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Age: 28
Weight: N/A
Height: 0'0"
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assman No 3 3/19/10
Seen on 3/20/10
Time: Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Called to book an appointment with Holly and agreed on a 2-2:30 pm time (call was made at 11:15 AM so plenty of time/notice was given). I agreed to call her "around" 2 PM to see how her schedule was going as she was "out with a friend". Called at 1:55 PM, no answer, and couldn't leave a message as her mailbox was full. I called again at 2:10 PM & 2:20 PM- same result. She finally sent me a text (2:21 PM) stating that she was in a wreck and would call as soon as she could. I waited another 30 minutes - no call - so I texted her back. It didn't make sense to me that she could text, but couldn't call me to discuss her situation and give me an update. Anyway, she readily returned text messages for the next 30 minutes, but never once tried to call, apologize for any inconvenience to me, or attempt to make it up. I would certainly have understood had she demonstrated a professional attitude, but she simply went off on me (in her texts). The fact that she could text like crazy demonstrated that she had access to her phone and made me think her story was suspect. Bottom line - she has piss poor customer service skills and didn't do ANYTHING to make me feel appreciated. There are too many quality providers in Colorado for anyone to be messing with Holly. As always YMMV, but I won't be wasting my time and hard earned $ trying to set anything up with her.

geekwdameat No 3 1/9/10
Seen on 1/10/10
Time: 15 min Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: This was a terrible experiance. I called this "lady" at 750PM and told her that I would like an appointment for two hours later. She said that was fine. In two hours I gave her a call at 950PM. She sent me a text message telling me to text her. OK, then she started saying that I had not made an appointment which I had. After she agreeing to meet she couldn't tell me how to get to her incall, and when I started asking questions about it she started to get very rude, which should have sent me home right there. Any way I finally find this damn place and meet a girl who is not the girl in the pics or the pics are really old. She fat and has seriously fucked up teeth. Once again should have left but was being retarded. Got to the room and she insisted that I get undressed first then give her the money. After I was on the bed all that was on the table for the advertised rate of was a hj. I had just driven for an hour i was not leaving with a hj so i "upgraded" to a bj. During the negotiations she said if i expected full service I should just leave. I asked if I get my money back she said no so I took one for the team and gave her another for a bj. She did what she called a bj for around 10 minutes which she would stop every 2 minutes and tell me to "cum on" "cum on" !!! It was a constant turn off. The rush was on from the moment I stepped in the room. I finally had to finish myself off. She then proceeded to tell me that if I had brought more money we could of had more fun. Well I did have a lot of money only I wanted to cut my looses and get as much as I could which was complete shit. This bitch is ugly, mean, a pain in the ass, and has no idea what the hell she is doing. I would never go see this thing again and hope no one else ever goes through this experiance. Good luck<br> <I><B>Rebuttal submitted by Holly Haze 14 January 2010:</B><BR>I met this client online. We emailed back and forth or a couple of days. He called and said he was in Colorado Springs, and wanted to come by. I asked could he be here in 30 min, he said yes. At the time he was supposed to arrive, no show, no call. I called him, he hasn't even left to head my way yet! Finally 30 minutes later he calls and is in the area. I told him where to go and he called when he pulled in the parking lot. When I went downstairs to let him in the side door, he wasn't there. I called 3 times, and texted twice, and no answer. Finally I called again, and he was in the wrong parking lot. He finally got to me, and we came up to my hotel room. I must point out that while on the phone with him, I was telling my girlfriend that he sounds kinda creepy. But I didn't think too much of it. I should have! So, we hug, and talk a little. He lays his donation of 200 down, and gets undressed. As do I and we are on the bed playing around. Just a handjob to start with some lube and lots of touching and kissing, on both parts. Everything was going well, it has only been 10 minutes at this point. Then he's asking me to do anal with him. Which I was not comfortable with doing. He gets an attitude saying he did not drive an hour for this. I told him to calm down, we can still have fun, we do not have to do all of that for fun. Never once did we discuss doing this prior to him coming over. I'm still trying to calm him down and he's freaking out. I see him start to get up, so I go get my money. He's grabbing me and trying to take it from me, being kinda rough! He is screaming and calling me a cunt and a bitch and a whore! He grabs his cell phone and says he's calling 911 to tell them I robbed him! I grabbed the phone from his hand and asked him to get dressed. He was being so obnoxious! He's getting dressed and still yelling calling me names. He was asking me for his money back, and I refused as we had already begun our session. The security at the hotel knocked on my door. He tried to calm the man down and finally had to MAKE him leave! I see that he has written a HORRIBLY FALSE review on me! Nothing he said was true, not even the rates! He gave 200 up front, there was no more negotiating for anything! He never gave me an extra 50 bucks! He's just an agressive asshole who's mad that he couldn't get what he wanted!</I>

carlos slim-2604 No 31 1/6/10
Seen on 1/7/10
Time: Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Tried to get together with Holly, but didn't happen. I had been emailing her and she asked me to call her when I was ready. So I did and she answered and we set up something for a half hour away. She said to call her when I got near the incall location. When I got there I called her but she didn't pick up and her voice mail was full. I tried three more times during a half hr period but still she never picked up and her voicemail was always full. She never did return my call or email me to explain. Unfortunately she did this to me twice before also, but I was hoping that since she was emailing me that this time it would be different. Lesson learned.