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Ace Amore Yes 1 11/21/15
Seen on 10/22/15
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: Los AngelesIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Not that I could tell Pictures Accurate: Yes

Experience Description: My eyes just don’t know where to focus when I’m with her. Ace's face is stunningly beautiful, her body rocks, her ass is perfection (really!), and her shaved pussy is a work of art…She is just so fucking hot!!!! I love the way she sucks my cock, no hands, only her soft sweet lips and swirling tongue caressing my increasingly swollen and petrified member. Watching this beauty take long, deep, and soft sucks of my uncovered cock was bringing me close to coming way too fast. I needed to calm down a bit, so we caressed and began kissing. Damn, her soft lips and warm tongue inside my mouth, as we kissed passionately, was still keeping me on the edge. I truly wanted to fuck her but wasn’t ready yet. I broke away and began to eat her pussy. In the middle of this, I stopped, lifted my head, and told her what a beautiful pussy she had. I always believe in praising when you can, as long as it’s sincere. She was close to coming and told me she didn’t want to come yet, she too wanted to fuck. (I love this girl!!!) She quickly covered me up and then we began pounding away, mish, cowgirl, it’s all a blur. I love grabbing this girl’s ass as we fuck and sucking on her swollen nipples (great tits!). This ride was awesome, and I know this doesn’t happen too often, but we both came together and very hard…... body quivering hard….don’t touch my cock, it’s still sensitive hard…if you’re lucky, you all know what I mean. Here’s the best part, usually after that, there is a feeling of, “Okay, gotta go.” (on both sides) Not here, at all, I didn’t want to go nor did she pressure me to go. Past, present & future, Ace is my ATF. I thank her for coming back into my life. If any of you have the pleasure of meeting her; please treat her well, she deserves it. Dearest Ace, I’m so glad you’re back in town!