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Thart4u Yes 16 10/6/15
Seen on 10/2/15
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Yes, not during the session Pictures Accurate: Unknown
Additional Website Link:!home/chvo

Experience Description: So I found Tori Hart listed on P411 as someone who is lactating. I gotta say, that's why I contacted her. She is about 7 months preggos (and sexy as hell with it), and is super, super pretty. I was very surprised at just how pretty she is. With the blurred photos, I just didn't expect it. But I gotta tell you - this sweet lady knew that fetish was what I wanted, and even told me its not fully in yet, but asked if I would come help her 'bring it in'. My great joy! So we made arrangements, but mine were special, as I was flying in from out of the country. Tori made special arrangements for me - so sweet! She really went out of her way to see me. And I am so glad she did. So non-members, she's a winner, and a real cutie - make a date to see her. But save some milk for me! ;-) As I said, Tori made a very special, customized plan to be able to see me in my timing. I cannot believe how sweet this was! I won't go into the specifics of it, because it was a very special request, but I adore her for what she did before she even met me. And so, I ensured that I found ways to bless her....tippage and tongue-age :-). As her website says (make sure you read ALL of it!) she met me at my car and walked me in. As soon as we were inside, the wonderful DFK began, and it went on and on. She's a wonderful kisser, and she even cranked her head to the right and exposed that soft part of the neck for me to work on. I loved it! And all the while, I was very lightly caressing her breasts. For I knew, they are magic! She asked me to freshen up in the bathroom, and I took care of the donation there. She has an envelope for this purpose waiting. Its an awesome way to manage things! Once I came out, she took her turn, and instructed me to get VERY comfortable. So she came out to find me nude on her big romantic bed. The room she has set up is just wonderful - very romantic and inviting. I was completely comfortable with her.We continued with some more DFK after she removed her clothes and climbed on the bed. But she knew what I wanted so very badly. And she leaned forward up on me, placing her right nipple in my mouth to suckle. Tori has the most wonderful breasts ever....they are so young, firm, and just perfect. And her nipples are something that all breasts should be modeled after. I was truly in heaven. I nursed and suckled, and while true, her milk is not fully in, I did get a number of tastes that thrilled me. After a great deal of time working on her sweet breasts, I decided to give her my special thanks for how she really went the extra I showed her why I am Barry Oral via my DATY. Tori was enjoying it very much. And she tasted amazing! I could eat her all day! Frequently, she would get close to her O, but she would push my face away and say "No! Not yet! I don't want to cum yet!" She did this over and over and over. I was truly impressed with her discipline! But after a while, she says "I want you to fuck me". How can I refuse such a wonderful request? I jumped up, gave my little buddy a few strokes and covered up. From there, I was MISH and much to my surprise, it didn't take long at all to spill my cup. Normally I struggle to get there - so it was kind of awesome to see she had such an effect on me! Tori became one of my instant friends. And since I am in town every month, we have made plans that I will see her on each of my trips. Guys - she's a wonderful lady. Please treat her right! She's sexy as Hell!