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Sexy Se7eN Yes 6 5/17/15
Seen on 5/17/15
Time: 1 hr Location: Las VegasIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Seven and I had PM'd and emailed several times about getting pre-screened for a date, but we never scheduled anything because I didn't know exactly when I'd be able to meet. On one of my free nights, I called her late (after 11) to see if she was available. Within a few minutes, she responded and we agreed that we would meet an hour later. Sure enough, the time came and she was at my door wearing a nice dress and the obligatory "fuck me" shoes. She smelled and looked terrific. I can vouch for the photos I've seen here and elsewhere of her. She has a nice set of natural breasts and is a slimmer than normal Latina. There are several tattoos, but they are visible in her pictures, so you know what you are going to see. Seven wasted no time getting comfortable with me, kissing me and encouraging me to remove her dress and clothes, while doing the same for me. She began by offering me a massage on the bed, but soon we were kissing passionately. Seven gives an amazing BBBJ and I nearly popped in the first few minutes. It was at that time I turned my attention to her tight and clean pussy. It tasted and smelled delicious. (She does have a NO FIV policy though.) Because I called her late, she was out of "supplies". Since I wanted to do CFS, CG style with this lovely lady, I used the "Get Lucky" kit from the room mini-bar. Once the rubber hat went on, she worked me like porn star-- and it was fabulous, feeling her writhing on my cock while quietly purring with ecstasy. After a bit of this we returned to BBBJ for the finish. Since it was so late and I only asked for an hour, she wasn't able to linger long for small talk and cuddling... and that's too bad. The next time I see her, I'm going to go for a longer play time earlier in the day if she's up for it-- and I think she will be.

Ciara Yes 1 5/17/15
Seen on 5/16/15
Time: 12+ hrs Location: Las VegasIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Had an amazing visit with Ciara at my hotel. I didn't know exactly when my room would be available, so Ciara and I stayed in frequent contact. Within an hour, she was ready. This lovely MILF showed up at my door discreetly dressed in a long with dress. We began with the usual chit chat before we got comfortable. Ciara began with a massage followed by all of the other usual fun activities. My visit with her was scheduled for two hours, but once the fun began, Ciara remained engaged and unconcerned with the time. Her skin is soft an her hygiene was flawless. Photos on her website and others that I was able to find by searching are all accurate and recent. Ciara tells me that her site is soon to be updated so stay tuned. By the way, her augmented breasts are flawless. Tattoos are few (3?), small, and discreetly placed. The next time I'm in Vegas, Ciara is definitely on my list to see again. I'm an experienced hobbyist and my visit with Ciara was definitely a top 5 experience!