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Adalina Alba Yes 4 1/19/18
Seen on 12/21/17
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Not that I could tell Pictures Accurate: Yes

Experience Description: This woman is a Goddess. Our first meeting was exactly one month ago and our second not a week after that, and I cannot get the experiences out of my head. It is entirely subjective, of course, but she is an absolute treasure. She is sweet, genuine, kind, attentive, and a little bit shy, though she handles herself with class and confidence. She speaks softly and has a gentle nature. Her shyness is not readily apparent though - I only noticed because I am pretty shy myself. I was nervous in the beginning and she was a bit nervous too, but she made the moves, lead the way and we had a wonderful time together. It is hard to describe her beauty in a way that isn't subjective, but suffice it to say that she is truly beautiful. Her photos are 100% accurate, less the fact that they do not do her justice. In intimacy she is sensual, affectionate, and skilled. If you are all or any of those things as well, it goes a long way with her. She knows what she likes and will quickly figure out what you like, too, so let her do her thing and it will probably, like mine, become an experience you'll have a hard time not thinking about, much less forget. I had to ask her to see me again not a week after because I was so entranced by it all. I wish I would have requested longer than one hour the first time or had more time the second meeting because she genuinely seems interesting and intelligent in addition to everything else. Treat her with respect, dignity, and attention (as we should all people anyway), and I am sure she will leave your mind blown and knees shaking because she is that kind of woman. I look forward to next time and the time after that, my dear ;). Perhaps in the future we will leave enough time for a good conversation LOL.

Age: 27 Hair Color: Brunette Tattoos: Some Piercings: None Body Type: Slim Ethnicity: Latina Eyes: Brown Grooming: Landing Strip Smoker: No Breasts: Natural Measurements: 32C-26-34