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Age: 29
Weight: N/A
Height: 5'0"
Measurements: 36A-N/A-N/A
Hair Color: Black
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Brown
Grooming: Bare
Smoker: No

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irisheyes Rip-Off 18 11/12/15
Seen on 11/7/15
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Rip-Off Recommend?: No Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: No, they were old pictures
Additional Website Link:

Experience Description: I do not know why I wanted to see Bree......she already has bad reviews, but, for some reason I thought I would find out differently and be able to post about a gem. Nope, I did not find out differently, lol. It took forever to try and get together with her to, but the whole time I kept telling myself "yeah, she does seem a bit scatter brained but you still might find out differently". I don't know why us men do that......I mean I can't say I haven't found out differently myself from past experiences here and there when others had posted a negative review........but this definitely was not one of those times for me. Finally the moment of truth arrived though when she got to my place. I met her outside and immediately my face dropped.......she does not look like her pictures (maybe at another point in time), but presently she is tiny and fat with the parent made jugs you know she has to try and rely on just to get by. I don't want to be totally mean, but honestly.......I just found her to be flat out gross, and within that immediate first meeting I could already tell she had that bad attitude/demeanor walking up on you like that of......."lets just do this and get it over with". Obviously I was disappointed right off the bat though, and no, this time (unlike a couple other times) I did not follow through and there was no "lets just do this and get it over with" on my end. I told her she did not look like her pictures and therefore I was not interested. You have to understand that when I spoke to her on the phone, because of her previous bad review......I did ask if the pictures were accurate, and about her weight (probably a no no but I just felt like I had to know). Of course she lied about it, and of course right after telling her I was not interested she started yelling (this was a first for me) but I didn't pay attention to what she said.......I just quickly showed her my back and went into my building waving my hand in the air behind me like yeah yeah yeah (security doors go click, and luckily no one was around to witness it with it being so late). About 7 minutes later came the texts a nutshell, I told her to stop, but she just kept at it. Eventually I told her I would leave this review where she replied "she did not give a s*** because it wouldn't do anything". I told her I didn't care what the outcome was myself as long as I informed my TOB brothers and sisters so they wouldn't get burned and waste their time like I just had, and that she could continue playing whatever game she wanted......just with crappier clientele, and not with me. Again, she said she didn't care and eventually I just had to shut my phone down. The next morning I had a bunch of texts from her but I just deleted them and didn't respond back. On a plus note, I am glad I didn't give her my money, not one dime.......which actually ended up going to a previous provider I've reviewed well. I just get bad sometimes with constantly wanting to get with something different. Sorry everyone, I wish I could have reviewed this one better like in my last review, but in this win some and you lose some. The yelling part though was a first for me but.........I guess it had to get it on the bucket list sometime, lol.

Westy303 No 2 9/1/15
Seen on 8/31/15
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Booked a session at my office and Bree no call no showed.

GvnUpleasure-1953 No 21 8/28/15
Seen on 8/28/15
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Called and set up appointment, arrived on time and she is no longer 18, and has added some weight. Looks were good, invited in, sat down and chatted a bit. She gave the rules, explained she was just in a car crash recently, cut her inner lips and so all oral was off the table. Had I known, would have cancelled and looked elsewhere. Other than that, most things available. She also mentioned how tired she was because of staying up so late, and knew what was coming from that statement. We then went to the bedroom and was done in what seemed like 10 min, for an hour session. I went to get her a wash cloth, and she was already dressed, and as I am putting on my shorts, and t-shirt, she was walking out the door. First 3G in a while. Who knows if what she had said was accurate, might have been, but then the being tired was accurate, so YMMV, but mine was not good.