single moan or any indication she enjoyed the act at all. I asked if doggy could be done, but she claimed she wouldn't be able to take all of me in that position. So I continued mish until we were done, and I wasn't 'happy' to leave but I also didn't have an experience that makes me want to come back. Everything was just so 'business' and seemingly uninspired from her end, that I gave her another half-hug and said goodnight. This is an extremely sexy, beautiful young lady, but I just felt like she didn't really want to be there. She complimented me on my size which is always a nice thing, and her personality is perfectly cordial and nice, but the 'fun, itself wasn't really fun or anything special. I didn't even bother to ask about LFK or DFK, DATY, or MSOG because I figured it would be more of the same. Maybe your experience might have more enthusiasm and fire to it, mine, unfortunately, did not.

henlor No 3 9/18/10
Seen on 9/19/10
Time: Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I had seen ads for 'Sara' in Denver and COS Backpage. Normally I would not see a provider without some reviews, but it was Sunday, none of the local reviewed ladies were answering their phones and so when Sara's ad popped up I gave her a call. There was no answer, but she immediately phoned back. She sounded fine on the phone and we agreed to meet 30 minutes later at her hotel - she wouldn't tell me which hotel, just the vicinity, and told me to call when I got there. When I arrived I phoned - again no answer or voicemail, and waited for her to call back. After 15 minutes of waiting I called again, and again no answer. I realized the girl was a flake, but I blame myself too - I neglected to check her photos on tineye before I went. Had I done so I would have found that they are fakes taken off a Spanish porn site.