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Layla from TX

(832) 414-5810


Age: 28
Weight: N/A
Height: 0'0"
Measurements: 0A-N/A-N/A


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private1 No 40 6/29/08
Seen on 6/30/08
Time: 15 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: I have to say that the best part of Layla is the ease of scheduling. After that it's all downhill. The ashtrays in the room are full of cigarette buds and the whole place is a mess. Her looks and the attitude are exactly opposite- pretty girl with a shitty attitude. It was one of the most mechanical experiences I ever had. A 40 sec CBJ followed by doggy, where you'll be done just to be done. Do yourself a favor, find some body else and don't waste your $$.