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London aka: Rissa RiskyRochelle93 LondonRoyal93 No 1 8/10/14
Seen on 8/7/14
Time: 15 min Location: Colorado SpringsIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Rissa Colorado Springs Alert Type: Rob Gender: Female Name: Rissa RiskyRochelle93 LondonRoyal93 Phone Number: 719-602-3683 719-215-8587 Email: Date of Meeting: 08/07/2014 Rissa is a thief. Be careful Avoid her.* On vacation in Colorado Springs. I posted an ad on CL looking for a hookup possible 3 some. Get a reply from Rissa (Rochelle Rainbow was the name on the email) her and her friend Candy are game if I "spoil" them. They send pics Rissa was super cute asian tight little body. Her friend attractive tall blonde so I said he'll yeah. Day later get reply asks if I'm still interested, I say yes . She sends me her number 719-215-8587. Txt back and forth then nothing. At like 3 am I get a txt if I'm still interested I say yes. Get a call few min later can I meet her at a gas station she's out of gas and some one stole her purse. So I drive out to meet her figured it's a few bucks and I get to see the girl before the arrangements are made . She's absolutely stunning super cute. So I pay for her gas she's going to drop off her friend and I'm just going to see her . Get txt she's on her way. Get back to my room make some coffee and go outside for a smoke. She pulls up there is a second woman in the car older ratty looking. Rissa gets out we start talking she explains she's an escort and that her friend handles her money, asks what I would like to do I say hook up with her she say how much i say up to you hun she says $$$ for the hour I remind her I just got her gas she says $$.5 , I say I can do $$ she say ok she bums a smoke as I go use the ATM . Get her Donation . I go out side Rissa is in the car passenger seat her friend walks up takes the donation hands me a condom . Rissa opens the door as her friend gets in and counts the money says it's all good . Door slams shut and they blaze out of the parking lot.  Name on email Rochelle Rainbow , RiskyRochelle93, londonroyal93