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Expansion of All adult topics to a greater extent will be expressively welcomed.

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Expansion of All adult topics to a greater extent will be expressively welcomed, with the exception of controlled substances;

There will be no information exchange pertaining to Outing---> good, bad or indifferent.

For whatever purpose some individuals will abuse any system imaginable.
In order to maintain a welcoming environment that everyone can enjoy, we require all TOB members to follow the simple guidelines set forth with these 13 rules.

From this point forward Rules # 4. 5. & 6. Will be closely monitored for provider drama. We have adopted a zero tolerance policy especially provider to provider drama... This includes using TOB pm system to promote an agenda that’s not allowed in the forums.

FUD posts will not be allowed to flourish in the forum; “he said she said” and/or “this looks like their MO” type posts will not be tolerated. Do not call for the Banning of anyone. If you have undeniable proof please notify the Moderators privately so we can deal with it.

In the future, any provider baiting, snarkiness, rude post, PM or posting to any other member as a conduit to make your "provider drama” point will result in an infraction notice. This is determined by the moderators and not by any other forum members. In other words if anyone is a disruptive reason that derails an otherwise productive thread by singling out another provider with bickering and or belittling, we will not care who started it, all parties will be equally responsible & culpable for their actions on continuing the posting path to failure.

Moderators will warn and/or suspend members up to 5 days for violating this the first time, 21 days for the second time and then ban that member if it occurs again. However, if the moderator feels the member’s behavior is egregious the member can be banned at any point.

We welcome all members’ diverse contributions that have helped many new and veteran participants. Many opinions may differ, it doesn't infer one, is any less important than the other.


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